Written for "Conversations with the hat challenge" by Maraudercat

The conditions were that the piece should be all "dialogue". That is, only the direct 'thought conversation' between the hat is included. No "he felt-" or "she wished-", etc. Also the piece should start with "Surname, First name" of the student being called, and end with the hat declaring their house.

Author's Note: Normally, I get my fics beta, however this seemed really short. Still do let me know if it is in need of a beta. :)

"Potter, Lily"

Another Potter. Why, it seems only like yesterday I sorted your older brother. Looks like the Potters are now breeding as fast as the Weasleys.

Of course your sorted Albus. After all that's what your job is right? To sort students. Why else are you here for then?

Snarky. Most of the people I find are usually excited to wear me on and refrain from arguing with me.

Why would someone be excited to wear an old hat? They are excited to be sorted. So am I. So hurry up and sort me.

Hmmm. Interesting. Bravery is there, but so is cunningness. A Gryffindor heritage, yet a desire to prove yourself different from your family. Do you have a preference, little Lily, like your father and brothers?

I don't want to be a Hufflepuff.

Oh don't worry. I was not going to sort you into Hufflepuff. No no my dear. It's between Bravery and cunningness. Slytherin and Gryffindor. Would you like to be the first Potter to be in Slytherin then? I have been waiting to do this since ages.

Well, I don't think I would mind. My uncle Ron might, but hey it would fun to shock him right?

Well then, better be a...