Hi guys, I'm back! The exams are FINALLY over so: I have, as it so seems, decided to pen another fiction down. This is the sequel to Dark Hours, where we left Natalie Velde in the hands of the handsome vampirate called Jez Stukeley. She's doing well, but will that last?

Special thanks to Shadowhunter4life and Ashton, who showed enthusiasm and pretty much helped me that way. Anyways, here's a short summary of what happened in the earlier fic:

A 15 year old girl gets kidnapped by the crew of the BLOOD CAPTAIN. Though she's completely unaware of her heritage, she's killed and reborn. The dark mystery and horror envelopes the girl's life as she's rescued by her vampire brother and our favorite Vampirate Captain from the NOCTURNE….one thing more, her journey didn't end there. You have to read the fic to know the whole story, obviously.

*The half-vampire children are a new species to control the seas. Vampirates are going DOWN… (The bad ones obviously)

A Note to my readers:

If you dislike horror and blood and murder, and if you happen to be a heart patient, please watch out. This's gonna be a bumpy ride! And I'd appreciate your feed back anytime. Any questions, suggestions, I'll be happy to answer. Thanks!

P.S. I hate Twilight. So don't think I'm gonna turn my story into that crap.

Hope you enjoy my work.

CHAPTER ONE: The Beginning

The soft golden rays of the dying sun painted the sky gold and the rippling waves of the sea red. The colors melted into each other, and one could not appreciate its beauty enough. The peace could make you sleep for ever. Various scents wafting from the sea itself made it easier to breathe.

Sea birds flew in the sky as the light slowly faded, and a young girl watched them with awe. The gentle breeze toyed with her long, dark hair, and her eyes changed colors as she watched. It seemed as if she could fly with those birds, for ever free. The gentle waves reflected her as she looked down and saw her own reflection down below the deck. She frowned, fingering at the delicate necklace around her slender white neck. Then her pale cheeks suddenly flushed and she looked up at the magnificent sky. She couldn't look at herself at the moment, or she would…loose control over herself…

The wind picked up speed and ruffled her hair. Her long white dress flapped around her legs as she sighed quietly, leaning again the rail once more. Apart from her, there was no one on the deck. Sometimes she wished that they were up with her during the day-it was so beautiful, just like a fairy tale.

But her life wasn't a fairy tale. Not anymore. When she'd been first thrown head first into a tunnel of reality, she'd thought that she'd never make it. She had, and she wasn't really sure how, but she sure loved how all had turned out into.

The cold wind brushed her cheeks and she closed her eyes, and faintly she could hear a beautiful, deep voice of a woman slowly singing. Her voice carried through the ocean like a slow, soft symphony that touched your heart. It was unearthly and perfect, and could put you in a trance for ever, if you listened to it.

She was always curious from where it came from. She'd listened to this soothing voice for eons and she'd never found the source. Someday, she was positive that she would and that would change her life for ever.

Change. Like the dark paint colors were converted into lighter ones if you mixed some water, or when the winter magically transformed into spring. Her life had changed so much. If she could go back through the time to tell herself how happy and contented she was now.

A loud splash caught her attention. The girl was startled; she tried to squint at the surface of the clear blue water, trying to see what had disturbed it. She could see a murky shape; vaguely like…a bottle…

Who'd thrown a bottle down there? There was no one up with her…


She jumped slightly at the harsh voice, but didn't turn to see the speaker. It was time for her to return the wonderful sunset because they were waking up…

"Hurry, girl.", the lean-muscled man barked at her. He had a rather cruel face. There was a glint of anger and hunger in his eyes as he stared at her. "You wouldn't want the Captain to lose you"

The girl hurried down the staircase, her long hair flying behind her. All around her, she could hear the strange dry groans and creaking floorboards as the creatures woke up from their deathly slumber. She wasn't really afraid of them, but they still made her uneasy. She was a misfit among them after all.

The girl had nearly reached her room when a door suddenly opened and a white hand reached out. Before she had any time to scream, she was pulled sharply in the cabin of some Vampirate.

She was so dead.

Grace Tempest was having the time of her life. The slender glass was between her delicate fingers as she watched and cheered along with her fellow Nocturners, as the two lean lads stepped out on the clear part of the deck again

"Thanks to all my lovely fans!" Lorcan Furey yelled, his thin face flushed as the crowd acknowledged him.

The other lad beside him bowed slightly, grinning.

"One more time, please!" a request came flying at them.

"Yeah, you two have the same frequencies or what ever. Do it again!"

"That was awesome!"

"Yeah, go on, Lorcan!" Grace added, smiling widely at her friend. "That dance you did was great"

Lorcan turned towards her and bowed.

"If the Lady says it, it will be my pleasure", he said, grinning.

A few faces turned towards her and she reddened. But she merely smiled again. The people returned their attention towards the two guys in the middle.

And then the dance began. The two boys moved their feet in a special rhythm. Their combat boots contacted with the wood of the deck, making a well known Celtic music. It may be difficult for a human if they hadn't had any practice for certain hundred years, but these boys were not exactly what you can call a human. They had all probably lived for centuries. They did look normal and all-if you got over the fact that how pale they all were and how their eyes shone with emotion. They did eat normal food-but not always. The normal mortal food was just given to keep their temptations in check. Their real diet wasn't a real diet at all. It was blood. It was all they needed. Blood made them strong, healthy and powerful. It made them fast and resistant to all types of sickness. Though they looked like ordinary pirates-they were Vampirates. They were the ones who sailed through the unsheltered waters in search of blood, not gold.

They lived like mortals. They even acted like mortals, like now.

Lorcan Furey was entertaining the crew of the Nocturne (the name of the ship) with a dance he'd learned when he was alive as a human. The boy along side him was only a year older than him and was from the same land as his mate. They had rediscovered their talent only a few hours ago and the crew instantly loved it.

