Fio's Amazing Family Reunion and Vacation

YES! Another fan fiction established! Amazing, isn't it? This is all thanks to the fact I am done college and waiting for exams which are coming in a few days or so, but in the meantime, I've got plenty of spare time, and since there's pretty much nothing really to do of interest around my college campus, I'm wasting my spare time away making yet another Metal Slug fan fiction story instead of studying…eh, who cares, studying never helped! You either know the stuff, or don't know it at all. I'm done my first year of college anyways!

Well, enough with that bullshit. This time, I'm featuring a humorous (in the perspective of most people anyways) story about Fio's family reunion. But this time, she's invited the rest of the team, including her partner, Eri, along with her two male compatriots, Marco and Tarma, and let's not forget the two US Marines that joined the team not so long ago, Leon and Flynn, on an all-expenses paid vacation and a stay at her father's very own mansion!

I'm somewhat taking a break from my other stories, so please bear with me. Sorry this one-shot story is extremely long-I didn't know if I should've broken it down or not, as I wanted to make it a grand presentation as one of the biggest one-shot fictions I've ever created. In the end, I had to cut it up into 2 parts, as this one-shot has over 30,000 words in total!

Part 2 will be up sometime tomorrow.

Like always, I don't own any characters in this fic. Save for the one under the alias of Leon Chan. Everyone else belongs to SNK Playmore and ID Software.

That's all I have to say. Enjoy!

Global Defense Alliance Headquarters, the Pentagon, Washington DC

Another lovely day, yet another boring day of assignments…Leon slammed his head on the desk in frustration as he realized that the beautiful afternoon could have gone to something else far more entertaining, such as going for a swim, a stroll in the park, boxing practice with his other military friends, or even better, hanging out at the local mall's arcade and wasting his time away with a game of Street Fighter with his best buds. But no…he was stick in his office doing assignments! He observed a flock of pigeons fly by his window and sighed in despair and boredom.

We could've planned a trip to Miami or California days ago, but instead…bah!

Taking a quick glance at the massive, endless piles of papers, he realized the reports were supposedly done by the other SPARROWS employees. What puzzled him was why were these assignments thrown at him, a US Marine, who wasn't an intelligence unit? After all, they were the supporting muscles for most assaults, but now they were giving things to do that required brains and patience-and he had neither in his battle scarred body.

He picked the sticky note on the report and looked at it. The small yellow strip was scribbled with the following words: "Reports are 7 months overdue. Cause: 40% of SPARROWS female employees are on maternity leave. Please send to all available employees to be completed."

Rolling his eyes in a dumbfounded manner, he snorted a bit. Yeah, right. I doubt around 15,000 of the employees around here are even pregnant, they're just lazy slackers using such a dumb excuse to go on vacation in the tropical regions while we finish their crap! Throwing the sticky note into the trash bin, he took one last view out the window, where the sun shone bright into his office, and got to work. Taking one of the documents, he began reading it.

"Cause of lack of ammunition in the field…oh man, supply issues again? Well, here I go…" Mumbling in an annoyed mood, he picked up a pen and began the long, lifeless and boring process. This is why I'd rather be in the field. Paperwork isn't one of my greatest strengths nor do I like this crap! He scribbled "Lack of supply personnel in the field is the cause, we only have two in the field. Not everyone has the strength to carry 1000 rounds worth of magazines and bullet belts."

Suddenly, a knocking sound came from the glass door. Looking up, he realized it was probably one of his friends, judging from the fact the offices were empty most of the time during a beautiful afternoon. "Come in." He spoke sternly and returned to writing something on the paper.

The door opened, and Eri Kasamoto, the team's explosives specialist, strolled in, carrying yet another stack of papers. "Mind if I join you?" The blonde-haired soldier asked with a smiling face. "Two brains are better than one after all!"

"Oh, what now! Can't you see I'm busy!"

"Yeah, yeah, pretend you're working hard just so you can get a raise. I'll bet you were playing Command and Conquer on your computer prior to my arrival, right, Corporal?" She taunted with a slight grin.

Leon placed his pen down. "I can play Command and Conquer all I want, but now I really have to finish this crap they gave us-I want to go home and play Command and Conquer with Marco and the other guys. Can you please come and annoy me some other time?"

"Hey hey, no need to get all aggressive on me. And you don't even have a home; you always crash at our places!" She sat down in front of him on one of the chairs that were used for visitors (although Leon rarely got any except for the other bureaucrats that badgered him for papers, pencils and other kinds of office supplies). Sighing, she placed the stack on the table and nodded. "I'm here to help you complete these reports, alright? I know you absolutely suck badly when it comes to paperwork, so you should wish I was here. But if you don't want me to, seeing how I'm "annoying" you…then I'll just leave and won't annoy you anymore, alright tough guy?"

"I thought you'd be busy flirting with Tarma." He laughed.

Eri shot a menacing look at him in response to his comment. "Hey, we're not lovebirds, don't make fun of us! Besides, he's busy repairing the vehicles down in the garage, so I'll leave him to that. He hates it when I'm around and he's playing with his precious toys."

It was true-if there was one thing the vehicle specialist hated, it was the fact that his teammates-especially Eri-playing or messing with his vehicles as he was busy working on them. 90% of the time, whenever someone was distracting him, the vehicle would end up in the junkyard by the end of the day. One incident involved Eri crashing his customized car into a brick wall when she requested to "take it for a spin" and totaled it, and another involved Flynn smashing one of his lightly armored Metal Slugs when he wanted to show off his berserk punch, and he used his favorite tank as a "test" target. The tank, was of course, scrap in moments from the full powered smash, much to the vehicle specialist's dismay.

But none of them were as hilarious as one incident, when Fio confused oil with tea in the garage, and by accident, she gave the entire team diarrhea problems for a week when she served them refreshments.

"Yep, that's one thing I don't want to do." Leon shuddered in response to the diarrhea incident. He had literally spent 3 days straight at the toilet crapping oil, while in the end, sent to the hospital to clean out his insides.

Eri tried not to snicker, even though she was a victim of the poisoning. "Well, Mr. I am so Tough, now that I've explained the fact why I'm not downstairs in the garage, do you want me to help you and complete these papers? Because you're not part of the intelligence division and I thought you could use some assistance."

"Be my guest."

She opened one of the files and began to blabber endlessly, while Leon nodded his head periodically. What was even funnier was that he didn't understand 75% of the things she said, but if he slowed her down, it'd make the lecture even longer. He just wanted to get this done so he could either go swimming or boxing with his friends.

Flynn Taggart's Office

2 floors above Leon's office, Flynn Taggart, the veteran US Marine of countless battles, sat in his office with the same exact manner-but this time, he was talking to Marco about completing their assignments.

The Italian American slammed yet another heavy stack of files on the desk, shaking the woodwork and ground slightly. Sighing, he wiped some sweat on his forehead. "Guess what, HQ wants this all completed by next week. If not, then I guess they're going to cut our pay-again. I tried to negotiate with them, but all they did was say no because we're one of the few available."

"What! You want me to complete all this bullshit by the end of next week?" Flynn held his hands on his head as his eyes were sprung wide in shock. "Then what are the other employees supposed to do, pay them here to slack and talk nonsense?"

"40% of the employees here are on leave for some reason. I don't know, but they want us to finish it. No questions asked. We're all doing it-everyone on our team."

"I already wanted to go on vacation this weekend with the guys I work with back at Marine HQ, but I guess I'll have to scrap that." Sighing, he went on his computer's instant messenger and typed the following message to one of his friends: "Can't go on vacation, have to finish bullshit lol. Talk to you later when I have time mmm k?"

"Talking to your friends again, I see."

Turning back to Marco, he shook his head. "Yeah, they're always bugging me. So, what do we need to get done? Complete some math problems and hand them in because the others are either too lazy or dumb to do it themselves?"

