High School Adolescence

High School. The one place we look forward to with enthusiasm only to dread walking through the front doors the first day of our freshmen year. A year of awkwardness, gawkiness, and the one time when we are at our most vulnerable.

Five teens stood facing the building with awe, wonder, fear, hatefulness and indifference. It wasn't hard to tell which feeling which person was experiencing just by looking at them.

Konan – Had dreamed of this day since junior high. She would stand at the fence looking across the street at the High School wishing and hoping time would speed up so it would be her who was walking through the double doors. Now she stood in awe of the building as she waited for her moment.

Deidara – Had been excited to graduate the 8th grade and be passed onto high school. He had taken everything in stride. He had looked across the street at the high school thinking to him self that he would get there soon enough. Now he stood in wonder of what lay behind the double doors.

Tobi – Had worried and fretted about weather he would be okay when he went to high school. He had the curiosity like the other kids and sure he was excited to finally say he was an official high school kid now but he was also gripping Deidara's arm in panicked fear. He wanted to run back across the street and beg the junior high teachers to let him stay in his safe zone of the last three years.

Hidan – It should be against the law to have to get up so early in the morning to go to a place you didn't want to go to in the first place. Not to mention learning a bunch of crap that wouldn't mean anything to you when you graduated. He glared in hate at the building that was to be his prison for the next four years.

Itachi – Didn't care one way or the other. He didn't like nor dislike school. He went because A) His father was a prick and made him get straight A's and B) Because he could escape the prick of a father and an over bearing mother. He stood looking at the building with boredom waiting for the doors to open. He would just as soon fade into the background and High School was a perfect place to do it.

High School. The one place we look forward to with enthusiasm only to dread walking through the double doors the first day of school. Unless you were a senior. Then you had total control and the awkward, gawky moments of embarrassment were over. You by now have learned the do's and don'ts of high school and are now the master of disguise.

Five teens stood by their cars. They laughed they shouted they punched each other in the arm. They were the most popular boys of the senior class and the entire high school. They played their car radios loud enough for the entire school to hear. They pretty much ruled the school and they did what they wanted.

Pein – Senior class President. He's a leader with all the perks. He had money, style, charisma, looks, and persona. Every girl wanted to date him and every guy wanted to be him. He liked to make everyone think they stood a chance, even if it was a cruel lie.

Sasori – Senior class Vice President. A no nonsense type of guy. He's gorgeous, tough, short tempered, cruel and smart. He is limited to the five senior boys as friends and doesn't talk to or date anyone. He never backs down from a fight and he never turns his back on his friends.

Zetsu – Senior class Valedictorian. He's smart, funny, good natured, kind hearted, and fierce in his beliefs. He will help you if he knocks your books to the floor but don't expect him to remember your name five minutes later.

Kakuzu – Senior class Treasurer. He's smart, built, strong, cold and distant. He has a head for numbers like no other and he will help you with anything money or number related, that of course does not in any way mean he wants to be friends.

Kisame – Senior class Clown. Yes every class has one and Kisame is your guy. He never takes life to serious and he never passes up a good joke. However if you make a joke about him or his friends he will put you in the hospital where you will be eating out of a tube for a while.

The bell rang and the doors opened. Students crowded as they walked into the high school. Konan ran while Deidara walked up to the doors wonder, while dragging a terrified Tobi with him, as Hidan cursed under his breath to any god who would listen, while Itachi walked in trying to fade into the background.