The Advantages of a Dress

Chapter One

The young earl was in a foul mood, locked up in his room. Normally he would be down mingling with his guests and pretending to enjoy the attention he received by the many young ladies there. But not this time… Not like this…

After losing a bet with Oscar on whether or not Crehador could hold his liquor, Cain had been forced to do something most embarrassing.

Cain huffed and crossed his legs, before quickly uncrossing them and fighting the part of him that was beginning to feel quite comfortable in this… attire.

The Hargreaves head got to his feet, ignoring the feel of soft satin around his ankles and walked over to the full length mirror, glaring into it. His reflection looked, if possible, more annoyed than he was

"Curse you Oscar," He mumbled, picking at the fine red material of the floor length, corset style dress he had practically been sown into. Black lace ran down it, around the waist, the cuffs the neck and a black lace petticoat under layer. His legs were encased in tight, knees length black stockings and he was wobbling all over the place in those ridicules shoes. His face was beginning to feel hot under a mass of black curls, falling to his shoulders. Despite the fuss he had made and vain attempts to make Oscar change his mind, the earl had to admit he did look pretty good.

A soft knock on the door captured his attentions and, replacing his scowl, Cain turned to face it. "Come in," he ordered, trying to show his false emotions in his voice.

In the few short seconds before the door opened fully and whoever was outside came in, Cain fell into panic. What if it was one of his guests…? What would happen when they came in and saw him like this? Without a moment's hesitation, the earl jumped onto his bed and drew the curtains around it to hide himself from view. The door closed and footsteps crossed the room and stopped. There was silence for a few moments before…

"Lord Cain?"

Cain breathed a sigh of relief. It was only Riff. But wait. Did that really make things any better? He watched with large, terrified eyes as Riff shadow reached out towards the curtain and his heart raced. He dived forward, grasping the curtains and holding them closed.

"I-I'm fine!" His voice held a note of the panic he was feeling. Outside Riff lowered his arm slowly, frowning.

"Are you sure My Lord? You don't sound fine. Are you ill?"

"No, no I…" Cain saw an opportunity to get out of this, "Yes! I-I'm not feeling too well… I-I think it's better if I stay up here." He sighed silently, his heart slowing down beneath the soft fabric of his dress. That had been close. Feeling that the threat of being discovered had gone, Cain released the curtains and relaxed back onto his bed.

"Is there anything I can get you My Lord?"

"No thank you Riff," Cain said, authority back in his voice. Then as an afterthought, "Actually, would you inform the guests that I won't be joining them this evening."

"Of course My Lord."

Cain sighed, rested his head against the mass of pillows behind him and closed his eyes. 'Well that wasn't too bad,' he thought to himself, fingers idly playing with his curls, 'Just need to find a way out of this stupid thing and…" He froze, in thought, frowning. He hadn't heard Riff's footsteps crossing back to the door or the door itself close.

Slowly, Cain opened his eyes and his cheeks caught fire.

The curtains at the foot of the bed and been pulled open and Riff stood there, in absolute shock, eyes wide, mouth slightly open. For what seemed a lifetime, the two stared at each other, neither moving. Finally Riff closed his mouth, gulped and asked; "L-Lord Cain… W-What… What…?" unable to say, the speechless man servant gestured to his master's strange choice of clothing.

"Oscar that's what!" Cain huffed, crossing his arms and looking, in Riff's opinion, a lot like a spoilt princess. "I should have had more faith in Crehador!" He felt like sobbing and buried his face in the folds of his dress. "Now I'm stuck in this stupid, uncomfortable thing until tomorrow and there is NO WAY I can go down there!"

"Why ever not?" Riff asked, curious with a slight playful tone in his voice. Cain's head shot up and he stared at the man before him as if he had grown a second head. "WHAT?"

"Well," Riff explained, a smile tugging the corner of his lips, "You look just as beautiful in that as you do normally."

Cain's cheeks had now matched the red of his dress and his eyes had, if possible, widened. Riff allowed the gentle smile to form and crawled onto the bed, making his way towards the blushing, frozen younger male. He pressed a soft kiss to the corner of Cain's mouth, before pulling back slightly and bowing his head.

"Forgive me My Lord. I shall inform your guests that you shall not be joining them." With that he made to slide off of the bed, but…

"NO!" Cain reached out and gripped the front of Riff's jacket, yanking him onto the bed and forcing him down, clambering on top of him. For one so small he was surprisingly strong. He sat on the man's stomach, resting his hands on his strong chest and glared down into Riff's face.