Picking out one of the many reports, Marco flipped through the pages. "Looks like we have to fill out stats on weaponry. State their strengths, weaknesses, what improvements can be made, blah blah blah. You know, the usual. I guess it's like an evaluation report so they can improve their weapons in the future. Not that I really see a point-with the exception of some experimental weapons, all the weapons I've used are in functional order and they rarely ever screw up."

Cracking his knuckles, Flynn took one of the documents and started working on them. "There goes my happy hour. But hey, you want to go for a drink later this evening?"

"Be glad to, Marine." Marco chuckled as he tapped the pen on his head, thinking as he did so. "I could use some company-I've got nowhere to go tonight anyways."

Military Vehicle Garage and Armory

While the other team members were busy completing reports and other types of paperwork, Tarma Roving was busy in the vehicle garages and armories across the Pentagon assisting in the repairs and maintenance of several vehicles that required fixing. Actually, he was the only mechanic in the desolate garage-aside from him, Fiolina Germi was the only companion that was present with him at the moment.

As none of the guys in the offices wanted her badgering them with lectures and requests for lunch with them, they sent her to assist Tarma instead. She didn't really have anything to do, though-aside from the usual requests from the vehicle expert for a tool or the usual small talk, she simply stood there, eyeing the numerous, lifeless machines in the garage with a big smile and sweet feminine eyes.

"Please pass me that wrench, Fio." Tarma broke the dull silence as he investigated the M1 Abrams Tank he was working on. "Looks like there's a loose nut here and it needs some serious tightening. No wonder the turret has been having problems, like they reported earlier."

Fio scratched her head as she viewed the numerous tools in front of her on the table-she couldn't sort out among the pile of equipment that lay before her eyes. "Uh…which one is the wrench? Sorry, my mechanical skills aren't really top notch!" She giggled in embarrassment.

"The one with dual ends that have square-shaped compartments in them." Replying gruffly, he shone a light to investigate if there were any more loose compartments in need of a fix.

"Oh, ok!" She picked up a wrench and handed it to the mechanic.

"Thank you." Tarma took the wrench from Fio's tiny hands and proceeded to tighten the loose nut and bolt on the vehicle. "I just love this job, no one else does it besides me and the few military mechanics we have around here! Ah, that should do it." He chuckled as he placed the wrench down, wiped some sweat from his forehead, and took off his sunglasses. "Whew! It's like an inferno today. I wish they installed some air conditioning in here."

Before he knew it, Fio was standing there, right in front of him, holding a bottle of icy-cold water. "Water?" She asked with a smiling face.

"Thank you." Smiling, he took the bottle of water, popped the cap open, and gurgled in the refreshing drink. "Man, I'd probably be bored to death here if it wasn't for you keeping me company!" He placed the bottle down and investigated one of the treads on the armored tank. "This one needs some adjusting, looks like someone decided to drive it into a swamp. So much mud, rocks and grass clogged in the tread drive!" He murmured as he shone a flashlight into the interior of the vehicle's caterpillar treads, illuminating chunks of dirt and mud stuck in the tread drives.

"Do you want me to get you anything else? Oh, and thanks for your comment!" Fio took off her cap and fanned herself with it, hoping to cool off somehow from the extreme summer heat.

Tarma shook his head. "Haha, you're far better off than the others. Leon would probably beg me to install more powerful boosters on his F-35, while Eri will probably beg me so she can play on one of my bikes. Don't remind me of Flynn-that guy always wants to show off his muscle power-in the wrong places! Marco never stops annoying me to challenge me to a drinking or arm wrestling match even when I'm on duty. I guess I should be glad I have you here!" He proceeded to scrape the debris from the machine with a crowbar. "Seems hardened to me."

Fio shook her head from his comment. "Aw, maybe if you explained to them nicely instead of turning into a mad monster when they touch your vehicles, they would understand!"

"No way. They're raving idiots when in the garage, trust me! Remember the time those Marines were playing hot potato with a Molotov? That's one lesson I learned to keep those rowdy clowns out of my workspace!" He shuddered a bit from one time when one of his customized bikes were literally set on fire from a Molotov Cocktail Leon and Flynn were both using in a game of "hot Molotov". Basically, it was a game where two or more players would toss the lit explosive among themselves and whoever dropped it from the intense heat, they lost. Leon lost the game, and of course, he was in such a hurry to get rid of the heated weapon he accidently whipped it at Tarma's beloved bike, burning it to a crisp in a matter of seconds. In response, Tarma chased him out of the garage with a chainsaw, with other Marines witnessing them trying to stop the raging soldier!

"That was pretty funny!" Fio laughed in a childish voice. "Good thing you didn't kill anyone!"

"I would've, if he continued to wreck my personal Metal Slug Tank! A multi-thousand dollar bike lost to a 10 dollar poor man's explosive…what a shame." He continued to forcefully chip at the gunk trapped within the treads.

Hoping to get off the topic, the Italian SPARROWS agent decided to change the subject to about lunch instead. "Do you need anything to eat? You haven't eaten since yesterday evening-I'll make you something, if you want to!"

Placing the crowbar down, he grabbed a water hose. "I'm alright. I can survive until the afternoon tea break." As much as Tarma loved Fio's delicious homemade sandwiches and other assortments of mouth-watering food she always whipped up (just like everyone else did on his team), he wasn't in the mood to eat-his hands were covered with oil and other types of messy substance, and eating with filthy hands was not a good idea, not to mention he needed to get these vehicle maintenances done as soon as possible. "Now all we need to do is flush the treads with water, and it should be clean. Are there any other vehicles that need repairing?" He called.

Fio bounced over to one of the Wolverine Walkers and investigated it. "Um, this Wolverine needs some repairs; the Gatling Gun seems to be out of place!" She poked it, and the gun attachment fell to the floor with a clang noise. "Oops! I shouldn't have touched it, I guess!"

"Got it. I'll be over there after I'm done cleaning this Abrams." Twisting the valve, he carefully blasted the water into the drive, sending muddy water mixed with grass drifting like a river out of the vehicle and disappearing down a drain close by. After he was done, he quickly washed his hands with the running hose and turned off the still running water. "Well, let's take a break. My hands are killing me after 2 hours of nonstop work!"

"Do you want anything to eat?" She asked once more-she was extremely eager to make something to eat for once, since she was starving herself.

"No thanks." Tarma smiled. But suddenly, his stomach growled and Fio, upon hearing the rambling sound, nodded her head.

"Hold on right there! I'll whip you a lasagna sandwich right away!" She immediately dug into her backpack and immediately got to work. Tarma tried to stop her, since he wanted her to save the trouble-but he knew the chances of stopping the energetic girl would be slim to none.

Always looking out for us and feeding our stomachs…sometimes I feel she never gets enough respect. Oh well, I'll thank her later for this. He wiped his head as more streams of sweat continued to pour down his head. Looks like the Wolverine Walker over there needs a fresh Gatling gun, but I'll get to it after lunch.

Soon enough, Fio handed him a fresh sandwich. Sniffing it, he realized it was one of her specials-a mouth-watering lasagna sandwich with fresh bread and meat lasagna slapped in between them. "Wow, I never had these in a long time! Thanks very much!"

"Aw, quit applauding and just take it. I have to make more for my friends later."

Tarma took the sandwich and took a huge bite out of it, gulping the delicious food with a satisfying smile. As the cafeteria at the Headquarters never actually served anything really good, this was the first time he had eaten something tasty and healthy in like a week. Wiping his mouth, he took a quick gulp from his water. "We going to see the other guys later?"

"Yep!" Fio replied cheerfully. "As soon as I'm done here, we'll head to their offices!" She resumed stacking and slicing the food.

"Alright." Tarma resumed eating, savoring the delicious piece with every bite.

Suddenly, Fio's cell phone rang a cheerful tone most of her friends could recognize as her signature ringtone, and she immediately stopped making her food. "Oh, excuse me!"

"Take your time."

