a/n- Hey guys, this is a set of Drabbles from the times before The Hunger Games, (The Book, my dears). A little bit more than the natural thing. :) Gale and Katniss of course. Hope you like it.

The Amazing Adventures of Gale Hawthorne


"So, are you going then?" I asked her, putting my hand on her shoulder.

"No, Gale, I'm not." She shrugged it off.

"Why not?"

"Because, Gale," She rolled her eyes. "I. Don't. Dance."

"Did anyone ask you?"

"Of course people asked me, Gale. I'm more than a hunter. I'm also a girl." She stared at me.

"But you're not going?"


"'Cause you don't dance?"

"Yes, I don't."

"But.. It's easy. It's just moving your feet."

"No, it isn't. Come on Gale, let's just hunt already." She threw up her arms in protest.

"No." I took both of her wrists in one of mine.

"Why not?" She stared at me in exasperation.

"Because I have to teach you how to dance."

"And why?"

I grinned at her, then kissed her forehead.

"Because you're coming with me."


She smiled beautifully at me.

"You're pretty when you smile." I blurted out.

My eyes widened.

"What did you say?" She took a step closer to me.

"Nothing." I turned away.

"Gale! What did you say?"


"You said you weren't going to hide anything from me." She pouted.

"Yeah, I did."

"So, what did you say?"

"I didn't say anything."

She looked upset.

I sighed at her.

"You said something, tell me what it is, or else, I'm not going to give you any of the haul today."

She turned to face me.

"I didn't say anything, Catnip."

"Yes, you did."

She tugged at my sleeve.. That really annoyed me.

Ugh! She didn't want to stop.

"Fine! I did say something!"

"And what was it?"

I searched her face, wondering what she would want me to answer.

Then I realized she just wanted the truth.

I took a deep breath and put my arm around her shoulder. I placed a finger on her chin and made her look up. THen I stare at her eyes as long as I dared.

Then I blinked slowly.

"You want the truth?"

"Yes." She breathed.

"You're very pretty when you smile."

And that made her laugh. She ripped out of my hold, and made her way back to the fence.

"What?" I screamed at her.

"That isn't the truth."

I stared at her.

She may not think that it's the truth,


But I could easily hear the smile on her lips.

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