High School Adolescence – Epilogue

Graduation had approached quicker than any of them had anticipated. In three days the Seniors would be out of here. Hidan, Itachi, Konan, Deidara, and Tobi were sitting at a table in the courtyard. A million things were running through their minds. What if the older boys decided that they no longer wanted to be with lousy Freshmen? Scratch that. They would be Sophomores now.

Not that it made much difference. They would be here while the older boys would be in college. Oh the agony. They barely began to talk before the older boys showed up. Each one grabbing their significant other by the hand and taking them to different locations to be alone. Kakuzu took Hidan to his car and opened the door. Hidan slid in and wondered where they were going or if he would regret getting into the car.

Kakuzu slid in and pulled out of the parking lot. He drove them to a small café and they walked in and found a table in the back. Hidan's anxiety was killing him now. "So what are we doing here? Are you dumping me and this was the only place you could think to do it?" Hidan asked cautiously. Kakuzu grinned and shook his head.

"I told you I wasn't breaking up with you before and I meant it." Kakuzu said. Hidan humphed. "That doesn't mean you didn't change your mind." He said. Kakuzu reached across the table and took Hidan's hand in his. He pulled the fingers to his lips and kissed each one. "I brought you here because I wanted to make plans to see each other as often as possible while I am away at college." Kakuzu said. Hidan looked away solemnly. He hated the idea of Kakuzu leaving.

Kakuzu rolled his eyes. They had been through this several times as the end of the year approached. He didn't want to leave either but he knew there was no choice in the matter. His plans had been set before he and Hidan had become an item. He reached across the table and turned Hidan's face to him. Hidan jumped in surprise to see Kakuzu leaning practically laying across the table. Kakuzu kissed Hidan's lips tenderly and held his cheek for a long moment before sliding back into his seat.

Hidan smiled. Kakuzu smiled back. It didn't matter what was coming because they could handle it as long as Hidan knew that Kakuzu would always want him and would always reassure him when he needed it. Kakuzu too was thinking the same thing. All he wanted and all he needed was Hidan. Kakuzu considered himself lucky to have even found someone and he wasn't about to mess it up.

Sasori and Deidara sat by a tree in the park. Deidara wondered what this was about considering things had been going so well. "Deidara, I decided on a college close to home. It is only about an hour away from here. I want to be as close to you as you do to me." He said. Deidara stared at Sasori for what seemed like a decade. All of a sudden he jumped on top of Sasori and they rolled across the grass.

"Seriously, un? You really chose a college here to be with me still, un? I don't know what to say, Danna un." Deidara said with tears in his eyes. Sasori sat them both up and looked at Deidara with a smile. He knew he would be happy about it but he didn't know how happy he would be himself. Now he knew he had made the right decision. He kissed Deidara and pulled him between his legs to hold him.

"So what's with the Danna thing?" Sasori asked with a raise of a brow. Deidara blushed but giggled. "It means Master or Husband, un." Deidara replied as he gave Sasori a sheepish look. Sasori looked like he was about to have a coronary. "Master or Husband? Those are pretty powerful words Deidara." He said. Deidara smiled. "Yeah but that is what I think of you, un." Deidara said. Sasori thought for a moment. Neither one sounded so bad.

"Okay if you want me to be those things then I guess I will be. Just don't expect too much from me right now. I am just a guy." He said. Deidara turned and straddled Sasori's hips and kissed the red head. "I don't expect anything from you but to love me forever, un." Deidara said. Sasori kissed him back. "Now THAT I can do." Sasori said. They pulled apart and sat side by side to talk about their plans for the future.

Deidara was sure that he would be able to keep loving Sasori forever but he wondered if Sasori would really love him that long. College was a whole knew ball game and with all the potential out there it would be a miracle for him not to look at someone else. Deidara tried not to think that way because Sasori loved him right now and that was all that mattered to him. Sasori was thinking the same thing about Deidara.

What if some new boy showed up and Deidara couldn't resist him. What if Deidara fell out of love with Sasori because he was older? What if he just decided that Sasori isn't what he wanted anymore? There was a million and one possibilities running through Sasori's head but he kept in mind that Deidara loved him right now and that would have to be enough to get them through.

College or no college Sasori was bound and determined to make this work one way or another. He would find a way to keep his blond all to himself if it killed him and he only hoped that Deidara would always feel the same.

Zetsu and Tobi were sitting at their usual coffee shop. Tobi wondered what Zetsu had to say. This was the place Zetsu brought him when he needed to talk to Tobi and now Tobi wondered if Zetsu had changed his mind about him. Zetsu smiled warmly at Tobi. "Don't look so worried. I brought you here so I can be alone with you and we can just talk about our future together." Zetsu said. Tobi smiled back and sighed in relief.

Zetsu leaned across the little table and kissed Tobi softly. Tobi's heart soared as it always did when Zetsu kissed him. They had learned so much about each other. Tobi couldn't remember a time when he had ever been so happy. His confidence had grown this year and he was no longer the scared little boy he had been. Zetsu had taught him how to stand tall and keep his head held high. He owed Zetsu everything.

The first time that they had made love Tobi was certain he would back out and make excuses as to why he didn't go through with it. Only when the time came he was confident and ready and that had been Zetsu's plan all along. He had waited patiently and he never pushed Tobi into anything. Tobi was grateful to Zetsu for everything he had done for him.

