Stifling yet another yarn Jessica stared at her laptop screen. Well her experiments were going good but with just the wrong type of blood. When she started her experiment she had to have good blood. She had walked to the infirmary and after a little blushing and a embarrassing attempt of flirting the guy allowed her to get some blood.

She had found two vails of blood labeled Jack Venezia and Zoltan Czakvar. She had taken a few samlpes and returned to her lab. But as she began testing she noticed some wierd adnormalities in both the mens blood. Then she noticed it was the same thing she was seeing.
Quickly she had walked back and got another sample from the vial marked Gregori Holstein. She remembered Gregori from when she first arrived. But as she compared the blood the abnormality was present in Gregori's blood as well.

Now months later she found that the abnormality in the three bloods was something that could allow her experiment to work. She had tried her own blood, she not having the abnormality, and she gotten a few results but nothing as good as the men's blood.

Jessica's head slowly fell to her arm and she closed her eyes. She had been awake nearly 24 hours. Rex was being a problem she have been having to hide from him. She should of listened to her friends when they told her he was bad news. But did she listen no. She feel asleep at her computer no 1 hour before it was time to goodness there was no camera in her lab, and thank goodness Roman Draganesti gave her her own lab and office, in the same room of course.

Connor and Angus were walking down the corridor talking about Robby and his new fiancé.Angus prattle on about how they had decided after a year af marriage maybe two they were going to have children.

"Robby's beaming as if he's already a father," Angus smiled at the thought of young MacKays.

He looked at Connor.

"What ye think lad."

"I'm happy for him. Robby's found himself a good woman."

"Aye he did. Emma and Shanna are beside themselves getting Olivia together so they can plan the wedding."

Connor stopped in front of a lab door, Angus looked at him. "What wrong lad."

"We may have a security breach." He tried to open the door but found it was locked. So he teleported in and unlocked it for Angus. As they both came in they saw a woman in a white lab coat sitting in the chair her head in the table in front of a computer.

Angus took a deep breathe."She's mortal."

Connor took a step forward, "she's just asleep. She must be a scientist her during the day."
"This could be a problem."Angus sent a physic message.

Roman you need to come to research lab , Zoltan, Robby, Phineas and Ian come as well.

Connor snorted. "You really need that many men just for this small lass. She mortal Angus all we have to do is erase her memory."

"Only after Roman decides how much we need to erase. She might just think we are night security and cleaners. She might not be to much of a nuisance."

Roman and the men arrived with a new addition Gregori had followed. Roman walked up and looked at the woman reconizing her at one.

"Its Jessica MacGregor."

Angus looked up. "MacGregor?"

"Yeah she had been doing research on thing that might save peoples lives."

He picked up her tape recorder pushed rewind and then play. Connor slightly winced at the gentle voice that come through. It was weary but still gentle.

" Experiment 3 is complete. Told regeneration time 72 hours. The appendage is healthy. Probably do to the abnormality in the blood samples.

There was a pause on the tape were you could here typing. Roman looked up at Angus.

"I have a bad feeling."

Jess's voice returned.

" Abnormality was similar in all three blood samples. First subject blood Jack Venezia the abnormality was located immediatly same for subject two Zoltan Czakvar. Led to believe the men are of some relation to share the same adnorm. To furture the experiment I retrevied another subject blood. One Gregori Holstein. Never expected to find the adnorm but it resided in all three. New test mixed a drop of all the men's blood and now examining it,"

The voice went off and you could hear glass such as slides being put in a microscope.

Roman looked at Jess then up to Angus. "This could be real bad."

The all jumped when there was a crash and heard the woman curse rather loudly. The tape cut off but before he turned it off she was back.

"Slight problem slide broke and pierced the skin. Subjects blood mixed with mine. Afraid of after effects. Hang on.....

Again you could hear glass slides moved about.

Examining subject blood that mixed with mine. It appears that the Admiralty in the blood is absorbing mine..."

The tape ended Roman turned it off and looked at the woman. Roman saw she had a band aid was on her hand. He looked back at Angus.

"If the blood mixed with hers there maybe a problem. But then it was so little there my not be a problem at all."

Roman walked up and placed a hand on Jess's shoulder and slightly shook her. "Miss. MacGregor, Miss. MacGregor."

Slowly Jess came awake not seeing the men in the room she sat up with a groan rubbing the back of her neck.

"Miss MacGregor."

Jess jumped with a small scream and feel out of ehr chair and his the cold floor with a "oomph"

She looked up at the man who woke her and recognized her boss Roman Draganesti. She quickly shot to her feet and stood trembling in front of Roman,

"Mr. Draganesti. I'm sorry."

Roman arched a brow at her. Jess was afraid.

"I'm sorry sir it will never happen again."

Roman held up a hand. "Its fine Miss MacGregor." He looked around."Might I ask what you have been working on."

"I..." She stopped and looked around at the men in the room.

Roman noticed her preoccupation. "Its okay they work for me."

Gregori walked up and smiled. "You haven't changed much Jessica."

Jess let her eyes roam Gregori for a second before she turned to her laptop. Well there was no physical different with the adnormality."Yeah but it has been quite a while Gregori."

Roman walked up and taped the tape recorder. "I reviewed your recorder."

Jessica paled. " I'm sorry I took from the Infirmary. Please don't fire me.."

"Whoa wait I'm not going to fire you."

She took a deep breathe and sat as she sat she felt funny. With a groan she sat forward her hand went to her head. It was starting to hurt.

Roman looked up at Angus and said telepathically.

I think the vamp blood that mixed with hers and she is starting to feel the effects.

Roman placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright Miss MacGregor?"

"Yeah my head just hurts. It usually does when I first wake up quickly."

Roman released a small breathe maybe the sample was to small to do anything. "Whats the experiment you have been working on."

Jess came back to her senses. "OH right. I have been experimenting with regeneration."

Roman gave her a quizzical look.

"Oh I had a friend who was in an accident and lost a hand and his leg. He died because he couldn't adapt to the loss of limb. I noticed in lizards they loss an appendage the can regrow it and I had an idea that that can help many who need like another hand or foot. Heck if I can purify the method one day organ could be regrown."

Roman pulled up a chair and sat beside her his curiosity getting the better of him.

"I heard on the tape that you have performed three experiments and the third was a success."

Jess smiled. "Yep experiment two and three was a success. I regrew a health finger and a hand."

She got up and when to curtain covered the covers off she showed Roman the finger and hand.

"They are completely healthy and can be used."

Roman walked up and looked her. "How?"

"That a little weird. I have a friend at the zoo and he let me take blood from there four Komodo Dragons. I isolated a the pecific strain of DNA that causes the regeneration.I isolated it the gene and extracted it. I made a special serum that will allow a person to regenerate and Appendage. These two I used the blood I collected from her and I saw that it regenerated better with the blood that had the abnormality then with my blood."