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Chapter 15 - Family, Love and Blood

Renesmee POV

I had no energy left, all the kicking and screaming was wearing me out. Demetri was pulling me towards the main room and I knew what awaited me, family and blood. Things like this never turned out in happy ever after.

"Don't worry they won't hurt you, if you family agrees." Demetri sniggered. I hated him, I hated this place, I hated all the people but most of all I hated Alec. He was a coward, a bloody weak coward. Spineless is what he is. I knew I couldn't trust him, and to thing I was starting to fall for him. This was his plan all along, to make me fall for him so I would stay. But it was all a trick, all a part of a plan. And I was the stupid idiot who walked right into it with my hands held high and know my family were going to pay for my mistake.

We were getting closer and I found a little more energy to kick and push against him, but it was still useless.

"Please," I cried "let me go."

"So you can miss all the fun?" Demetri smirked. Bastard!

Bella POV

"Stop it!" I screamed as I ran at her. Her attention to Alice was broken and she braced herself for my attack, I could hear Alice gasping for air behind me. It's weird how vampires don't need to breath but after an attack by Jane they all found themselves with no breath or strength for some time.

I reached Jane and jumped on her, throwing up both back out though the door way and against the wall. The wall cracked a little without impact but it didn't stop either of us. We were hitting, clawing, pulling hair and kicking where we could. We carried on down the hall turning and taking turns pinning each other to walls, before we feel through another doorway. With Jane underneath me I took the chance to punch her square in the face. She gasped a little from the impact and I found myself throw back against the door frame after a second. Jane was up and had grabbed the front of my shirt. She was just about to take her shot when Alice ran through the door and ran at her, taking them both crashing to the ground.

Around the door the three of them found themselves in a two on one fight, with Jane being older and having an advantage over Alice it was even. Furniture was broken, people where thrown, but no real damage was being done. I knew it was useless we were going to continue fighting at this rate, at least until someone else found us and helped Jane and if that was the case me and Alice would have no chance.

"Oh my god!" we heard from behind us and in that second all three of us stopped and turned to face the door. Never had I been more pleased to see her long blonde hair and beautiful face before. With Alice under Jane and me about to pull her off we all remained frozen.

"What are you guys doing here?" Rosalie asked. Okay I knew she was blonde but that was just ridiculous.

"Are you serious?" Alice said from under Jane, we all observed the look on her face before realising she was dead serious "we're saving you and Renesmee stupid!"

Before Rosalie had even been able to answer Jane was back into trying to hurt us. We defended ourselves and after a few seconds Rosalie ran over to help.

Between the three of us we were able to stop her.

"What are we going to do with her now?" Alice asked looking down at Jane, broken and messed on the floor.

"We have to burn her," I said "but how?"

I started looking around the room for ways we could burn Jane's body.

"The bath!" Alice said and all the of us started to move Jane to the bath. We removed all the thing from the bathroom that were flammable and found some matches in the bedside table before throwing a lit match on Jane.

"Well one down." Alice laughed before she turned to Rosalie and pulled her into a big hug. "We were so worried!"

"We have to go help the others, I have a feeling they will have gotten Renesmee by now and she is where the others are." I said before running towards the door. I could hear the girls heals following mine as we ran down the corridor towards where the real problem would begin.

Edward POV

I turned to see the doors open and Jacob and Sam strolled through. Everyone stopped and looked, the volturi all laughed a little and I could hear them thing of how sad and pathetic we were bringing in human guys. Of course to them the smell the two let off wasn't a known smell, they would have just associated it with both of them owning dogs or something. But they have no idea what was coming for them.

A few of the guards ran over to take care of them and everyone else returned to the person they had been previously fighting. That's the way we had planned it, it was all going perfect.

I heard a raw erupt from the side of the room and they were both in wolf form. All the volturi turned to stare, unsure of what to do. Jacob and Sam took out the one guard who was closed to them together, and a few of the other guards took a few steps back in caution. Then it was our turn, we attacked the unprepared vampires and the fight continued. A few more dropped but the rest were back on alert mode. The a few seconds later more howls erupted and windows from above were smashed and more wolves entered into the room. This surprise attack had he vampires, and they knew they were going to have to pick up their game.

The fighting continued, I saw Seth fighting one of the vampires with Emmett. I had taken down one of the guards on the way to Aro. That's when it happened. Their surprise for us. The doors swung open and Demetri and Alec walked in, Renesmee trapped in their arms. We knew this might happen and we had to stick to the plan. As much as I wanted to run over and smash both of their heads in I had to take out Aro, Carlisle, Esme and Leah were going to get Renesmee. Stick to the plan Edward! Focus!

Jacob POV

I had never seen any shine like her, the second she was forced into the room my heart stopped. Letting her get to me distracted me and one of the bloodsuckers attacked. I turned my attention back to saving my butt but I knew that I had to safe her. It wasn't the plan but I didn't care I needed to safe her. Make sure she was safe, away from harm. Shit! I've imprinted with a bloodsucker!

Renesmee POV

Demetri pushed open the door and I saw the mess, the horror. There was fighting, dead bodies and blood. Then I felt a strange tingling feeling in my stomach and I turned to see a wolf staring at me, and in that second I felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest.

I felt a pull on my arm and looked to see Alec staring at me.

"I'll save you," he mouthed "I promise."

I looked back to see the wolf had been attacked and I realised it was family, love and blood that had awaited me.

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