The Advantages of a Dress

Chapter Two

It had been nearly a week since Mary Weather had walked in on her brother and his manservant. She had finally come out of her shock like state and excepted her brother's new relationship with Riff/ The three one them were dressed in their finest as they made their way, by carriage, to Oscar's house to celebrate the man's birthday. They hadn't seen him since that day but knew he was back to his normal, hyper self.

'Though whether he will be after tonight,' Cain thought, going over his plan in his head, a sly smile forming on his face, 'Now that's a different matter.'

The carriage pulled up outside Oscar's mansion and the party of three entered the entrance hall to find they were the last to arrive. Cain knelt before his sister and pulled an envelope out of his inside pocket.

"Now Mary," he said, handing her the letter, "I want you to give this to Oscar but only when I tell you to ok?" Mary Weather gave her brother a questioning look but slipped the letter away. Cain just had time to get to his feet before Oscar came speeding in from the main room, picking Mary up and spinning her around.

"Mary! You came! I'm so happy! Perhaps my present from you this year is a kiss?" Oscar asked hopefully, holding her close to himself.

"Put her down," Cain growled, taking his sister from Oscar's clutches and placing her on the floor, taking a protective step in front of her.

"Oh Cain!" Oscar whined, leading his guests into a large hall full of people, decorations and music, "When are you going to realize that mine and Mary's love will never be concerned and give us your blessing?"

"How about never…" Cain muttered as Oscar ran to introduce Mary to everyone. Cain shook his head and turned to Riff, taking a step towards him and resting a hand on his chest, leaning up to whisper in his ear. "Go and have some fun. I'll come and find you when it's time ok?" Riff nodded his head and Cain pressed a chaste kiss to Riff's cheek before disappearing into the crowd.

*Later that evening*

For the last half an hour Cain had been watching Riff from across the room whilst he pretended to listen to some rich business man boast about his daughter. Riff was standing by himself near the windows on the opposite wall, staring down into the dark gardens. He didn't know any of the wealthy people here and Cain felt bad for sending him off by himself. Hurriedly finishing his conversation, Cain made his way over to his lonely lover, stopping beside him and gently resting his head on Riff's shoulder. Riff turned, smiling when he saw who it was and rested a hand on Cain's lower back. He gave a sigh, not entirely comfortable with what he would have to do next but still willing to do so, for Cain.

"Ready?" Cain asked a playful glint in his eyes. Riff nodded his head, releasing his grip on Cain and turning towards the door.

"I shall go and prepare. Is there anything else you need me to do?"

"No thank you Riff. It's all up to Mary Weather now."

As Riff made his way out of the room to get ready, Cain made his way over to his darling younger sister. Mary was tired and the heat from the many bodies in the room had caused her cheeks to turn a soft pink colour. But more than anything else, she was bursting to go to the toilet and was making her way to the bathroom when Cain stopped her.

"How about you go and give Oscar his birthday present now Mary? And be nice to him yeah?" Cain smiled at her and went to find Riff before Mary could question him. Mary gave an annoyed sigh, fisting her hands in frustration before pulling out the letter and searching the hall for Oscar.

She found him in the centre of the room, laughing joyously. He beamed at the sight of her and Mary, remembering her brother's work, smiled back at him.

'Is she… blushing?!' Oscar asked himself, stooping to her level. "My beautiful Mary. Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes thank you Oscar," Mary said sweetly, smiling cutely at him. She handed him the letter, "This is for you. Happy Birthday Oscar!" And she kissed him on the cheek before skipping off to find a toilet.

Oscar was in heaven. 'D-d-did she just…? She just… KISSED ME!!! I KNEW IT!!! Maybe she does feel the same way as I do!' He could have danced he was so happy. Instead he turned his gaze to the light pink envelope in his hand. His name was written on the front in a girly but elegant hand writing and the grin on his face widened. Treating it like glass, Oscar opened the envelope, slipping out the piece of paper within. It was the same colour as the envelope and written in the same curly hand writing:

Dear Oscar

There's something that I need to tell you.

Would you meet me in your room in ten minutes?

Please don't tell big brother, I know he'll be angry.

Love Mary Weather

Oscar's smile was so huge he was sure his mouth would split in two. This was what he had always wanted. Mary Weather was finally returning his love! As fast as his feet would carry him, Oscar ran from the room, forgetting all about his guests, and up the two flights of stairs to his room. He flew along the hallway, straight into his bedroom door, causing it to burst open and…

He froze.

The curtains had been drawn and candle had been lit here and there, sending a soft glow around the room. The great wooden chair from behind his desk had been pulled into the middle of the room and turned to face him. A figure sat in the chair but Oscar couldn't see who for a female was straddling the figure's waist, blocking it's face from view. The skirt of the woman's deep blue dress had been hitched high, revealing long, slender legs encased in tight high white stockings. The lacing at the back of the dress had been undone and the sleeve pulled down revealing her shoulders. Her blonde hair hung down her back and, as Oscar burst through the door, she turned to face him. Her eyes were wide and cheeks a deep red. She was clearly drunk and as Oscar looked closer, not a woman at all.