She headed outside the garage, pulled the phone from the back pocket of her military shorts, and viewed her call display. To her surprise, it was her parents-and she hadn't heard from them for over 5 years ever since Leon and Flynn were transferred to her team. Just thinking about her parents brought a feeling of warmness and delight to her heart-she had missed her loving parents so much. Hastily, she activated the phone and spoke. "Hello?"

"Hey, Fio. How are you?" She instantly recognized the deep, gruff voice-it was her father, who was a military veteran and was the one who "forced" her to join the army.

"Hi dad! How have you been? It's been a long time ever since we've seen each other! I'm alright, though!"

"Glad to hear that." Her father's deep voice came from the other end. "I've been quite busy, however, since being in the position as the CEO of the Global Defense Alliance R&D Division in Europe isn't exactly the easiest job there is. But anyways, your mother and I have been on vacation for about 3 weeks, and we've been travelling all around the world. We plan to return to Genova, Italy soon, but not before we head to Washington D.C. for a visit with the American President and his subordinates. But hey, since we're going to be there, you want to go back home for a while?"

"Sure!" Fio spoke happily into the phone. Just thinking about her hometown made her feel miss her birthplace. "But…we're quite busy at the moment, with all these reports and assignments we have to finish in the next few days."

"It's alright. I'll just tell the officials I want to spend some time with my precious daughter-no dumb paperwork is going to stand in that way. But anyways, I welcome your teammates if they want to tag along. Would you think they'd be able to come?"

"Uh…probably. Do you really want to see them again?"

"Well, try to get them to come. I look forward to seeing them ever since the awards ceremony after the third war. Anyone with such a close relationship with my daughter can be considered a part of the Germi family! And you know how much I love other soldiers with a bad reputation but yet a heart of morality!" He chuckled a bit from the other end, remembering about the times where he met some Marines that were transferred because of their tendency to disobey orders for the common good.

"I have to agree, they are like family!"

"I also heard you had two new teammates transferred to your team, correct? Their names are Leon Chan and Flynn Taggart, both US Marines veterans, if my memory serves me well. How are they treating you? I heard the Marines are a rowdy crowd of party animals with bad hygiene, that's what General Eisenhower told me a while ago!"

Fio laughed. "Oh, they're the funniest guys around! They're always blushing around me! But anyways, they're extremely skilled soldiers, and I can't say how many times they've managed to cheer me up! Yes, they do have bad hygiene, but you can't blame them!"

Her father chuckled deeply once more on the other end of the phone. "Oh! Then I must see them! I need comedians-there aren't any good ones anymore. It's hard to find a clown in the military-but anyways, please bring all your friends! I'm sure they need a vacation, and they've earned it-I'll cover all the expenses as a thank you to them for watching out for you."

"I'll keep that in mind, dad. By the way, how is mom doing?"

"She's sleeping on the plane at the moment, so she can't talk to you right now. But anyways, she's in very good health. She also misses you very much. Oh, that reminds me, I have to go now. There's a call coming in from the US Secretary of Defense, and I have to prepare for a very important meeting once I land in Washington. Now, keep yourself safe, alright?"

"Okay, okay, dad! I'm not a little baby anymore!" Fio rolled her eyes, having getting tired from her dad's constant nagging even though she knew he loved her more than anything he owned, even his fortunes, which totaled in the hundreds of billions worth of money. "I've fought in 7 conflicts, and I'm quite capable of myself!"

"Alright, I suppose. But please stay safe. I'll see you in approximately 3 days."

"Alright. Bye dad." With that, Fio turned the phone off and placed it back into her pocket. Tarma soon came out of the garage holding a bottle of water and stretching.

"What's with the long phone call? Marco or Leon flirting with you again?" He joked.

"Nope! But I have some very good news!"

"Well, let's hear it." The vehicle mechanic wiped his forehead with a cloth as the never ending streams of sweat spilled down his face like broken faucets.

The big smile and glassy eyes on the SPARROWS agent's face meant that she was extremely excited. "My father's coming to Washington D.C. for a very important meeting, but he's also coming to visit us!"

"Mr. Germi? The head of Europe's GDA R&D Division?" Tarma gasped a bit. "The man's a billionaire! Man, if I could shake that guy's hand…oh I did-never mind. But I haven't seen your old pop in over half a decade!"

"Oh, I'm sure you will! But anyways, he agreed to take the entire team on a vacation, not to mention you'll all get to visit my home in Genova! And don't worry, he agreed to pay for all of us, so don't worry about your bank accounts!"

"WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!" Tarma yelped at the top of his lungs, while making a big leap into the air. "Oh man, this has got to be one of the best things to happen in my life, ever!" While Mr. Roving the Second, Tarma's dad, had taken his kid to the Germi Estate when he was younger for a celebration for an anniversary of a long-forgotten war (his father was also a distinguished soldier with plenty of bragging rights but yet his modesty somewhat lowered his ego), the youngster had never truly experienced the thrills of the mansion. But now that he was grown up and had his own stories to tell, he truly looked forward going there once more.

Fio giggled slightly. "I've never seen you so happy! But anyways, we'll tell the others on the team about this great news! Who knows what they will say about this?"

"I'm sure Flynn Taggart would want to shake a war veteran's hand!" The vehicle specialist laughed. "That guy loves meeting war heroes of his own kind! But man, I want to travel ever since my last leave 2 years ago! But anyways, we must tell them!"

Packing their things up, both individuals hurried out of the garage as Tarma closed it down and switched the sign at the front gate, displaying "Be back soon". Both soldiers immediately hurried across the street and into the Pentagon, eager to tell their compatriots about this excellent opportunity to relax and escape from their boring work.

Leon's Office

"Say, you want to go for lunch together after we get these documents done?" Leon asked as Eri was busily writing in her report. "It's almost 2PM, and I'm starving! Where do you want to go?"

The Japanese SPARROWS agent looked at him with a suspicious eye. "That's funny, the last time I asked you for lunch, you said you were going to a bar with Flynn for a burping contest and you left in a hurry, yet I saw you across the restaurant I wanted to go with you. Are you up to something?"

"Aw, come on! I was just asking if you wanted to go for lunch!" The US Marine complained. "I wasn't asking you to massage my feet or rub lotion on my back! And why were you spying on me!"

Eri smiled, and patted him on the head. "There, there. I'm just playing with you. Now come on, I'll go for lunch with you. I'm sure Fio has already flirted with Tarma so much already! And that wasn't funny, I would never touch your feet even if I was wearing a hazmat suit!" She laughed nervously.

"They don't smell that bad."

"Of course, they're your own feet, you'd probably love their smell over some perfume with a sweet aroma!"

"Very funny for someone who always emits fear around herself." Making a bored face, Leon continued working on his report. "Alright, let's stop talking about my feet and get back to this damn assignment, I don't want to stay overtime again!"

"Alright. Does that fancy restaurant across the street sound viable?" She asked. "I'd love to try some of that food."

"If you say so." Leon shrugged, as he really didn't have a personal preference as long as the food was edible and didn't induce vomiting.

It was at this time when a rapid knock came from Leon's door. Placing his pen down, he got out of his chair, expecting it to be some employee asking for extra pencils or printing paper. Sighing, he opened it slightly, not expecting it to be his friends-but Tarma was so excited about the news, he swung the door so hard it flew right open and Leon, not expecting the door to suddenly swing wide open like that, was sent smack-dab into the wall and was squashed between the door. He unleashed a muffled scream and a groan of pain as the door slammed into his face.

"My, Tarma! Slow down! My father doesn't come and pick us up in 2 days!" Fio spoke in delight.

Panting, the vehicle specialist sprinted up to Eri, panting for breaths as he did so. "Where is Leon. Where is he! WHERE IS HE! I'VE GOT THIS GOD-AWESOME NEWS I HAVE TO TELL THE GUY!"

