Renesmee is kidnapped by the Volturi so the Cullens set off to find her. As they near Rosalie disappears and so the Cullens are one down walking into the Volturi. The Cullens must work together to get back what they love using their skill, gifts and trust. But will they find what they were after and is it what they expected?

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Chapter 1 - Missing

Bella POV

'Renesmee get down here now!' I yelled up the stairs. I didnt really need to yell because she would of heard me anyway but I felt more power this way. I didnt hear her footsteps upstairs.

'Renesmee dont make me call you again.' Still no footsteps. Now that I listen I cant hear anything from upstairs. I run up to the top of the staircase and pause at the top. Something wasnt right. Something smelt different. I walk to Renesmee's room, nothing. I check her walk in robe and ensuit, still nothing. I didn't hear her leave the house and couldn't smell any trace of her.

'Edward.' I call still standing in the middle of the room. A small gust of wind passes my arm and I turn to see Edward already by my side.

'Have you seen Renesmee today?' I ask looking up to him. He was still a fair bit taller than me even though I was wearing heals, what can I say Alice and Rosalie have gotten to me over the years. He shakes his head in responce. Ok something was definately wrong niether of us had seen her since the night before when she had gone to bed. I dodged around Edward and headed for the door to ask everyone else if they have seen her. I felt a strong pair of hands come around my waist and pull me back. I found myself against Edwards chest with him whispering in my ear.

'She will be fine Bella relax.' I knew he was probobly right but I had to know for sure so I pulled away from him comforting arms and headed full speed down to the living room where everyone was. Alice and Jasper were cuddled up on the two seater whilst Emmett played with Carlisle on the playstation 3 they bought a few days ok. Esme was sitting watching them laughing at Carlisle attempts to kill Emmett that failed misterably. Rosalie was just standing in the doorway to the kitchen staring into space. They all turn to face me as I trip on the last step and land on my face. No matter how fast my reflexes where I was still clumsy. I jump up straight away and walk over closer to them.

'Have any of you seen Renesmee today?' I ask trying to keep my voice under control from the embarassment of falling once again. Emmett and Jasper were both shaking their heads at me. Esme replied with a sweet 'No sorry' and Carlisle and Alice both got up and came over to me. Alice puts one hand on my shoulder.

'Why whats happened?' she asked looking worried. Carlisle had the same look on his face too.

'I just can't seem to find her or pick up any fresh traces of her in her room.' Shock took over everyones faces.

'I'm sure she is just out with Jacob or one of her mates.' Esme says standing up and walking over to me smiling.

'Nah, Nessies isnt that stupid to leave without saying something to someone.' We all turned to Emmett who just sat there not realising what he just said. It made me even more nervous and if I was human I would have been struggling to get my breath, but since I didnt need to breath I didn't have that problem. Rosalie walked over to Emmett and smacked him across the head.

'What was that for?' he asked puzzled at her action.

'Don't worry Bella I'll call her.' Alice says pulling out her mobile and typing in Renesmee's number. I could hear the ringing and waited.

Hey it's Renesmee, I can't get to the phone at the moment, leave a message and I'll get back to you.

I couldn't bear this any longer. I ran for the door faster than I had ever ran before and pulled the door open and headed for the trees. I had to find her.

'Bella!' I heard my name being called behind me but I didn't stop, I couldn't. I caught my room on a tree root and went flying down but as I was about to hit the floor I felt a strong pair of hands catch me around the waist. I let him craddle me in his arms. I felt helpless. My little girl was out there somewhere and I couldn't find her.

'Bella it's ok, we will find her.' he said strocking my hair. Anger suddenly burst through me. Edward was the one who said she would be fine. I pulled away from him and started to pound my fists again his chest. I knew it wasnt hurting him but it made me feel a little better.

'You were the one who said she would be fine!' i yelled 'She isnt fine is she though, she could be lost, kidnapped or wost dead.'

He pulled me into him and I didn't try to stop him.

'It's ok Bella, we will find her.'