"R-Riff?" Oscar asked shakily, taking a step into the room. As he said this, the second figure lifted its head, looking over Riff's shoulder, a grin forming on its face.

"Ah, Oscar," Cain said slowly, smirking. His hands travelled to Riff's back, undoing the laces further. "Happy Birthday."

Oscar was frozen to the spot, shaking like a leaf. "W-what…?" was all he could manage.

Cain's smirk widened and he turned to look at Riff, cupping his chin and pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. "Why don't you go and escort Oscar. He seems to be having trouble moving."

Riff slid from his master's lap and padded silently towards Oscar, his stockinged feet making no noise on the wooden floor. He reached the frozen man and pressed his body flush against the other's. The man servant's long fingers trailed down Oscar's chest before taking his hand and pulling him further into the room, shutting the door behind them.

"W-why…?" Oscar asked as he was stopped before Cain. Riff made his way back to the chair, sitting on the floor between his master's legs and resting his head on his knee. Cain's one hand came to stroke Riff's blond hair whilst his other rested on the arm of the chair.

"I never thanked you properly for that dress. Why don't you come closer?"

Oscar didn't move. "Y-you really d-don't need to thank me Cain."

"Oh but we want to!" Cain leant forward and turned Riff's head to face him. "Why don't you go and show Oscar how much we appreciated his gift."

Riff dropped to his hands and knees and began to slink towards Oscar, remaining eye contact with him. Oscar's feet suddenly realized how to move and he stumbled backwards, searching blindly for the door handle. Riff reached him and knelt down, palming his groin area and reaching for the zip of his trousers.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Oscar screamed, pushing Riff away and wrenching the door open. "THAT'S FOR MARY AND MARY ONLY!!!" With that he ran from the room, tumbling down the stairs and off to find comfort in the arms of his beloved Mary.

Cain stood and made his way to the door, watching Oscar's back vanish round the corner. Behind him Riff had gotten to his feet and taken off the dress and stockings.

"Well that worked out well," Cain said smugly, closing the door, "And now to reward you." He made to turn but was stopped. Riff was behind him; his naked body pressed against his back, His manservant's arms were around him, one hand travelling up his chest, the other down to his trousers. Riff buried his face in Cain's neck.

"There's only one reward I ask for My Lord."

The party was long over and Mary was beginning to panic. Not only had she not seen Cain or Riff for most of the evening but Oscar had gone missing too. She had spent half the party looking for him; it wasn't like him to not be centre of attention.

A soft sobbing captured her attention and Mary hurried round the corner to find Oscar sat on the floor, slowly rocking back and forth. She gave a gasp and hurried to his side. "Oscar! What's that matter! What's happened?" She rested one of her tiny hands on Oscar's shoulder and his tear-filled gaze looked up to meet her's. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to himself, crying into her shoulder.

"Oh Mary how could you be so mean as to play such a nasty trick on me!" he wailed, "What have I ever done wrong to you? All I've ever done is love you!!!"

Mary gently patted his back and stroked his hair, trying to calm him down. "What are you talking about Oscar?" she asked, confused, "What have I done wrong?"

And he told her everything, from the letter right up until his near rape from Riff. Mary was in shock and felt so bad for her part in all of this, even if she hadn't known at the time. "Oscar I'm so sorry!" she pleaded, hugging him close, "I swear I had no idea what older brother was doing! If I had I would have never given you that letter! Please forgive me!" Tears had formed in her eyes and Oscar knew she meant what she was saying.

"Of course I forgive you Mary. I can't stay mad at you. Come, you must be tired. Let's get you to bed."

Riff's hips bucked as he came inside Cain and collapsed back into the wooden chair. His master had come long ago all over their stomachs and was now slumped against his chest, eyes closed, panting heavily. As Riff wrapped his arms around Cain he felt the goose bumps up and down his scared back and, not wanting him to get cold, carried him over to the bed. He gently laid Cain down beneath the covers before crawling in beside him, hugging the younger male close to his chest.

'Sorry Oscar,' he thought briefly before joining his lover in sleep.

'I'm going to have to get a new room and burn that one…' Oscar thought as he tucked Mary into one of the spare beds. He smiled down at her, stroking her soft hair. "Good night darling Mary," he whispered, turning to leave the room. Both of Mary's hands shot out and clamped around Oscar's arm and she gazes up at him with large, wide and innocent eyes.

"O-Oscar, w-would you stay with me tonight? Just until I fall asleep. I-I don't like being alone in strange places…"

Oscar smiled reassuringly at her. He pulled up a chair beside her bed and sat down in it. "Don't you worry Mary. I'll stay right here. You got to sleep, I'm not going anywhere." No sooner had the words left his mouth; Oscar was sound asleep in the chair, breathing heavily. Mary giggled at the sight of him and slide out of bed, crawling onto his lap. She curled up against his chest, gripping his shirt lightly. In his sleep, Oscar's arms wrapped gently but protectively around her and his head rested against her's, his face nuzzled in her hair. With a smile on her face, Mary Weather fell asleep in the embrace of the man she secretly adored.