This is something I came up with when listening to a song by Sufjan Stevens

The name of the song is The Predatory Wasp like the title of this fic.

Disclaimers: The title of this fic, the song itself, and Oofuri


The ball hit Abe's glove sending a slight sting through his hand. 'Mihashi's pitches sure have increased in speed." he thought to himself while smiling proudly behind his mask.
He stood up and took off his mask. Today was unbelievably warm. He looked around the feild and examined the beauty spring had brought with it as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Mihashi!" he yelled to his pitcher who was spacing out,"I think this is enough practice for today!" Mihashi nodded in agreement and made his way over to the dugout where the others had gathered earlier.
Abe walked over to join them. He overheard Tajima speaking with Mihashi, as usual.

"Mihashiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Tajima whined impatiently,"hurry up and head into the locker room so I can show you the new ramen shop!"
Abe placed his hand on Mihashi's shoulder which caused him to jump.
"Actually, I need Mihashi to stay longer so we can go over somethings for our next game."

"Whaaa?" Tajima crossed his arms and pouted. He looked determined to make sure Mihashi would leave with him.
Finally, after what seemed forever, Abe talked Tajima into showing Hanai instead and going with Mihashi another day.
Tajima seemed overly happy that he would get to visit the ramen shop again so he gave in instantly.

"I'll go with Hanai today and show you tomarrow!" He cheered as he followed the rest of the boys into the locker room to change leaving Abe and Mihashi behind.

Mihashi sat on the bench and suddenly winced in pain. Abe looked at him puzzled and looked to see a few wasps flying around the dug out.

"...Did you get bit?" he questioned. Mihashi was holding his shoulder where he was bitten. He looked up at Abe with watering eyes and nodded.

"I guess you're too sweet!" Abe teased, hoping it'd make Mihashi shake off the pain and laugh.

Abe studied Mihashi's reaction to the joke and it didn't seem to be working so, Abe sat down next to Mihashi and placed his hand on his back.

Mihashi turned his head towards Abe and his eyes widened at what happened next.

Abe's lips were gently pressed to Mihashi's. The stinging pain seemed to disappear all together.

Abe hesitantly pulled away and starred at Mihashi who was still shocked.

Mihashi's face flushed as he touched his own lips and then looked back at Abe with wide eyes.

Tajima stormed out of the locker room quite noisily which made Abe and Mihashi seperate from each other immediately.

"Mihashiiiiiiiiiii!" Tajima called as he ran towards Ren,"Uwaaa! Do you have a fever again?"

- E N D -

Hahaha, well, that's it :P


I used the same ending as the last one 'cuz I love Tajima and that line is pretty funny XP

Again, the song is The Predatory Wasp by Sufjan Stevens

It's a wonderful song so, GO LISTEN TO IT NOW! 8D

I hope someone liked this fic that was not revised XD

...and is terribly short hahaha