Now sitting in the coffee shop Zetsu reached into his pocket and pulled out his class ring. He had been wanting to give it to Tobi all year but he wanted it to be real and forever before he made that choice. Tobi's eyes began to tear up and a smile warmed his lips as Zetsu slid the ring onto Tobi's left ring finger. It fit like it was made for him. "Tobi, I want you to be my Husband after you graduate High school. I want us to live together and be together always." Zetsu said.

Tobi slid from his seat and walked over to Zetsu's stool. The seats were high so they were facing each other perfectly. Tobi wrapped his arms around Zetsu's neck. He kissed Zetsu softly and Zetsu deepened the kiss. A soft moan escaped Tobi's lips and it was time to take this somewhere else. Zetsu grabbed Tobi's hand and led him to his car. He drove to an alley way and parked in the back of a building that was under construction.

No one would be bothering them as they christened there engagement. Clothes were shed and I love you was spoken over and over as the two made love. Tobi was a different person but he was the same in a way too. The only thing that hadn't changed for him was his love of Zetsu. He was glad that had lingered because now he and Zetsu would be together for the rest of their lives. Tobi had no more doubts about weather Zetsu loved him.

Zetsu too found confidence in his relationship with Tobi. They were made for each other and that he was certain. So no matter what barrier came their way they would conquer it together.

Kisame and Itachi were sitting on Kisame's sofa. Kisame had decided on community college. Nothing would change for them. Kisame would still live at his apartment and Itachi would continue to stay over. It had been a fight to the bitter end with Itachi when Kisame had told him he had decided on community college. Itachi claimed that he was so much better than that.

Kisame knew that was probably true but he had never wanted to go to some major college and the thought of leaving the state and not being able to check on his mom and see Itachi was too much. He could still get what he needed from college by doing community college and he could accomplish his other task as well. That was keeping Itachi to himself and away from anyone dumb enough to try and take him from him.

He had become the jealous over possessive boyfriend and Itachi liked it that way. Itachi wasn't a cute defenseless little kitten either. No one dared look at Kisame unless they wanted to die a brutal death. Neither had anticipated the depth of their feelings would be so intense. Kisame couldn't stand not seeing Itachi for one day and Itachi couldn't stand not talking to Kisame at least twice maybe three times a day.

Not to mention sex between them was explosive. It was as though someone was throwing gasoline onto an already roaring fire. Itachi would never admit it but the emotion behind it always brought him to tears in the throws of passion but by the same token Kisame was always right there with him. Never before had their ever been something so powerful happening for either of them until they found each other.

The words I love you were never used carelessly. They took their relationship seriously and to Itachi they were already as good as married and Kisame couldn't wait for the day when he could actually marry Itachi and live with him every single day of his life. Itachi had already started moving some stuff into Kisame's apartment and was making it his home as well. Kisame loved it. He was walking on air every time Itachi staked out a spot in the apartment for something of his own.

They had even begun buying things for the two of them. Kisame made decisions based on his conversations with Itachi. Itachi was level headed and logical. He was smart and he was mature. It made things easy for them to talk about things that were important. Like Kisame wanting to get a kitten. Itachi was adamant about it because the kitten might get ignored. Kisame argued that they would love it so much that it wouldn't get ignored at all.

Itachi finally agreed and they were thinking of names and what kind of cat to get and making sure to list everything it would need. Kisame was a happy camper as they walked out the door to go shopping and Kitten hunting.

Pein and Konan were sitting on a rock by the lake. It was more of a giant pond but it worked to Pein's advantage. He had wanted to bring Konan out here to ask her something. Konan wasn't sure what could be so important that he wanted to bring her here where no one would hear them but here they were.

"Konan I have been thinking about something. I know that you are young but I also know that you love me and I love you. I know we didn't start out that way and we had a couple of fights that should have ended things but I believe we are meant to be. Konan I want you to run away with me tonight." Pein said looking her dead in the eye.

Konan sat stunned for a matter of five minutes before things began to register. "What about college? What about School for me? I would be an illegal drop out and you would miss going to college." She said. Pein smiled softly. "Yeah I can go to college anytime and I would find a way to get you the schooling you need to graduate high school. I just don't want to have to wait to be together. That's all." He said and sat on the rock next to her.

Konan took his hand in hers. She held his fingers and traced the knuckles. She stared at the class ring on his hand and her heart burst with excitement. "Okay. Let's do it. Let's get out of here tonight. I will pack a few things and you can grab what you need and we will split. You're going to miss graduation too though." She said feeling guilty. He looked at her. "I don't care. I have already graduated. My family will get my diploma and we will be gone." He said with a smile.

"This is crazy." She said with a laugh. He nodded. "It is but it's right. You'll see." He said and they stood up to leave. He drove her home and then drove to his own house. He went up to his room and gathered a few clothes and odds and ends of things. He pulled the bag off from under his bed and opened it. He had been saving money all year and now it would come in handy. He walked downstairs and left his parents a quick note.

He drove to Konan's and she was waiting for him on the sidewalk. She climbed inside and they drove out of town. "Where are we going?" She asked. He smiled and slid her closer. "Anywhere you want to. We are free and we can go where ever the road takes us or we can pick a destination." He said. Konan thought for a moment. She looked at him and laughed. "Let's see where we end up." She said and he smiled. They held hands and made it to the next town as the sun was setting.

Graduation day was here and the Seniors wore their caps and gowns. Konan had left a note for the boys and the older boys had gotten one from Pein. They were shocked but happy for them. The graduation ceremony commenced and everyone knew they were going to be okay.