"You will stay there," Cain ordered and Riff, trying to hold back a smirk, nodded his head. "Good," the earl growled, dipping down to seal his soon-to-be-lover's mouth in a passionate kiss. He lowered his body down to rest on top of Riff's and allowed his arms to wrap around the older's neck. Riff's own arms circled his master's slim waist, holding him close. Gently, Riff licked at Cain's lips, asking silently for permission, which was granted and Cain attempted to get the domination he deserved. It was all going well for the young earl before Riff's long, gentle fingers undid the lace tying up the corset style body at his back and slowly began to slide it from his shoulders. As his man servant's soft fingers ghosted over the scars on his back, Cain shuddered at the contact and gave Riff the opportunity he needed to take charge.

Riff's hands suddenly stilled in what they were doing as the curls from Cain's wig brushed against his cheek. Out of the whole outfit, that wig was the one thing he hated and it must go. Now. Whilst his one hand continued to help Cain out of his dress, his other swept through the curls, gripping them, and gently removed the wig, throwing it across the room and forgetting all about it. Once it was gone Riff's hand returned to run through his master's black locks.

As gently as he could and trying his hardest not to hurt the man on top of him, Riff rolled them over, settling Cain down on the bed, finally breaking the kiss. He sat back on his heels, a leg either side of the earl's slim waist, gazing down at the panting teen below him.

He had managed to get the dress off of Cain's shoulders and halfway down his pale, rapidly raising chest. Cain's arms were now free and as he golden eyes opened, the Hargreaves head reached up intent to pull his servant down into another mind blowing kiss. But Riff had other ideas and chose instead to attach his lips to his master's neck, kissing gently whilst his hands continued the task of removing the dress.

The mixture of Riff's kisses and the lace of his dress sliding down his body were slowly sending Cain to a level of pleasure he never knew existed. He wrapped his arms around Riff, clinging to the back of his jacket. He pushed his body upwards, trying to get as close to the other male as possible. They both groaned loudly as their hardnesses pressed against each other.

Riff, whose lips were now running along Cain's collar bone, had finally managed to remove the dress and that too landed on the floor along with the wig. With that mammoth task finally over, Riff shuffled back to sit between Cain's open legs and studied the pure beauty of the one he adored.

Cain was still panting breathlessly, his face turned to the side, a deep blush covering his cheeks. His silken black hair fanned out around his head and his pale neck was littered with tiny red love bites. His slim chest was raising and falling rapidly as his heart hammered away. Now the dress was gone all he had on were the thigh high stockings with a single red bow at the top, and, Riff noticed with slight amusement, a pair of black lace panties that made the young earl's erection very clear.

Cain turned to look at Riff and found him still gazing at his body. "Are you just going to sit there staring or are you actually going to- AHHH!" Cain was cut off as Riff began to palm the lump in his panties. Riff smiled at the reaction and stopped, much to Cain's disappointment. Instead he trailed his hands down the young earl's leg, slowly sliding off the stocking, moving down the bed as he did so. That joined the rest of Cain's clothes on the floor and Riff moved back up, placing tiny, delicate butterfly kisses up the soft, pale skin now on display to him. Once he was back at the top of the thigh he made sure that his cheek brushed his master's member before showing the same dedication and attention to the other leg. Now with Cain in only the black lace panties, Riff sat back, intent on making sure this was what they both wanted before he continued.

"Lord Cain?" he asked, trying to hide the lust in his voice,

Cain, who had been fisting the sheets in pleasure, turned his gaze to the blue eyed man above him. "W-Why have you stopped Riff?" he asked, confused and slightly fearful.

"I just wanted to make sure this was what you wanted." Riff muttered, lowering his gaze.

Cain rolled his eyes. "Do you think you'd still be here if this wasn't what I wanted?" Riff remained silent so Cain continued. "I would have told you to leave. But you're still here because this is what I want. Riff," Cain's tone was a lot softer and he sat up, resting a hand on Riff's chest and gazing into his face, "Please?"

