Ok this is my first Cat Retunes story and second story on here though thinking about taking that one down since I'm not doing that good and I have forgotten all I wanted to do with it though I still might continue it. Well here I go.

Chapter One: Loss

Two months after the fall of the Cat King.

In a dark room in a vast estate a sob is heard. The sound coming from a lump on the bed centered in the middle of the room. No light enters this room except when the door is opened, and we are here just in time to see this as someone enters the room. The figure walks in with a candle to light the way and as the glow illuminates their face we see it's the face of a dark mocha cat.

The cat moves closer to the lump on the bed and places a tray with food on a nearby table. The cat then moves closer to the lump and starts to try and get its attention.

"Miss Kuwa you need to get up and eat something. It's not healthy to stay in bed like this all the time and some food will do you some good."

Another cats head pops out from under the covers to stare at the mocha cat with disdain, "I was kidnapped from my home to be forced into a marriage and I can never go back because I'm a cat now, on top that if I don't do as my new husband says I will be locked in this room until I do and I can't get out of this marriage because you guys don't have divorce and you want me to eat and survive to prolong my own suffering.

The mocha cat just looked at the coffee cream colored cat sadly as she retrieved a first aid kid from next to the bed and pulled back the covers to tend to her leg, "We don't wish to prolong your suffering Miss Kuwa, we only hope to make you more comfortable and to protect you from our masters insanity. We are all sorry that we could not prevent the damage he did to your leg." The mocha cat finished cleaning and bandaging said leg.

"But why me. What did I ever do to get that madman's attention?"

"Nothing Miss Kuwa, you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The master chose you just to spit his son and everyone involved in him losing his titles."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"No one knows dear but you aren't the first human brought here to be a bride."

"Really?" Kuwa asked intrigued that there might be someone else here like her.

"Well to tell you the truth the real reason the Cat King of our kingdom had to give up the throne was because of a girl he tried to force into marrying into the royal family. She was supposed to be for the prince and was presented the marriage offer as a reward for saving him but it was found that that he already had a sweet heart and proposed to her shortly after returning. The Cat King then offered to marry her instead and even said that he would turn her back into a human if she did. Well needles to say she handed him his dignity verbally and ran for the exit. While she ran some friends of hers hand the Cat King's dignity to him physically when during a sword fight he was shaved."

Kuwa stared slack jawed and disbelievingly at the mocha cat, "You're kidding."

The cat just giggled at seeing that the story was bringing life back into the girl, "No I'm not and because of her we all know where to go if we need help of the direst form. We just need to go to the human world and look for the lady Haru." The mocha cat looked thoughtful for a moment then pulled out a pendant and gave it to Kuwa, "If you ever need help desperately and are in the human world that will turn you into a human for five hours but after that it will need twenty four hours to recharge."

Kuwa took it thank fully and put it around her neck, "Thank you for everything um…"

"Coco and if you need anything Miss Kuwa just ask me ok?"

"Um actually could I get some cloths, I may be a cat but I still have a humans mind set."

"Of course dear I'll get that for you right now and if you need anything while I'm gone just ask Jonathan, he's right outside the door."

"Thanks, oh and Coco."

"Yes Miss Kuwa?"

"Could you just call me Kuwa. All my friends do and I do hope to be your friend."

Coco just smiled at the trapped girl, "Of course Kuwa." And with that she left in search of some cloths.

Three years later.

A black cat with white on his feet, tail tip and muzzle ran down the corridor to the room that belonged to the lady of the house. As he got closer her could hear sobbing coming from within and quicken his steps. When he got to the door he didn't even bother knocking and just threw open the door. He paused in horror at the site before him.

The lady Kuwa was kneeling on the ground crying her eyes out in a torn up dress but that wasn't what made him stop cold; no what made him stop cold was the cold lifeless body of his sister Coco lying in a puddle of her own blood.

He staggered in and fell to his knees at his sister's side. Taking her hand he looked up at the woman beside his sister, "Kuwa, what happened?"

The sobbing cat woman looked up at him as if seeing him for the first time while trying to stop crying long enough to answer him, "H-he told us what he p-planes to do with my unb-born child and Ccoco didn't ap-prove and he killed her. He k-killed her Jonathan because she d-didn't approve. And if do anyth-thing against him he said he'll k-kill it to."

Jonathan couldn't believe what he heard. Their master had killed his sister because she disagreed with him. He thought his master was over that petty side of his. As the disbelief settled another thought came to his head.

"Kuwa what did he say he was going to use your child for?" She just shook her head and didn't answer him. Jonathan reached over to grab her by her Shoulders and lightly shaker to get her attention again, "Come on Kuwa what is planning for your unborn child?"

She whispered what his master was planning and Jonathans eyes just widened at the prospect. It was purely crazy and proved that his master had fallen into the depth of insanity.

Thinking quickly he reached over again and ripped the rest of Kuwa's cloths off to which she gave a cry of protest.

"Kuwa I'm sending you to the human world and you can't be running around in cloths there." He explained as he set up a portal.

That stopped her protest about her cloths but started up a new one. "You can't Jonathan. He'll find out and kill you to." He quickly quieted her by placing his paw up to her mouth.

He smiled at her as he turned to continue setting up the portal, "If you stay he will hurt you and you are a sister to me, besides Coco would want you to leave and if you get hurt her death would be in vain. I'll hold them off here and distract them, you need to find lady Haru and get help. Also if at all possible see if she can get a warning to the king if at all possible. Master I fear will try something drastic and who knows what that will be. Now go before it's too late."

Kuwa nodded as she stepped up to the portal but before she jumped through she turned and hugged Jonathan fiercely, "Be careful." And with that she turned and stepped through the portal.

He turned away and headed out the door determined to help her as much as possible. 'Don't worry Kuwa I won't die and leave you alone. It just might take me a while to find you again. May the wind guide and protect you as the earth nurtures and shelters you.'

He continued down the hall to his masters meeting room and entered. He looked towards his master sitting behind the screen room divider designed with koi fish swimming on it.

"Did you bring the girl?" he asked Jonathan.

"No master I didn't and I will never do so again. You have gone mad and it is my duty to stop you any way possible."

"WHAT? You dare to defy me you low life? Guards size him." He shouted in rage forgetting that Jonathan was his best solider and could take any of the guards down. He kept up the act of fighting for a good ten minutes before jumping to a window.

"Sir you will not find her as easily as you did before and if I have anything to do with it you will never succeed." He announced as he was just about to jump across to the other side of the cliff this side of the manor was built on. Just as he was about to jump one of the newer guards jumped and tackled him and they both went tumbling down the cliff that sported a tiny river hundreds of feet down.

The master just smirked as he watched them fall, "Let's see you stop anyone when you're dead. Guards," he commanded as he turned around, "Go and search for my wife in the human world. That fool wouldn't have left her in our kingdom and I have great planes for her."

As they left he turned back to the window with an evil grin. Oh yes he had so many planes for his wife after he punished her.

That's it for chapter one. Please give me feed back and if anyone can figure out what Kuwa is you get a cookie. It's relevant.