Eri pointed to the door with a dumbfounded face. "You nearly killed the poor kid when you smashed the door open…"

"Uhhhh…someone help me here…" Leon groaned from behind the wood/glasswork.

Fio slowly opened the door, and found her friend somewhat stunned and flattened, but not injured. "Oh my, are you alright, Monsieur Chan?" She dusted his shoulders a bit.

"Yeah, but Tarma, what the hell was that all about? You nearly killed me-unless it's something exciting is going on, like Frank Klepacki being in town or something, you better say sorry! Because if that's the fact, I need his autograph!" Leon complained.

"No, even better! Fio's father is coming to town and he's taking all of us on an all-expenses paid vacation to the Germi Estate in Fio's hometown! Oh man! Aren't you excited! We get to escape from our assignments! Come on! Cheer with me! I thought you hated boring office work!"

Leon narrowed his eyes. "…are you serious?"

Tarma took off his sunglasses and gave him a dead-serious face. "Does this look serious to you? If not, ask Miss Germi and see what she says!"

The group was silent for a few moments, with the occasional shots of looks going back and forth among the small group. Then, suddenly, the most unexpected response happened.

"AHHHHH!" The US Marine screamed and ran out the door as if he was being chased by angry gunmen intent on taking his head, leaving all three teammates in his office standing there, looking out the door with shocked eyes. "Flynn! I've got something to tell you! And this time it's not the toilets overflowing again!"

"…I think he still feels insecure around you, Fio…" Eri trained off a bit.

"What, is my butt too big?" Fio blushed a bit.

"Not that!"

Tarma tried to hide his giggles. "Pfft, I think it is your rear end!"

Flynn Taggart's Office

While Eri managed to keep Leon focused on his assignments and prevented him from playing computer games on his PC, Marco wasn't exactly the "best" role model compared to her. While he did work on the reports with his Marine compatriot, the two easily got bored, and decided to play Doom on Flynn's PC-the US Marine's favorite first-person shooter. Marco himself wanted to escape from the boredom of doing the assignments also, so he too, fell victim as he observed him blasting devilish monsters on his computer for the rest of the afternoon.

"Get that! Get that shotgun!" Marco pointed to a sprite of a 12 gauge double barreled shotgun-aptly named the "Super Shotgun" or "SSG" by other soldiers-lying in a corner. Deemed as the ultimate pellet weapon by many, the double barreled monster would be able to shoot dozens of holes in any target in a short time period.

Flynn maneuvered his character over the weapon, and got it. "Well, seems awesome-oh damn! It just spawned 4 Hell Knights! The SSG should take care of them!" The screen displayed some minotaur-like creatures heading towards the character, flinging green projectiles as they advanced. The Hell Knights, being the bane of inexperienced players with their extreme endurance, strength, and firepower, could easily total even the hardiest player if they weren't prepared with heavy armaments. Flynn, however, having played the game for over 2 decades since he was a kid, could easily outmaneuver the beasts and pummel them with any firearm on his hand-even a pistol, although it took some time to do so. Chuckling, the Marine perforated one of the hellish beasts with a shotgun blast, and the creature unleashed a distorted groan before falling to the ground in a pool of its own green blood.

"How's that! Scare tactics don't work on me!" The American soldier mocked.

"Well, you're short on shotgun shells! If I remember correctly, there's a BFG9000 somewhere in the next area, you'll need it!" Marco suggested.

"Well, thanks for the tip." Flynn killed off an entire crowd of zombie soldiers with one shot from his double-barreled shotgun, all the while fleeing from the Hell Knights. "I'm sure there more in the next area…"

Bleeps, bloops and other crazy assortments of sounds continued to project from his PC until a knock came from the door. Both soldiers looked at the shadow outside the door with fear-what if it was one of the supervisors, or worse, Cynthia, Eri, or Fio trying to catch them goofing off? They would be in serious trouble if they got caught! It happened before, but fortunately, the UN SOC Commander was in a good mood that particular day and therefore excused Mr. Taggart.

"Hurry!" Marco urged.

The US Marine quickly quitted his game, turned off his computer and pretended to be busy back at his assignments. Meanwhile, Marco called "Come in!" and without warning, Leon exploded through the door with a face of excitement.

"Whoa! What's with the-" Before he knew it, his visitor was right in his face.

"Fio's old man is coming to town and he's giving us an all paid expenses trip which means free food and endless slacking oh man I'm so excited you guys should be too I mean who wouldn't love a free vacation aren't you guys excited hurry we must pack-" It was at this time Marco got a firm grip on the soldier's shoulders.

"Ok, tell me calmly. What is it? I can't get a word you're saying!"

"Fio's dad is coming and taking us on vacation!"

Flynn got out of his chair and looked at the kid. "You serious?" Silence soon followed, as Leon didn't bother to reply being completely out of breath.

"OH YES!" He started bouncing around the room in excitement as if he had just won a lottery. At the same time, Marco had look saying "Yes!" on his face-to put it flat and simple, all three guys in the room were dancing in the office room in joy-never in their life had they received such an awesome present just because they were teamed up with the daughter of a billionaire! It was perhaps one of the best things that could ever happen, as the Global Defense Alliance were never willing to pay for their trips, since they couldn't even afford well-maintained toilets or proper food services!

At this time, Eri, Fio and Tarma entered their office and looked at the team of three, all three having an absurd look, except for Fio. She chuckled nervously as she scratched her hair. It didn't take long for Mr. Roving to join in on the dance, though…

"Are they really THAT excited?" Eri asked.

"HELL YES!" Flynn screamed in her face, forcing her to cover her nose as a result of his beer-like breath. "I need a vacation! Right boys?"

"YYYYEEEESSSS!" Marco, Tarma and Leon all cheered in unison as they raised their fists in the air.

"Oh my! I never knew you guys would be so happy!" Fio commented at the rowdy boys. "But please, could you lay off the crazy stunts such as your 100m sprint in 10 seconds and shotgun juggling, Flynn? Not to mention your amazing 15 second duration burp, Leon! Let's not forget your drunken master moves, Marco, and your amazing wheelies, Tarma! I think my parents would freak if they saw you guys and your stunts!"

"Alright, alright." Tarma snickered a bit. "Come on, I use the wheelies to get the girls running at me. Who wouldn't love a guy like me cruising on my bike and doing wheelies?" He smiled and shone his glasses like a slick celebrity.

"I wouldn't." Eri shot a look at him. Marco, Leon and Flynn all laughed quietly.

"You aren't helping, guys! The ladies love me!"

"Then I don't know why Eri smashed your bike last time you were about to show it at the annual motorbike convention." Leon snickered. It was one scene they'd always remember. Tarma was about to showcase his bike, only to find it all smashed up, with Eri hiding a sledgehammer behind her. In the background, Tarma's other three male compatriots were laughing their asses off at this expression while a bunch of fan girls were laughing even more. To piss Tarma off even more (for laughs only) Leon even had saved a picture of his reaction on his cellphone, although he rarely pulled it out though!

"THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" Angered, the vehicle specialist grabbed the Marine by the throat, strangling him. Marco and Flynn tried to break up the fight, while Eri continued to laugh. "And I know you have that picture!"


"That's what you get for stealing my drinks, pal." She laughed, with her hands across her chest.

Shaking her head, Fio smiled at her team's silliness. "Anyways, he'll be coming to the Pentagon two days from now, so you guys should go home and pack up whatever you need. Will you all be able to come?"

"Sure." Marco grinned.

"I'm not missing this." Tarma replied as he tried to regain his cool. "A once in a lifetime opportunity!"

"I'll go, if you promise to cover me from these boys." Eri rolled her eyes.

"I am so in this!" Leon laughed.

"I agree with the kid here." Flynn chuckled.