The smiled reformed on Riff's face and he bent down to seal the teen's lips in a sweet kiss. He gently rested his hands on Cain's scarred back and led him back down on the bed. Cain's arms locked behind his neck as tongues invaded mouths. Riff removed the rest of his and his master's clothes, dropping them needlessly to the floor and rested his naked body against Cain's. Wrapping his arms around the young earl's waist, Riff rolled them over so that Cain was sat on his chest. Cain broke the kiss and sat up, beaming down at Riff. The manservant too sat up, Cain sliding down to his lap, and studied the teen's beautiful face. The two sat gazing at each other for a moment longer before Riff reached out and took a bottle of oil from the night stand. Watched by a confused and curious Cain, Riff poured some of the liquid onto his hand, coating his fingers. Replacing the bottle, Riff smiled reassuringly at Cain and pulled him into another kiss as his slick fingers travelled down to his lover's tight entrance.

Cain jumped and gave a squeak of surprise as one of Riff's fingers entered him.

"It'll get better I promise," Riff said hurriedly, trying to insert a second finger into Cain without him noticing, "But if you want to stop w-"

"SHUT UP!" Cain bellowed kissing Riff with suck force he fell back onto the bed.

Mary Weather gazed around at all the unfamiliar faced of the party guests and frowned. 'Mhmm,' she thought to herself, 'I haven't seen older brother in a long while… Where could he be?' Through the crowd she spotted Oscar and, knowing she didn't have any other choice, made her way over to him.

When Oscar felt a tug on his sleeve he turned his gaze away from the young woman he had been "talking to" and beamed when he found his beloved Mary staring up at him. Quick as a flash, he turned to face her, scooping her up into his arms. He grinned at her; "Darling Mary! How wonderful it is to see you and looking beautiful as always!" Mary simply raised her eyebrows and sighed.

"Have you seen older brother? People are starting to ask where he is."

Oscar's grin widened. He knew exactly where Cain was. 'Hiding hey? We'll see about that! *evil laugh*' "I don't believe he's come down yet… Let's go find for him!" And with that Mary found herself being carried away by a strangely acting and secretly cackling Oscar.

Cain had yelped in pain when Riff had first entered him but know he was moaning and panting so loudly he was surprised no one had heard him. But he didn't care if they did. He had never felt this good before. He was led on the bed again, Riff looming over him. His legs were wrapped around his manservant's waist, his hands fisting the sheets in pleasure. His head was tilted right back, allowing Riff more access to kiss and nibble his neck and collar bone. Riff's thrusts, which had started out shallow, slow and gentle were reaching breaking point and his grip on Cain's hips, were sure to leave bruises.

But once again Cain didn't care. He wanted people to know about him and Riff, wanted to shout it from the roof tops and he would of it, one Riff hadn't been inside him and, two he felt his legs would be able to support him. Cain knew he'd be spending the next few days in bed but as long as Riff was there with him it might be a lot more… pleasurable.

He was bought out of his thought by Riff fisting his hand around Cain's neglected member. He arched his back, moving into Riff's grip and trying to get their bodies closer.

Riff stopped and withdrew slightly from Cain. He flipped his master onto his front and raised him onto his hands and knees before starting up his thrusts again, giving Cain a new level of pleasure from a different angle.

Mary Weather's frown had returned as she stared at her brother's closed bedroom door. The noises that were coming from the room, mostly loud moans and the cry of two names: "LORD CAIN!" and "RIFF!" coming from two familiar voices were confusing her. Beside her in shock horror was Oscar, mouth and eyes wide open.

"Oscar?" Mary asked, turned to the frozen man beside her, "What's going on in there?"

If humanly possible, Oscar's eyes widened. He'd do anything for the girl he adored but this? "U-um… Well… You see… Cain and Riff are just…"

He was cut off by an ear splitting scream of pleasure and Mary Weather gasped. "Older brother!" she cried, jumping forward and taking hold of the door handle.

"Mary, no!" Oscar yelled, taking the young girl by the shoulders and pulling her backwards. "I don't think we should go in there!"

"But older brother's hurt! We have to help him" Mary weather's voice held a note of pure fear and panic and Oscar's heart went out to her.

"Mary dear… Cain's not hurt. They're… well… I think we should leave them alone for a while."

But why?" tears were beginning to form in her eyes, "Tell me Oscar!"

"Mary I can't! You're too young to understand!"

Mary Weather hated that. Ripping herself free from Oscar's grip she turned and using all her strength, pushed the doors open.

Cain and Riff failed to notice that they were no longer alone in the room. Both were reaching their end, tongued slipping and sliding from each other's mouths as they passionately kissed each other. Everything was going perfect until…



Cain's head snapped up to find his sister and … Oscar stood in the doorway. "OSCAR! MARY WEATHER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE? GET OUT OF MY ROOM! OSCAR YOU ARE DEAD FOR BRINGING HER IN HERE!"

