I'm SORRY for the super, SUPER long wait in between updates. I can't be bothered because my interest in the fandom has dwindled almost completely. However, I do feel compelled to finish what I start, especially when I have such an amazing audience. I suppose this'll be the last chapter. I know. I'm just as sad as you guys.

I wish I was inclined to write more, and I do sincerely apologize for the hideously short length of this chapter.

"So, Stan and Kyle are definitely still making out upstairs." Sawyer announced as he descended into the basement. Most of the lights were off, and the majority of the party was lazing miscellaneously over the floor and furniture.

"Sluts," Marissa commented in a tone that was far from malicious. "Are Eric and Kelsey still up there, too?"

"Nobody told me this was a make out party..." Clyde remarked.

"Ha! You wish." Ellie retorted. She was sitting on the floor against the side of the couch, and Wendy, who was uncharacteristically quiet, was resting her head against Ellie's shoulder. Discreetly, I managed to get a shot of it. Which was actually kind of lucky, because Wendy sat up a few minutes after.

Ellie turned to her ebony-haired companion. "You okay?"

Wendy's gaze was focused on the Saxony carpeted floor. "I'm fine," She said dejectedly.

"You wanna talk about it, or…?" Ellie spoke, sounding indifferent but supportive.

"I'm fine," Wendy repeated, the words tumbling out of her mouth quicker than they had before. "I'm okay," she insisted when Ellie pulled her into an awkward side-hug. "Stan can do what he wants, we're broken up."

"I'm sorry," Ellie offered.

"I'm not," Wendy whispered, almost erotically, and I turned my attention elsewhere.

Elsewhere being Sarah, who had apparently been inquiring about my brother for the past five minutes.

"Oh, um. Probably still upstairs, impervious to all the gay." I answered. "Or still distracted by Eric's TV." Figures.

"Hot damn!" I turned to see Clyde's encouraging grin aimed at Ellie and Wendy. "It is a make-out party!"

"Dude, Clyde, not cool. Give them some privacy!" Marissa scolded.

So much kissing was actually beginning to make me uncomfortable. "…I'm going to get a soda." I announced, and ambled up the stairs.

Eric's living room was dark, and I switched on a light so I wouldn't trip on my way to the kitchen. In the hallway, Stan and Kyle had fallen asleep, facing each other, and had somehow been covered with a blanket. Although they were dozing on the floor, someone at least had the decency to make sure they wouldn't freeze. How sweet. I snapped a picture.

Shitty, unresolved ending. I'M SORRY, EVERYONE. I'm seriously like, so sorry. I wish I could have ended this better, but I just can't be bothered.