Then next thing Jessica knew her and Connor were in a large building with the view of the effiel tower through the window. She turned to Connor.

"Where are we?"

"We are in Jean-Luc's place in Paris. I thought you might like it."

"I love it but won't the sun be up soon here."

"In three hours. But I figured we can head back to the townhouse by then. I just want to share this with you. Your brothers said you always wanted to see Paris."

"My brothers?"

"Yeah they told me you what you like so I could take you on a memorable date."

"In that you have done Connor. It is the best date I have ever been on."She gave a amll laugh."The only date that was good."

Connor tipped her head up to look at him. "You don't have to think about that Rex. I will never let him hurt you."

Jess smiled and put her arms around his waist. "You are the worlds perfect man Connor. Radinka and Shanna were right."


"Yeah." She stood up on her toes and kiss him.

It was as if she opened flood gates. Connor picked her up in his arms and walked to the next room. It was a large bedroom with a royal blue silk sheets. Jess smiled at him. "Did you bring me here to take advantage of me."

He laughed. "Aye lass."


Connor sat her on her feet at the bed and ran his hands down her back."Did you wear this dress to drive me crazy."

Jess laughed. "Carlos and Tino picked it out."

"Remind me to bye him a new toy.:"

With a laugj from both Connor lowered her to the bed. With a smile he kissed her as his hands made way the dress she was in. She was and supple like a woman should be.
Jess took her time in exploring Connor's chest. She had his tie off and then his shirt.

Connor had just turned on his back and pulled Jess with him when his phone rang. He acutally gave a small shouting growl. "DAMN IT TO HELL."

Jess couldn't help but laugh he silenced her with a hard kiss then pulled out his phone. It was Angus he answered.

"Angus this had better be bloody important."

"Stan came through Casimir is back for tonight at the Russian place."

"Damn I am on my way."

"Teleport straight here. Theres clothes for both of you."


He closed his phone and got up. "I am sorry lass. But Angus needs me there."

"Its okay." They got up and got dressed. Connor pulled her into his arms and they teleported to Romatech.

When they arrived Shanna and Radinka game her her clothes and shoes so she could change. When she came back Connor was dressed in his kilt and a sweater. As she neared Don handed her her sword. When she twirled it around to get into her game Connor glared at her brothers.

"She's not going."

"Yes she is."

"The HELL she is. I will not let you put her in danger. She's staying here with Shanna and the others."

Jess crossed her arms as she saw her brothers both stand to thier full height and glared at Connor.

Don placed on his sword hilt. "We trained her believe me she is as dangerous as you are with a sword."

"She's not going and thats th..." He was cut off when Jess stepped forward and kissed him. She pulled back and laued the point of her sword gently against his neck.

"I'm going Connor you can't expect me to sit back and wait thats not me."

" you are having a knife."He put a knife in her belt then he grabbed her and they all teleported out to the Russian building.

"Ahhh MacKay. I knew you would come."

They all turned and saw Casimir and ten of his men with him. They all held swords.

Angus laughed. "Running out of men Casimir. That must be hard."

"Not really more can always be made." He then noticed Don and Aidan. "Well well MacGregor. I was told you were distroyed. All traitors are executed."

Don laughed."Yeah well we will settle for killing you first."

That was when Casimir noticed Jessica and he smiled a smile that sent ice down Jess's spine.

"So you must be the MacGregor I missed. I hate that."

Connor raised his sword. "Lets end this Casimir."

"Of course."

All heck broke loss. Casimir and his men attacked. Phil, Carlos, Howard and three of Phil's boys shifted and attacked. As the man fought Casimir made his way around as Jess fought with Nadia. She turned and sliced Nadia's arm. A she turned she felt an arm around her waist. As a hand grabbed her wrist. She turned her head to see Casimir smiling at her.

'You my dear are now mine."

Jess fought against him and all he did was laugh. He just stood there with her as the others fought. He just laughed.

"Let me go."

"No..." He placed a knife to her throat. Now call for help."


He pressed the knife harder to her throat. She cried out at the pain. Connor and the others turned to see Casimir with a knife to Jess's throat.

"Let her go."

"I don't think so Buchanan."

He slid the knife along her throat till a small trail of blood fell. With a smile he leaned down and licked it away. Connor looked at her with true fear in his eyes. Jess then remembered the knife. She grabbed it and when Casimir was distracted she quickly turned and drove the knife into his shoulder. Dan zipped forward and grabbed ehr adn zipped back. Casimir pulled the knife from his shoulder.

"You missed my heart. This isn't over." He teleported away.

Connor shelthed his sword and ran at Jess plucking her up and holding her tight.

"Are ye okay love."

"Yeah but a scratch."

He didn't care he hugged her to him.

"Don't ever put yourself in danger like that Jess."

"I promise."

More to come soon.

I hope you are enjoing this.