How Malik REALLY lost his arm – Chibi chapter 1

In a land far, far away called Masyaf, there were two little assassins training for their sword licence.

"Hey Altair" said Malik in his squeaky voice for his balls hadn't dropped yet.

"Yeah?" replied Altair in a deep voice, for his balls had dropped.

"I bet I'll get my licence before you!"

"Oh yeah?"

Altair dropped his wooden sword and went to grab a sword of the rack. Struggling with the weight of it, he held it up in two hands, walked to towards Malik then his hand slipped.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MY ARM!" Malik squeaked in pain.

Altair dropped the sword and put his hands to his mouth. Out of the hilltop building, Al Mualim, the leader of all assassins came out into the training courtyard. He showed no panic, no fear. He looked over Malik on his keens holding his 'flesh wound' and then turned to Altair who had fear in his eyes. Altair tried to say something but the words never came out.

"Altair" said Al Mualim in a slow, cool tone.

Altair froze all over, his body went numb. Al Mualim placed his hand on his small shoulder and from under his hood, a smile formed.

"Good job Altair! You have earned your sword licence! This allows you to wear a sword on your person and to use it in aid to follow the creed we live by. Have a good day boys." Al Mualim said with a big smile on his face as he handed Altair a signed piece of parchment with his name on it. Altair looked over it with wide eyes.

"Cool" he said.

As for Malik, he'll get over it!


"And that's how I really lost my arm!" Malik says cheerfully.

"It's all bullshit." said Altair with a glare.

By Pie