All four boys, weary from the fatigues of war and extremely boring office work, were all looking forward to the vacation their friend was offering them-hey, after all, who could turn down such an offer? Vacations were a rare treat if you were a full time soldier and you worked with an extremely underfunded military that couldn't even afford proper bathrooms. The GDA, was of course, famous for throwing its money into extensive research and purchases of rare ordnance.

"Great! My father would love to see you all again!"

Flynn crossed his arms. "Hold on a second…isn't your father a veteran of the Gulf War of the late 1980s and early 1990s, but now he's the CEO for the GDA R&D in Europe? I never saw your old man before, but I heard he was a member of the Artillery Team!"

"Yep, he is!"

"I'd be honored to meet him!" The burly soldier grabbed Fio and began to hug her tightly. "Oh, for the first time, I actually know a friend from someone famous! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!" Mr. Taggart began to dance around the room.

"Oh, please!" Fio laughed. "You're choking me! Ahhh!" She yelled as the US Marine swung her around the room. Everyone else could only laugh from the scene as the SPARROWS agent was at the mercy of the oldest member of the team.

"Who knew Mr. Taggart had such a soft side…" Leon grumbled. "Maybe he isn't the big, tough guy all the time!"

Marco shrugged. "Trust me; Fio can charm anyone she wishes."

It was at this time that Flynn finally stopped dancing and placed Fio back on the ground, all the while sighing dreamily. "With all due, I must meet your father ASAP! I want to shake the man's hand and arm wrestle with him! I absolutely need to!"

"Uh…wouldn't you smash her old man into the dirt? You managed to beat all of us in arm wrestling even though you allowed us to use both hands in the matches!" Tarma complained as he wiped his sunglasses on his shirt. "I don't think Fio will be happy you sent her old pop to the hospital!"

"Oh, it's alright! My dad is a veteran, I doubt he'll turn down an arm wrestling match anyways!" For some reason, she managed to recover quite quickly even though she was roughed up pretty badly by the Marine. It was probably because of her skills with dancing, but who knows? "So anyways, everyone here is coming, right?"

All her five other teammates nodded their heads simultaneously.

"Great!" She smiled in delight. "I guess we should get home and pack up tonight. You don't need to bring anything too major-clothes, swimming gear, and any personal care products, that's all. My father will even be able to kindly provide us with the suits and dresses for the party he'll be throwing, so no need to stress about that!"

"Well, what about these assignments?" Eri reminded. "I doubt the GDA would let us waltz off without these finished."

"It's alright! My father will excuse us!" Fio responded.

"You…you kidding? We get excused from our homework!" Leon gasped.

Fiolina smiled a bit and nodded.

"Wish this was possible when I was back in high school." The US Marine chuckled. "First we get an all expenses paid vacation, and we get excused from these lame assignments! Well, I suppose I should come to your house and pack my stuff, since I've been slacking at your house for these last few months!"

"Great. I'm going home now. Have a lot of packing to do. Oh, and by the way, I've locked your office already, Leon, so don't worry about your stuff getting stolen, even though your office is cluttered with trash and whatnot." She turned for the door. "Well, I'll catch you guys on Monday, I suppose!" Eri smiled a bit and walked out of Flynn's office.

The older US Marine turned to his computer and sat down. "Well, I suppose you two would come to my house, right? After all, my Humvee will be able to hold a ton of your luggage with no difficulties!"

"Yeah, I suppose." Tarma placed the sunglasses back on his head. "We should head back now, I guess. New Jersey is quite far from here and we don't want to get stuck in traffic!"

"So it's decided. We'll do whatever we want for the next day, and then we'll see each other again on Monday." Marco advised. "Sounds like a plan to me."

"Street Fighter party anyone at my place?" Flynn laughed. He always had a tendency to throw parties of all sorts whenever both Marco and Tarma were at his house. Although Leon would join them periodically, his tendency to get extremely drunk and eventually creating a huge mess in the house made him go less-he didn't want to embarrass himself, nor did Flynn want to wipe up his puke after his business.

"I'll join!" Marco raised his hand. "I still need to beat you at that game!"

"Well, let's prove it tonight." The soldier packed up all his essentials in his huge backpack, hefted it over his shoulder without showing any signs of difficulties, and walked to the door. "You guys coming?"

"Well, what else are we going to do hanging around the office all day?" Leon joked a bit. "Come on, I guess we should get going."

Later that evening at Fio's house…

"Fio, have you seen my extra pair of combats and flak vest?" Leon asked as he rummaged through his drawers as he looked for the grey combats and standard protective vest he used to always wear on his tours.

"I've been fixing them for you, I'll get it done tomorrow. Your vest should be ready soon, I still need to fix some damage to your vest." She replied as he poked her head from the kitchen while she was making dinner. "Do you want them washed? Those bloodstains there still creeps me out, even though it's not your own blood."

"Yes, please and thank you." He replied, smiling slightly as he continued to pack his shotgun and a few spare shotgun shells into a customized case. After all, he never knew when he truly needed a weapon. Now all he needed to do was pack some spare clothes and his forest camouflage-style swimming trunks, and he was set. He really, really looked forward to go swimming, not to mention belly flop right into the pool! "Hey Fio, is your personal swimming pool really large? I want to belly flop into it!"

"Well, just don't splash us all again. You managed to flood my entire house after all four boys went into the pool at the same time! Good thing my father didn't find out since he was away!"

"Haha, I won't forget that." He scratched his head in embarrassment and laughed nervously. Grabbing a belt of machine gun rounds, he placed it into the duffel bag alongside the customized briefcase-he was sure Flynn was going to bring his M60, and of course, he had a tendency to ask for spare ammunition from his teammates. Might as well. He thought. Now that he was finished packing-temporarily, he decided to play Doom 64 for a bit.

Fio instantly recognized the sounds coming from her television set. "Playing Doom 64 again, soldier?"

"Yep!" Leon called as he deeply concentrated himself into the intense first-person shooter. "YES! I'm finally finished Level 19! That level is so damn hard! Ok, time to tackle level 20! Leave dinner on the table-I'll eat it later." The sounds of buttons clacking and numerous noises, ranging from guns firing to monsters screaming in pain, emanated from her living room.

"No, you come eat with me now, young man!"

"But I'm already on level 20! Come on! I want to finish this game before I leave!"

"No buts! Get over to the dinner table now! Don't make me come over there!" Fio scolded from the kitchen.

"Aw…" Leon moaned a bit. He knew if Fio was the one dragging him out of there, it would not end up pretty regardless. Turning off the console and putting the controller back onto the floor, he headed over to the table and sat down. "Come on, how come I can't eat later?"

The SPARROWS agent brought out two plates of spaghetti from the kitchen, each smothered with small chunks of meat and tomato sauce, along with a slice of bread. The food brought a sweet aroma to the entire room, instantly making both individuals' stomachs rumbling. "Don't you enjoy eating with your friends and family? I can barely spend time alone by myself, I always need company. Wouldn't you want to eat with me?" She looked at him with the cutest and most adorable face she could create.

"Well, I uh…" Leon blushed as he scratched the back of his head. "You see…"

"Am I cute? Please say I am!"

By this time, the soldier was blushing so much, he literally could no longer feel himself. "Oh come on! You know I always go crazy when you do that!"

Giggling childishly, Fio smiled. "I'm just playing with you-now let's eat." Setting down the two plates of food on the table, she sat down across from the table where the US Marine nodded slightly. "Well, I made your favorite food-spaghetti with meat sauce."

Grinning a bit, he picked up a fork and thanked her. "Err…thanks. I can't remember the last time someone was actually kind enough to make me dinner free of charge. Well, maybe Eri, but she accidently managed to set off the fire alarm after she accidently poured Molotov Cocktails into the oven. Man, I'm scared of her now, who keeps explosives in the kitchen!"

Fio laughed. "Well, you run around with a fully loaded shotgun! I'd be scared of you more if you were just assigned to my team recently. But yes, I'm sure you know Eri is an explosives expert, so please, don't mind her. She's a very lonely person as far as I know and just wants a friend, deep down."

