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Chapter 1

Skywarp was curled up next to Thundercracker on their berth when an idea materialized in his mind. "You know TC. I don't think Screamer has had any real fun lately. He's been working for three months strait."

Thundercracker turned his head to stair Skywarp. "So? You know how Starscream is. Once he starts working, he won't stop."

Skywarp sat up from where he was lying the berth and had a grin on his face that just spelled trouble. "I know. But I've been thinking. Starscream's at that age were seekers get bon-"

"Oh great." Thundercracker intermitted.

Skywarp gave him a non convincing confused look. "What?"

"Knowing you, you probably want to help our commander by do something reckless that would get you into trouble and Starscream in the med-bay." Thundercracker let out a sigh.

"That's not true!" Skywarp started to play with his servos. "Ok, maybe that is true."

Thundercracker stood up from the berth. "You're still going to do something reckless aren't you?"

"Just hear me out." Skywarp was determined to get his point across. "It's not going to end up like that this time. Starscream needs help whether he knows it or nor."

"I don't think Star-"

"Let me finish. Man TC. You need to learn you manners," Skywarp huffed.

"Coming from the bot that interu-"

"Like I was saying," the purple seeker began. "Starscream needs to find a bondmate sooner or later. I've been bored in this place anyway. It'll give me something to do. I think its what the fleshlings call killing two birds with one stone." Skywarp looked puzzled. "Although I don't know why you would use a stone though."

Thundercracker smacked Skywarp on the head. "It's just an expression Warp, and I knew you had some objective to this. Can't you do something else to relieve your boredom that doesn't involve Starscream's life?"

Skywarp shrugged at Thundercracker's suggestion. "Why would I do that?"

"Warp!" Thundercracker was beginning to get annoyed.

"Oh come on TC. My planes always work. Given one or two mishaps, but it works out. I also know which mech would be perfect for our lustrous air commander."

"Your not going to suggest Soundwave again are you?" Thundercracker gave a horrifies look.

"No. That was a good idea by the way. Just imagine the voice of their sparkling." Skywarp pondered it for a brief moment before shuddering at the thought. "Ok. Maybe your were right about that one, but the mech I'm thinking about is much better."

Thundercracker couldn't wait to hear this one. "And who would this said mech be?"

"You know very well who." Skywarp gave a knowing grin.

"Warp, tell me who it is now before I decide to hit you."

"I'll give you a hint instead." Warp leaned in closer so he was mere centimeters from Thundercracker's audios. "It's a mech that obviously has eyes on Starscream, and who our dear trine leader secretly admires."

"It'll never work." Thundercracker gave out knowingly.

Skywarp just smiles at his bondmate. "Oh yes it will. Just you wait."

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