It was a nice night, windy and starry. Grace wished she could sleep here under the millions of other worlds instead of her usual bed in her old cabin. But the Vampirates owned the deck from dusk till the dawn and there was possibly no chance. It would've helped if Lorcan had been kinder and had chased all of them away. But considering that he himself was one of them, it would be difficult. On the other hand, the enigmatic Vampirate Captain wouldn't have approved either.

Oh, well.

She returned her attention to the two boys whose legs moved so fast that they were almost a blur, while their upper torsos moved differently. The music of their feet on the deck was beautiful, almost-barbaric, like a war song or something. She watched as the boys leapt in the air-now that was something new-toss themselves in the air as if there was no effect of gravity upon them, and then landed crisply back down again. The crowd appalled even more loudly.

The people wanted another performance, but they turned deaf to their requests. The older boy slumped down, his back leaning against the rail as he breathed deeply and laughed at the same time.

Lorcan waved off the requests and pleas and went over to Grace.

"You liked it?" he asked softly, his deep blue eyes almost luminous in the semi-darkness. Grace nodded.

"It was amazing"



He smiled slowly, though not really convinced. He ran a white, long fingered hand through his midnight black hair which was now short. Grace didn't know how he knew that she didn't like his hair longer. She kept her secrets to herself. Well, most of them, anyway.

"Mmmhmm." Grace sighed, smiling. Lorcan hesitated a bit at something, and when she tried to hug him, he took a small step back.

"Is something wrong?" she finally asked, disappointed.

"Er-no. I mean, Grace…I've been thinking and…" he stopped again, looking at their feet. Grace saw a little frown appear on his forehead.

"Hey, guys! Guys!" a voice behind them yelled. Grace turned to see her second best friend, Darcy Flotsam, running towards them. She was probably in a good mood because she kept smiling even when one of the lads stepped back and stepped on her foot accidentally. When Darcy finally reached them, Lorcan forgot what he was saying, and so did Grace.

"What's up, Darce?"

"A new…Vampirate…on our ship" she huffed.

"You mean Kenyon?" Lorcan smiled faintly. Kenyon was Jez Stukeley's deputy, and Darcy's Mr. Jetsam. Having killed by rogue Vampirates in the streets of Las Vegas, he had been stuck at twenty three for about two decades. He was a young one, as Jez often called him, but was a very quick learner.

"Oh, no" Darcy retorted happily, smoothing down her famous bob. "He's coming to visit me later in this week. No, I mean another fellow passenger!"

"Why are you so excited then?"

Darcy's dark eyes widened, and she probably thought Lorcan was nuts, because she turned away from him.

"Grace, you're going to love him" she exclaimed. "He's such a gentleman. He's a Young One like Ken, though he hasn't been to the Sanctuary yet, he's got really good control over himself. He isn't wild at all" She eyed Lorcan.

Lorcan snorted.

"So you're going to forget Kenyon?" he asked, amused.

"Oh, of course not, silly" she mocked his expression.

"Really?" Grace said. "You look kind of…I don't know. Dazzled"

Darcy grinned at both of them and put her hands on her hips.

"I'm perfectly normal, thank you" she said crisply. "Now, Grace dear, will you follow me? And you too, Mister Furey, if you can behave yourself. I want to introduce you to the fine man"

Lorcan rolled his eyes at the sky before following the two girls to the Captain's cabin. Darcy knocked at the door and they waited before they heard the door open and the Vampirate Captain appeared in the door way.

He was a tall and rather thin man, and none of his features were revealed because he wore a leather mask. His hair was concealed by a captain's hat, and he wore gloves.

"Ah. I assume you three want to welcome our new guest?" The captain spoke softly, and each of his word was audible.

"Yes, Captain" Darcy took the lead. "I saw him arrive, and fetched these two on the way to greet him. Is he up for meeting us?"

"Yes" came a voice behind the Captain. The Captain opened the door wider and a man appeared in the view. He wore rather shabby clothes, and old, worn sailor boots.

And Grace kept staring at him.

He was surrounded by golden light. Or at least it looked like it to her. His hair was golden, and his eyes were beautiful. He didn't even look like a Vampirate. He was tall, and lean, almost like…a lion. She cast her eyes down ward, flushing. Beside her, Lorcan scowled.

"I think I know you." He said curtly.

"No. I don't think so." The man retorted, his mouth curling into a laid-back smile.

Darcy smiled at him, and then began to introduce them all. First she held out her own small hand.

"I'm Darcy Flotsam," She said brightly. "The ship's figurehead."

"Ah," the man breathed, smiling again. "Nice to meet you."

"This is Grace Tempest." Grace smiled widely, feeling a fresh flush creep onto her cheeks as the handsome man grinned back at her, and took her hand in his own.

"Charming," the man said. His golden eyes were ringed with gray. God, he was so good-looking.

"And I'm Lorcan Furey," Lorcan said sharply, and Grace tore her gaze away from the new crewmate. What was up with him? Why was Lorcan acting so coldly towards the man? "I'm the lieutenant here."

"I won't get in any trouble," the man smiled politely. If he noticed Lorcan's strange behavior, he chose to ignore it. "My Name is Leonardo Zeus. You can call me Leo."

"It suits your name." Grace spoke up for the first time, smiling and reddening to the extreme. Lorcan made an irritated noise.

"Well, Darcy can show you your new room," he said. "Gracie, I wanted to ask you---"

"Don't be ridiculous, Lorcan," Grace interrupted. "I'll go with Darce. You can always tell me later."

And she took Leo's arm and began to lead him away. Lorcan watched them, angry and rather hurt.

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