"I'll keep that in mind." Leon took a bite from his dinner, shivering from the fact his other female compatriot literally makes homemade pipe bombs in her spare time. He burped a bit, and took a gulp from a glass of soda. "Oh man, I can't thank you enough for making these awesome meals! It's like eating my dad's gourmet cooking, but my old man was always too busy so I'd only get to taste his delicious foods like once every 4 months! But how can I really, really repay you for all this?"

"Oh, you don't need to!" Fio giggled a bit, with a mouthful of spaghetti in her mouth. "Being able to serve my friends and seeing them enjoy my cooking is enough to make me happy!"

Sighing, Leon smiled back and continued eating his dinner. How can someone possibly feel this happy-cooking is torturous! Well, for me anyways. She's from an extremely rich background, even richer than my father was, yet she's so caring and non-demanding…I guess you can't judge someone by their background.

A couple of minutes later, he quickly finished his dinner in a rapid manner, like he always did when he was eating alone, and was about to get back to his game when Fio tried to stop him.

"Wait! Don't you want dessert? It's homemade chocolate cake-your favorite!"

"Nah, it's alright. I'm full. I still need to beat this game before we leave on Monday!" Leon laughed as he already began to boot up the Nintendo 64 console. "I'll do the dishes for you when you're done eating-just give me a shout!"

"Sure, whatever you say!" Fio shrugged at his silliness, and resumed eating.

Flynn's House

Because Flynn's house was the closest to Washington D.C., he and his other two friends managed to reach his home faster than expected-no traffic jams and a little speeding over the limit was probably the reason they managed to get home so fast. And because they wanted to get things over with quickly, they packed whatever they needed for the soon-to-be trip to Fio's home country so they could start gaming as soon as possible.

"Marco! Have you seen my swimming trunks! They're a forest camouflage style!" Tarma called from his room. "I can't afford to miss out leaping into her massive swimming pool this time!"

Marco poked his head into his room. "Nope. But I think Flynn has them!" He tried not to snicker.

"Well…apparently they are!" Flynn came down the hallway, holding Tarma's swimming gear. "I don't know how your laundry got messed with mines, but next time, please stop mixing things up!" He headed into his room and tossed the pair of shorts on Tarma's messy bed. "Alright, now I need to pack up my BFG9000!" He proceeded to pull out an oversized metal case, opened it, and inside was an empty spot where the massive Plasma Weapon would go, alongside a couple slots for spare energy cells for charging the monster.

"You're going to bring THAT to the Germi's Estate?" Marco raised an eyebrow as he observed his friend place the huge metallic weapon into the container. "That weapon's labeled as a mass destruction device according to the UN!"

"Hey, I never leave home without this. It's not loaded anyways, so no need to worry about misfires." The US Marine spoke proudly as he pounded his chest a bit. "And besides, I'm sure Mr. Germi would be impressed at the United States' greatest handheld weapon! I don't think the Europeans have developed anything as impressive as this, but who knows." He carefully locked the case, and the container emitted a beep noise from its electronic lock. "This case is security-coded and will only open if it scanned my fingerprint, so no need to worry about theft. If one tries to use explosives to destroy it, they'll fail miserably and realize the case is also blast-proof, but hey, you're going to need it with these psycho maniacs running around with explosives, not to mention this weapon is more valuable than 5 Abrams Tanks combined!"

Tarma rolled his eyes-he was always amazed, yet slightly intimidated, by his ally's crazy obsession with firearms capable of mass destruction. "I'll tell you one thing, I just hope you don't give Fio's dad a heart attack when you open that!"

"Well, when we're done packing, let's game." Flynn pushed the case back into his living room and resumed packing, while Marco did the same.

Five minutes later, the team was finally done packing-deciding that they'd order pizza later for dinner, they thought it was good to waste the evening away with a game of Street Fighter. Booting up Flynn's Playstation 3 (a console that he purchased but rarely played on it unless he had friends over, like right now) both Marco and Tarma decided to play while Flynn watched from the sidelines-he wasn't much of a fan when it came to fighting games, as he loved playing shooter games far more than beat 'em ups. But anyways, he loved observing his friends pit against each other in a rage to dominate the other player.

Throughout the game, it was mostly Marco dominating Tarma in the game-after all, he was a computer expert and an avid gamer. However, all that changed when his friend decided to get serious.

"Alright, Tarma! You're finally beating Marco!" Flynn cheered from the sidelines as Marco and Tarma were rapidly pitting each other, with Tarma finally throwing the heavy attacks in order to knock out his opponent even faster. Both soldiers had intense amounts of sweat pouring down their faces. It was the adrenaline rush from the game, and the intense summer heat that made them sweat that much.

"I told you, Marco! Even if I'm not an avid computer geek and gamer like you, I can still beat you!" The vehicle specialist rapidly mashed some buttons as he delivered a combo of attacks on Marco's character in the game. "All right! 15 hits in a row!" Marco's character continued to take hits as the life bar continually decreased.

It was at this time that Marco had right where he wanted.

"Well guess what, Roving! I've been waiting for this-I didn't hit you with anything strong so I can build up my combo meter!" Marco laughed. "Now I can deliver my one hit KO attack!"

Upon delivering his message, he mashed a few buttons, and his character went into a rage-rushing at Tarma's character, he delivered a massive array of punches, kicks and body slams-the screen flashed brilliantly as Flynn's stereo speakers unleashed blasts of yelling, sounds of punches and kicks going into contact, and screams of pain-coming from Marco's opponent, obviously. On the screen, Tarma's character's health bar rapidly decreased as the attacker continued his assault, and finally, Marco's character unleashed one massive energy blast, finishing off the half-dead victim. The speakers soon blared "Player one wins!" in a dramatic voice, followed by some cheering.

"I win!" Marco laughed as he placed the controller down. "You're going to need more practice, Tarma!"

Chuckling, Tarma placed the controller on the table. "Oh, trust me. I'll get you one day and I'll take your title!"

"That was a good game, boys!" Flynn checked his watch and he realized it was already 8PM. "Well, should we get our food now? I'm sure we can party more tomorrow, because I'm dead beat today after completing those military reports! So we'll get pizza, okay? What toppings do you want on it?"

Both Marco and Tarma, as avid lovers of eating heavily, began to blabber their favorite toppings in a rapid manner.







"What?" Marco interrupted. "You put squid on your pizza?"

"Hey, you know me." Tarma replied. "I love seafood!"

Flynn browsed through a brochure he picked up earlier from the local pizza parlor, and shook his head. "They've got everything on the list in terms of ingredients and toppings except for squid, you're out of luck! But anyways, you guys want everything on the pizza you said earlier, minus the one thing Roving made up, correct?"

Both soldiers nodded their heads.

"Alright, I'll be right back! The pizza should be here in 30 minutes, if they are fast." With that, Flynn grabbed his vest and headed out the door. "Stay cool with me boys!"

At a Local Bar

While her other teammates decided to spend the time together in two separate groups, Eri decided to follow her own formula-spend time by herself alone at the local pub, like she always did whenever her other comrades were busy with something else. She was extremely used to it-she had no friends when she was younger, and of course, she wasn't a fan of Fio's upbeat manner (not all the time anyways) nor was she fond of hanging out with the boys either with their crazy and immature actions. And unlike her friends, who got along especially well with the recruits, she was never fond of them as she never liked anyone who was lower skilled than her. She sat down on one of the many chairs in front of the counter, and the bartender approached her.

"What'll it be, Miss?" The bartender asked as he cleaned a glass with a cloth.

Eri gave him a look. "The usual-you know, Sprytus, the extremely strong vodka."

"Right away."

She looked at the other people socializing in the bar-many of them were laughing, smiling and joking, and shook her head in dismay. What she couldn't truly understand was the fact why these individuals were always so happy and upbeat-didn't they know the wars that happened had taken a toll on those who fought in them, not to mention their families were also heavily affected?

