All characters © Amano Akira

Summary: The Guardians of the Vongola react differently to the same things, each in their own, unique way.

Action and Reaction, the Guardians


Since ninety-nine percent of the mafia's population was male, hugs were a rarity. The handful of female persons which included Bianchi, Oregano, Luce, and Lal Mirch were not exactly what you'd call the touchy-feely type. And between the men, any physical contact besides close-range combat earned you a reputation as a homosexual bastard.

However the ones with those reputations rarely kept it, since the ones receiving the contact never found the heart to keep the rumor going.

Gokudera would splutter whenever Haru squeezed him around the middle and push her away, protesting loudly that he didn't need such things. Haru just didn't seem to get the message, and continued to "glomp" him whenever she was particularly enthusiastic about something. Or maybe, Gokudera was coming to realize, as an unseen smile tinctured his features, she had understood the message a long time ago and he was the one who hadn't.

Hibari didn't like people touching him. It was just a fact: there was no need for physical contact in the world of animals besides killing and fornicating. No one dared lay a hand on him, despite the fact that his austere and small-boned form looked somehow incredibly lonely and pitiful. The only people who had attempted to hug him, with success, were Chrome and Kyoko--for reasons circling around the need to thank him for helping Tsuna with something or another. A look of surprise would cross his face as their arms wrapped around his thin shoulders, and he would wait patiently for them to break away. Hibari's justification for not biting them to death on the spot with the cool steel of his tonfa was only because he didn't like to use violence on women, that was all. It wasn't as if he liked it or anything.

Ipin didn't hug very often, since her culture respected personal space and its boundaries. Lambo, however, was rather clingy and practically gave out a "hug me" aura every time he was stressed about one thing or another. Ipin didn't usually give in to his light emerald puppy-eyed look, but when she did she her embraces were soft and warm, not angular or limp. Sadly she was the only one who ever bothered to hug Lambo, as he had no parents or local family, so he came to treasure her touch.

Yamamoto returned the hugs given to him, embracing them fully. He was always the warmest of the guardians, if not the slightest bit perverted (though he kept this latter fact to himself). Since he spent most of his time with the mafia and its men nowadays, the testosterone proved to be a little overwhelming. Could one blame him for wanting to feel a nice female body pressed against his own?

Ryohei reacted in a similar way to Gokudera when hugged. The only difference was that Ryohei turned pinker than a strawberry, making his flaxen-colored hair stand even whiter against his florid face. Hugs from Kyoko were alright, since she was blood, but he always treated hugs from Hana, Chrome, or Haru extremely awkwardly. Sometimes he would pat their heads, not sure of what to do, and smile crookedly before hastily making an exit of some sort.

Mukuro was all about invading personal space. He was not a man of lewd mien, but he had no respect for boundaries, mental or physical. The Vendice had never respected his with all of those experiments, so Mukuro was under the impression that it was alright to treat other people in the same manner. But despite this, strangely enough, he shied away from genuine gestures of affection. He didn't mind the glomps from Ken or even the reluctant touches of Chrome; those were quotidian occurrences. It was rare that someone other than those two presented him with a heartfelt hug, but it had happened once or twice. In those instances Mukuro would stiffen, laugh his quiet laugh, and brush off the gesture. He told himself, it's normal; who wouldn't want to hug me? and quickly busied himself with something else, hands idly fidgeting with the ends of his ponytail.

You would think he'd splutter. That was generally Sawada Tsunayoshi's default reaction to anything new and unknown. The flailing, the stuttering, the little exclamation of "Hee!"-- Tsuna knew how to freak out from years of experience. So no one expected anything different when Kyoko gave him her first hug. Even Kyoko. But on the contrary, Tsuna had smiled winsomely and reached up a hand to cup her hair in. It was Kyoko who came closest to losing it then, and she felt herself growing red. Tsuna didn't mind; he merely gave her shoulders a squeeze and broke away, thanking her again.

It wasn't that his inner-Tsuna wasn't jumping for joy then, for he was. Tsuna just had to show his family that he was growing up, acting responsibly, taking charge. Besides, Kyoko's embrace had not come as a surprise. He already knew that she cared for him and he fully returned the love, his love for them all, with feelings so strong that no hug could engender.