"I'M SO SORRY!" Oscar cried, tears spilling from his eyes. "I TRIED TO STOP HER! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!"

"JUST GET HER OUT OF HERE!" Cain bellowed. Behind him Riff was slowly beginning to withdraw and Cain didn't want this to end just yet.

"Y-YES LORD CAIN!" And with that Oscar scooped up a traumatized and twitching Mary Weather, carrying her out to the hallway and propping her up against the wall before returning to the room.

Cain slammed backwards against Riff, forcing the man back inside him. Both gave a moan of pleasure and Riff began moving in and out of his lover again. Cain fell back into that joyous pit of pleasure but looking up he found Oscar stood in the doorway, shaking noticeably and staring hard at the floor.


"I-I just wondered if there was anything else you-" Oscar stuttered but was quickly interrupted.


Willingly the man turned his back on the scene and hurried towards the door but, to his dismay, was stopped.

"OH! Oscar?" Oscar turned a hand over his eyes, to face the panting Cain.

"Y-Yes Lord Cain?" he asked, dreading the answer.

Cain grinned at the sight of the clearly uncomfortable Oscar. "Thank you so much for the beautiful dress. We loved it, didn't we Riff?" He looked over his shoulder and winked at his lover, smiling mischievously. Riff returned the smile before leaning forward and kissing along Cain's back.

"Oh yes My Lord. We loved it very much. And if I may say so it fitted you perfectly. The corset body really showed off your slim body and those black curls helped bring out the beauty of your face."

As if to make things worse for Oscar, Cain gave a loud groan of Riff's name and began panting heavily. Everything became too much for Oscar and he ran from the room, grabbing the still frozen Mary on the way and trying to scrub his mind clean.

Cain couldn't help but laugh at the sight of his friend but that was quickly blown from his mind as Riff bit down on his shoulder and he came hard on the bed sheets. He gave a cry of Riff's name as his arms and legs gaze way. He would have collapsed into the mess he had just made if Riff hadn't of pulled him upright and rested him against his chest. It only took a few more thrusts before Riff came inside of Cain and they both collapsed back against the pillow. After a few minutes in which the pair caught their breath, Riff pulled out of Cain and covered the half asleep teen up with the bed sheets. He sat there, watching the younger male, stroking the hair away from his face before slipping off of the bed and looking around for his clothes. Slim fingers gripped his wrist and turning Riff found Cain gazing at him sleepily, lovingly.

"Stay with me tonight," Cain whispered, tugging slightly on Riff's arm. Riff smiled and crawled under the covers, pulling his lover into a protective grip and the pair were asleep in seconds.

"Lord Cain! Your shoe lace in undone. Allow me to tie it for you." Cain turned to see Riff walking towards him and smiled, Riff dropped to one knee before him, lifting Cain's foot to rest on his leg and began to tie the laced of his master's elegant, handmade black leather shoes. Cain sighed happily and combed a hand through Riff's hair, raising his chin with the other and pressing a gentle kiss to his lips.

"Lord Cain shouldn't we save thus for a more private venue?" Riff asked as Cain sat down on his knee, wrapping his arms around Riff's neck and Riff's enclosed his master's waist.

"I've already told you Riff," Cain said, gazing straight into his lover's eyes, "I don't care if anyone knows about us. It's nothing to be ashamed of and they can't do anything about it anyway." Before Riff could say anything in response, Cain sealed his lips in another kiss.

Oscar hadn't slept at all that night. He hadn't been able to rid his mind of images of Cain and Riff. He had checked on Mary on the way downstairs and found her exactly where he had left her, sat bolt upright in bed and staring straight ahead.

As he turned the corner towards the dining room, Oscar froze the scene from the previous night flooded back into his mind. With a girlish scream of pure terror, Oscar turned and ran straight into the wall, collapsing to the floor with a thump.

Riff and Cain broke their kiss and looked up to find their friend passed out on the floor. They both burst into laughter, getting to their feet.

"Remind me to thank Oscar properly later," Cain said leaning lightly against Riff, an evil plan forming in his mind.

"And maybe," Riff muttered, nuzzling his nose into Cain's neck, his hand resting on the small of the younger male's back, "We could get the dress out again later My Lord?"

"Of course," Cain said turning and wrapping his arms around Riff's neck, "But you're wearing it this time."