90% of these individuals sitting here right now have never fired a gun before, let alone fight. So they don't understand the heavy tolls war can have on us. Can't argue with them, people these days…all tightwads and self-centered individuals thinking they're invincible.

She ruffled her green vest a bit as the bartender gave her the favorite drink. Smiling a bit, she took a sip from it, and sighed.

If there's one individual that can drink this stuff and survive, I'll respect them-aside from Mr. Taggart. That guy can drink anything and still come out cackling like a 3 year old on drugs…maybe I should-

"Hey, Eri!" A voice came from behind her, interrupting her thoughts. The explosives commando turned around, and realized it was her commander, Cynthia Greenwood.

"Oh, hey. What are you doing here? I thought you were extremely busy with your tasks and such." She drank her beverage again, taking small sips as usual. It was extremely expensive, so it was better off enjoying it slowly.

The UN SOC Commander took a seat besides her at the counter, with the usual military uniform she always wore-it was extremely difficult to not recognize her in her dark green garbs, extremely long blonde hair, her signature beret with the commander-status stripes, and blue eyes. "Nah, I can always postpone the due dates of the assignments if I wanted to. I heard you were going on vacation with Fio's parents two days from now, I assume?"

"Who told you?" Eri asked.

"Fio's parents did, over the phone. After all, I'm sure her father would call me so you all can be excused for that adventure, even though I'm sure Mr. Germi would roar at us in anger for not allowing us to let him spend time with his precious daughter…and the other teammates he loves to make fun of. And I don't want Adam to court martial the guy, because he's been through that procedure over a dozen times, mostly involving the fact threatening to beat up our agents because we "accidently" flung Fio in the battlefield." Cynthia laughed and smiled nervously. "So, why are you all alone here? I thought you'd be spending time with your other teammates."

"Oh, please." The SPARROWS agent scoffed. "You know me. I'm a lonely soldier with the tendency to hang out by myself 90% of the time."

Her Commander chuckled nervously in response. "Aw, well I can't help you there then. But from all these years you've worked with them, wouldn't you open to them at least a little bit? They've told me a lot of good things about you!"

The last sentence sent her flaring up. "They spoke behind my back! Little…"

"Well, its good traits they said! Except for the fact you're always closed to them. I heard the last time Tarma asked you to help him with an assignment, he ran away from you because he mentioned the fact you ran after him with a grenade launcher!"

"Hmph…I won't go into that, but he threw a hissy fit because I broke his bike, even though he said I "could" test drive it. Not my fault that I love to road rage." Eri continued drumming her fingers on the counter, all the while staring at the glass containing some of her favorite beverage. "Well, anyways, enough with talking about myself-I guess I did a good job intimidating them in the end. But enough of that. Are you coming with us on the trip?"

"Unfortunately, no. As much as I'd love a swim in a massive swimming pool and shake a billionaire's hand, I still have lots of things to take care of back at HQ. I wish you to have the most fun on your leave, though!" Cynthia smiled cheerily.

Both individuals continued talking into the night, and even though the pub was going to be closed, the bartender allowed both girls to stay and chat, even though the only server in the restaurant fell asleep from his tiredness. But then, since the chatting never stopped, they didn't stop socializing until the next morning-all thanks to the drinks they had, they were kept wide awake. By the next day, however, they decided to go their own ways-Eri had to pack up for her vacation for the next day, while Cynthia resumed her usual boring work at the Pentagon.

2 Days Later at Fio's House…

The sun shone through the window, and the warm rays bathed Fio's neat and tidy bedroom. She snored gently in her sleep, but all that changed when the alarm clock on the table ticked to 9AM.

The alarm clock went off, and Fio instantly sprang out of her bed happily. She realized today was the day she'd get to meet her parents again, since they hadn't seen each other in almost 5 years. The one thought on her mind at the moment was getting a chance to meet them face to face again-she couldn't wait! She quickly got dressed in her usual military garbs and washed herself in the bathroom-she'd have to hurry. Traffic jams were always a pain to get over, especially on important days like these. It was Monday, and her parents would probably be at the HQ by approximately 11:30 AM.

However, across the hallway, Leon was still asleep. While Fio had gone to sleep early, he was busy, once again, playing Doom 64 until 4 in the morning, and of course, he didn't sleep until late in the night. His snoring was so loud, it echoed into the bathroom across from the hall, and his friend rolled her eyes as she heard the distracting noise while she brushed her teeth. I wonder if he'll wake up if I pull off all the bed sheets…she thought as she brushed her teeth. Oh well, I'll give it a test to see if it works.

As soon as she was done brushing her teeth, she washed up her face, combed her messy hair and quietly headed into his room, where he could see him snoring happily and drooling. She shivered-how could someone possibly drool like a leaking tap? Walking up next to the sleeping soldier, she shook her head but decided to wake him up anyways. "WAKE UP, CORPORAL!" She screamed to the top of her lungs. No response. The US Marine continued snoring and laughing childishly in his sleep. How could someone possibly not hear that ear-piercing scream?

Annoyed, she pulled off the bed sheets and slapped him as hard as she could on his exposed belly, forcing him to suddenly jolt out of his bed in fright as he yelped in pain.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Shaking and rubbing his eyes sleepily, he turned to see his cute-looking compatriot standing there with an angry expression on her face and arms crossed across her chest. "What was that all about! I was having a nice dream about lots of spaghetti!"

"We're late. And you ruined my bed sheets!" She pointed to the drool-soaked sheets.

Laughing nervously as he scratched the back of his head, Leon chuckled. "Oh…haha…sorry…but why wake me up so early! It's only 9:30! Can't I get some more sleep!"

"Did you not forget! We have to meet my parents at the Pentagon today before noon! And 9:30 is not early-we'd be at work by now if we were not on leave!"

"Oh yeah!" Leon quickly hopped off the bed, grabbed a T-shirt and wore it over his body, and finally slung a flak jacket over it-his signature military look. "Alright, I'm ready to go!" He announced as he slid his trusty customized Desert Eagle into his holster.

Both individuals quickly headed downstairs, collected their luggage, and loaded them into their car. Fio noticed Leon's metallic gun case and tapped him on the back.

"Are you bringing your shotgun with you?" She asked, surprised and puzzled.

"What? Flynn's bringing his BFG9000 for sure so he can show your old man that marvelous piece of technology. Besides, it's always a good thing to pack some heavy firepower with you, you never know when you'll truly need it!" He placed the case into the car's trunk and sighed. "There we go. Looks like I won't be bringing my assault rifle with me. So, who'll drive?"

"I will." She climbed into the driver's seat and Leon hopped in beside her in the passenger seat.

Flynn's House

"Zzzzzzzzzz…mmm, lotsa spaghetti!"

"Don't worry ladies…Mr. Roving the Third will sign all your posters! I've got lots of time…"

"That's right…Leon! I'm…going to beat…you in Command and…Conquer…here…Mammoth Tank rush…no hacking needed…zzz…"

All three soldiers were still snoozing happily in their dreams, despite they were supposed to wake up ages ago. However, like Leon, they had stayed up until 4 in the morning arm wrestling, chugging beer, eating lots of pizza, and gaming until they literally dropped dead to the ground and began to snooze away into the night.

What were they dreaming about, you ask? Well, let's just say Flynn was fantasizing about his dream buffet, with all the foods he loved at his disposal to munch down like a pig. Tarma, on the other hand, dreamed of being a movie star in a movie about slick cars and having his fans (raging girls, to be exact) screaming in excitement and trying to get his autograph. And Marco, finally, was dreaming about finally beating Leon at Command and Conquer-despite the fact Marco was a top-notch video gamer, he could never, ever beat the US Marine at the one game he was best in without hacking and modifying the game, which of course made his opponent quite upset. The three continued snoring like pigs, but the sun would soon change that.

