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"Ninetales! Use flamethrower!"

The Ninetales belonging to the enthusiastic female human roared and opened his mouth to unleash his attack.

"Umbreon! Dodge it!"

Silvermist, or Umbreon as his master called him, lowered his head and focused on the Ninetales. He certainly hoped he could dodge this attack. If he didn't and he lost the battle his master would beat him again.

Ninetales aimed and shot a hot stream of fire at the dark-type Pokemon. Silvermist jumped to the right and just barely missed being burned.

"Try again, Ninetales!"

Silvermist winced. He was already badly injured, and he didn't know if he could continue dodging attacks. He always had a difficult time battling, since his master never let him be healed after battles, or the beatings. His master said it would make him get stronger, but the Umbreon never felt stronger, he only felt weaker. But his master could not be wrong. Silvermist must be stupid. His master said he was stupid too.

Ninetales unleashed a barrage of flamethrower attacks, and Silvermist did his best to dodge them.

Right. Left. Left again.

"Umbreon! Quick attack!" his master screamed.

"Ninetales! Use take-down!" the female human yelled.

Silvermist lowered his head and charged. Ninetales prepared to use take-down.

Silvermist was confident that he would hit the Ninetales first. But his confidence disappeared as he felt a sharp pain in his right front paw. Silvermist knew that the wound had opened up again. His master had punished him for losing to a Pikachu yesterday.

Silvermist yelped in pain and tripped. His head hit the ground and he slid a few feet, cutting himself in a few places during the process.

He tried to get up and attack the Ninetales, but suddenly something slammed into him. He was knocked harshly into the air and slammed into a rock.

Silvermist slid down to the base of the rock. He felt dizzy. Blood was seeping out of the cut on his paw. His back and chest felt wet. He knew he must be bleeding in those places too.

Silvermist tried to get up. He couldn't. A sharp blade of fear ripped through his chest. His master would be mad. He would be punished. His master tried to make him strong, but Silvermist was a stupid weak Pokemon. He couldn't do anything right. Then Silvermist felt ashamed. He didn't win many battles. He made his master look bad. Silvermist knew that he was a bad Pokemon. He was such a bad Pokemon.

Silvermist was vaguely aware of the female trainer congratulating her Ninetales and recalling it.

Now she was walking away.

A dark shadow covered him. It was his master.

Silvermist felt his master grab him roughly by the scruff of his neck. He held back his yelp of pain. He knew his master didn't like it when Silvermist cried out.

His master carried him into the forest. It was time for his punishment.

The next thing Silvermist knew was that he was in pain.

His master had thrown him into a tree.

Silvermist cried out and his master began to yell at him.

He didn't know some of the words his master was screaming, but he understood "stupid, weak Pokemon", "pathetic", "bad Pokemon", and "loser".

Then his master stomped over to him. Silvermist cried out in pain every time his master kicked him.

He felt something inside of him break.

Blood was seeping out of his body.

Silvermist was sobbing in pain now, but he knew he deserved it. He was a bad Pokemon, after all. Bad Pokemon had to be punished.

His master grabbed a stick and started to beat him.

Silvermist screamed as the stick smashed down on his head.

He coughed up some blood. He wasn't surprised. He was broken inside.

Everything was spinning now. Silvermist couldn't focus. His master was still beating him. The pain was too much. He couldn't take much more.

He screamed again as his master slammed his foot down on one of Silvermist's paws.

He felt it snap, and he knew he wouldn't be walking for a while.

Blood was everywhere now.

Silvermist was too weak to even scream now.

He whimpered as his master stomped on his broken paw a few times.

Then his master walked away. Silvermist knew that he was going to come back after a while, though.

Silvermist couldn't understand why he could not be strong.

He was such a bad Pokemon.

He was weak.

He was stupid.

He master deserved a better Pokemon than him.

Silvermist was still dizzy from all the pain, and his vision was blurry.

He saw a dark figure coming towards him.

Was it his master?

No, Silvermist realized. It was another human.

He knew the human had spotted him because he suddenly stopped. The human ran to Silvermist and knelt down beside him. Silvermist could now make out that this human was male.

The human had a Pokemon with him, but Silvermist couldn't make out what it was.

The human took something out of his bag and began to spray Silvermist with it.

The pain began to lessen, he paw began to heal, his insides stopped hurting, and his vision became clearer. Silvermist realized that the human was using some sort of potion on him.

Soon Silvermist was fully healed. He managed to sit up and look at the human. He had brownish-red hair. The Pokemon beside him was an Umbreon, like him.

"Are you okay, now?" the human asked.

Silvermist was just about to reply, when he saw his master coming.

He backed into the tree behind him. He knew that his master would be angry.

His master and the human were yelling at each other.

Silvermist was scared.

While his master and the human were arguing, the human's Umbreon walked over to him.

Why did your trainer hurt you like that?

I lost a battle.


Silvermist became confused. Why didn't the other Umbreon understand?

Suddenly his master cried out. The human had punched him in the face.

Now Silvermist was even more confused. Why was the human hurting his master?

Silvermist knew that his master would want him to fight the human now, but he didn't dare do anything unless his master ordered him to.

Silvermist didn't move as he watched the human call out his Arcanine. The human had his Arcanine chase away his master.

Silvermist was trembling now. He had no idea what to do. He was scared. His master was not here. The human had made his master go away.

The human walked over to where Silvermist was.

"You'll be okay now. He won't hurt you again."

The human knelt down then began to stroke Silvermist's head.

It was nice. His master had never treated Silvermist like this. His master had only given him pain, but this human was making him feel happy.

But then, the human withdrew his hand. Silvermist looked up at the human, confused.

The human smiled down at him, then turned around and started to walk away with his own Umbreon and his Arcanine.

Silvermist watched as the human disappeared from view.

That human had made him happy.

His master had made him feel scared.

He didn't understand. Were all humans different? He had always been with his master, ever since he hatched from his egg. He had thought that all humans were like his master, but now he knew that that was wrong.

Maybe some humans were nice, like the one who had helped him.

Silvermist wanted to know if that was true.

He had to find a Pokemon that knew the answer.

That's all for now, but there's more to come.