In the industrial district, in an abandoned warehouse, two fangirls have constructed a plain, rectangular, white room, with nothing (that seems) but a one way window/whiteboard, and a door to a bathroom.

"Hey," one girl says, "How's the room going?"

"Oh, it's fine," says the other, "it would be so much better, if you DID something"

Pie_is_God sucks on a juice box, not looking impressed with the white room. "You could do better." She says bluntly "Look, the paints peeling off." She points to one side of the room.

Laris and Pie look at the same side of the room. Laris yells angrily. "Argh! That's it! I give up!"

She storms off in the direction to the door that leads to the secret room behind the whiteboard. Pie picks up the paintbrush, strokes once onto the peeling paint. "There~ All done!"

She tosses the paintbrush, and it hits Laris in the head. Leaving white paint on her black hair. Laris growls.

Pie closes the secret doorway to the control room which is behind the whiteboard, and activates the computers.

"Now then… time for the fun to start!" Pie says happily. She then notices a camera man with a camera standing in the corner, recording. Pie covers the camera. "Hey! Who are you!" she says defensively.

"Calm down." Laris says while wiping paint off her hair. "He's here to record everything."

"What? Why?"

"You don't seriously think I went through all this trouble just for the two of us?"

"Yes I did."

"Well I didn't. This will be like a drama show. Watching them interacting with each other. I think it would be very beneficial for not just us, but the public as well. Though, for legal reasons," she looks at camera. "All the characters from Assassins' Creed series belong to Ubisoft…"

"So, every episode; or whenever we so desire, we'll be adding a character or two, into the room. All for your viewing pleasure" Laris smiles a "lets-have-fun" smile.

"Well, let's get started!"

Chapter One – The Beginnings of the experiment (Oh ho ho)

Altair Ibn La'Ahad was once again at his desk; where people can find the Master assassin most days; watching over Assassin business and developments. He was writing a new codex page; another which he hoped the future Assassin's could benefit from. His friend, Malik, walks in with a strange proposal.

"Altair, what if you were to GET OFF YOUR ASS AND KILL SOMEONE! I'm so bored..."

Altair simply stared back with an unsurprised face, and replied, in his sarcastic voice: "You mean, someone like you?" he said, with a smirk.

Malik stomped his foot on the group and slammed his hand on the desk, and looked at Altair in the eyes, and said, "Never... fucking... mind." He turned and kicked the chair nearest to him. He began making his way out, when...

With a flash; Altair vanished, and Malik turned to see his brother had 'magically' disappeared. Malik jumped up into the air, and dance around, until he was 'magically' sucked into the wormhole.

Altair fell into the White Room, through the portal, and landed cat-like on the ground. He looked around confused, until he heard a sound coming from the roof. To much of his discomfort, the portal re-opened and a familiar figure fell through; landed right on top of him.

"Oh, hello Altair; thank you for breaking my fall." He said with a sinister smile.

Altair's face grew redder and redder. He grabbed Malik and flung him off. "Get off me you...!"

Malik stood and dusted himself off. "I just got here, and you abuse me alrea-" he suddenly stopped and took time to look at his surroundings. While doing so, he started to get pale.

"Altair... where are we?"

So, as I said in the description I gave earlier, this is really just silly mush that's really just made up between me and my friend on our way to school every morning. XD

This is really for people who want a laugh, or something random and easy to read. It's not going to be anything amazing, but we hope to make some good times here :3
Note: I do know that Malik and etc don't exactly swear like that.... but, this is a "what ever goes" fanfic. XD

This was really short, but we hope you guys will come back and read more chapters that will come….