Tarma's eyes soon fluttered open as the sunlight bathed on his eyes. Taking off his sunglasses, he rubbed his eyes sleepily as he took a quick peek at his watch. The quality wristwatch's needles displayed it was 9:30AM. The sight of the time made him forget about his awesome dream in an instant.

Damn! We were supposed to wake up over an hour ago! Getting to his feet, he ran over to Flynn, who was still snoring. "Wake up, old man!" He slapped him repeatedly across the face.

"No…my food! Get away!" The soldier began to kick and wave his arms in his sleep, presumably to prevent some thieves from stealing his buffet. Who knows?

"WAKE UP!" Tarma screamed to the top of his lungs and in addition, grabbed a shotgun and fired it out the open window, and the resulting BANG noise sent a small flock of birds perched in a tree flying away in fear. The shotgun blast didn't only scare the creatures outside, though…

"WAAAAAHHHH!" Marco screamed he jumped up from the sudden noise. "Holy crap, for a second I thought we were under attack!" He rubbed his eyes and noticed Tarma holding Flynn's SPAS 12. "Wow, what was that all about! Monday mornings isn't a great time to start off like that!"

"We're late!" The Asian Commando tapped his watch. "We were supposed to meet Fio outside the Pentagon by 11:30 AM, and I doubt we'd make it there in less than 2 hours!" Tarma was already rapidly gathering his essentials and luggage, for he didn't want to be late-he didn't want to give a bad impression to one of the most important figures in the Global Defense Alliance, especially when it was one of his best friend's parents. "Man, are we going to make it with less than 2 hours on the clock!"

Flynn soon awoke from the commotion, scratching his head as he sat up. "Well, today's the day, eh? We'll finally get to see that charming girl's sweet and loving parents. If my dad was still alive, he'd be proud!" He stretched a bit and noticed Tarma holding his shotgun. "Using it to wake us up was a better way than Marco's crazy airstrike siren alarm clock!" In response to his comment, Marco nervously laughed-everyone on his team had a tendency to panic whenever they heard the dreaded siren sound off. It was perhaps the fact they were so accustomed to wars, whenever they heard it, they'd think they were about to get their asses bombed back to hell.

Tarma hefted Flynn's massive crate which contained the BFG9000 and placed it on top of their other heavier luggage. "I'll have to say, Fio's old man is one proud veteran that shows respect for his fellow soldiers, even though he has a tendency to challenge us to an arm wrestle match, just so he can impress himself in front of his wife and daughter. But hey, we couldn't beat him-maybe you can, dude! He can smash both me and Marco into the dirt like it was nothing, despite his age!" He continued gathering the final pieces of luggage.

"Mr. Germi enjoys arm wrestling? Oh man, I have to meet him." Flynn laughed. He placed the SPAS 12 Shotgun into another case, similar to Leon's. Taking a quick glance at the M60 Machine Gun adorned on the wall along with his other weapons. "Think I should bring my M60, guys?"

"Why?" Marco asked. "We're not going to war, why do you need to bring your heavy artillery? The most I'd bring is my handgun, but that's it."

Flynn quickly dug out another case below the display of guns, and placed his heavy machine gun with a few extra box and belt magazines containing 7.62mm ammunition into the container. "Hey, I never leave home without these weapons, and since I'm not coming back for a long time, might as well!" He chuckled as he closed the case carefully and hefted the package like it was a light paperweight, despite the M60 weighing over 20 pounds.

"Mr. Rossi, as much as I'd oppose the fact I love to play with guns, I'd bring my customized bike if I could. This way, we could show how awesome we are in terms of friends with Fio! I'm sure her father would applaud at my customized motorcycle collection!" Tarma laughed and elbowed his friend a bit.

"Yeah, but I don't think her father will like the fact she has a gun nut on her team…"

"I HEARD THAT!" Flynn roared from the other side of the room.

In a hurry, all three men managed to rapidly load Flynn's Humvee with their entire load of luggage, but of course, the US Marine's arsenal was taking up more space than ever, but he didn't seem to mind the issue. Both Marco and Tarma climbed into the back of the armored car while their driver ignited the vehicle.

"Going to road rage again, soldier?" Marco laughed.

"Nah, but I'm going to drive fast if we're going to reach the Pentagon before 11:30." Flynn fastened his seat belt. "Better hang on, soldiers!"

"I have a bad feeling about this…" Tarma nervously spoke as he held on, hoping this guy wouldn't make them puke like mad whenever he was driving.

Eri's House

"Keep moving, everyone! We need to get to that pyramid!" Marco ordered as he pointed up to the structure as more Rebellion soldiers were rapidly closing in on them with intent to kill.

Sighing and panting from the extreme desert heat, the team of four scrambled up towards the pyramid-like structure-and to their relief, the soldiers that were previously pursuing them were actually retreating. This brought a small moment of relief and security to the team…but the question was-what exactly were they running from? Was it those giant flying seeds in the air that turned soldiers into a pile of foliage mess upon contact? Or was it toxic waste leaking in the area?

"I think we lost them." Tarma reported as he eyed them via a pair of binoculars. "But they're fleeing in fear from something and I'm sure it's definitely not us!"

"Whatever. We should use this chance to take a break." Marco placed his sidearm back into his belt.

Fio wiped the sweat rapidly pouring down from her face and gulped a bottle of water to relieve herself from the intense heat wave. "Need water, anyone?" She asked, holding out several bottles of fresh, ice-cold water.

"Don't mind if I do." Eri chuckled as she took one of the containers and drank her fill.

As the team of four was relaxing, something was approaching them quietly from the air. A buzzing noise soon filled the afternoon desert sky, and Tarma was among the first to notice it. He knew it was bad…for it was one of those dreaded mutant insects.

"Uh…guys…I think we got company!" His message came too late, however. One of the giant locust-like creatures swooped down with lightning speed, grabbed Marco, and lifted him into the sky before the team could react. The soldier desperately tried to fight the grip of the monstrous insect, but its strength was immeasurable compared to a normal human…

"Marco! NO!" Fio yelped in horror.

As they witnessed their comrade get feasted upon by the mutant helplessly, one of the man-eating plants suddenly appeared from a crack in the stone silently. It extended its jaws and grabbed Fio in one snatch.

"NO!" Eri desperately fired her magnum revolver at the plant, but it didn't stop it from feasting on the SPARROWS agent. In a couple of chews, she was done for. It was only later that she realized that Tarma had also fallen victim to another mutant mosquito. Alone and surrounded by these mutant abominations from god knows where, she could do little to fight as the last thing she witnesses was feeling 4 mutated plants tearing her apart limb by limb, piece by piece…

"NO!" She woke up abruptly, breathing in fright and desperation. "Oh…just a dream…" She muttered as she slapped her forehead. I really have to stop watching horror movies by myself before heading off to bed…because that's what I get for nightmares. Those crazy things chasing me in my sleep…even after months, those ugly mutants still haunt us…

The alarm clock rang shortly, and Eri peered over to the device. The monochrome numbers displayed on the clock read "9:40 AM".

Oh damn it, I'm going to be late again. I just hope Fio won't be mad at me…but then, she's got Leon to accompany her. Heh.

Kicking herself out of bed, she immediately got dressed, geared up and was ready in less than five minutes. This was her skill-as an extremely quick-on-the-mind individual, she could get out of bed and be ready to get going in an extremely short amount of time.

Heading into her kitchen, she quickly took a quick gulp from the soda she didn't finish from last night-there was no time to get anything to eat. As soon as the can was empty, she tossed it into the recycling receptacle and wiped her mouth, sighing from the bitter taste of the drink.

Better get moving. She headed out the door and climbed onto her motorcycle. She didn't have to bring much-for she had filled up all she needed in two backpacks. Unlike the other soldiers, the only weapon she brought with her was her customized magnum revolver. Revving her bike a bit, she carefully maneuvered the vehicle onto the road and headed off to the Pentagon.