TITLE: Its About Trust

DISCLAIMER: Joss owns Buffy, James Cameron owns Dark Angel, Davis Panzer/Gregory Widen owns Highlander, other crossovers to come. "967-5309" is from the song "Jenny (867-5309)".

PAIRING: Xander/Cordelia, Willow/Oz

RATING: FR18 for language and sexual content.

SPOILERS: Dark Angel is set at the end of season 2. Buffy is set during season 3 episode Revelations. Highlander is set after the Series, but before Endgame.

Summary: A continuation of Indian Summer. Things are realized about members of the group as Gwendolyn Post comes to town.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is based on Challenge 1405: Not so broken world submitted by Ladeia, Challenge 400: Immortal Revelation by Teri from Twisting the Hellmouth.


…Hello It's Me, I'm Not at Home, If You'd Like to Reach Me, Leave Me Alone"…

"John, hey, it's me, Jessica LaVelle. I know we haven't spoken for a long time. But, I have to tell you about our son Alexander. He's run away and I don't know where he is. Please, if you get this message, call me at (903)867-5309. I'm worried about him, John. So… if you can call me or stop in… feel free."

…Party Like Its 2099…

Xander Harris knew the others were at the Bronze because Oz's band, Dingoes Ate My Baby, was playing there that night.

But since Halloween last year, that type of music did not hold sway with him much anymore. For sure, the club would be jam packed with students from school trying to be seen. The who's who of Sunnydale High School would prowl around there pawing, pressing and driving his enhanced senses crazy with their hormones.

In Willie's Alibi Room, he could sit quietly with relative anonymity. This found him sat at the bar, a glass of scotch in hand as he watched an argument between two demons a little further away from him.

He knew they were nervous when he was around but they knew that as long as they did not try to end the world or kill and eat humans, the demon hunter would leave them alone.

He was not there long when he heard soft footfalls and a familiar scent indicated Her presence. The young man smiled and turned in his seat.

Cordelia Chase tilted her head sideways in that Max-like way she now had and said, "Hey."

He smirked in that Alec like way and responded with, "Hey, yourself."

"So the music was a little loud," Cordelia explained, "but the songs were awesome."

"You're biased because it's Oz," he said quietly as she moved to his side.

She nodded at Willie and the snitch quickly handed her a corona with a lime wedged in the lip of the bottle.

"Of course, his presence makes me biased," she said after she had taken a sip of her beer.

"Pool?" the transgenic asked with a head nod toward the tables.

"You know I won't play you in pool," Cordy said with a smile, "We're too evenly matched. No challenge."

Xander shrugged as he rose from his seat.

The pair walked over to a table in a shadowy corner for some semblance of privacy. There was no privacy to be had when everyone in the bar, except the bartender, had enhanced hearing.

"So…" Cordy trailed off as she leaned against him, her eyes closed in near bliss, "Buffy now knows what we are."

"Yeah," the young man agreed. "But at least we don't have Manticore, the Breeding Cult, or the sector police on our asses."

"Well, there's that."

…It's off to Work We Go…

Since the addition of the Slayers into the group, the dynamics had gotten interesting.

Against Xander's recommendation, there were now two groups of five. He had wanted to split the groups into smaller units, but was overruled. It was decided that both groups would have a Slayer, both groups a transgenic, both groups an Immortal, both groups a magick user, and both groups a Watcher, of course one of the Immortals did double duty as a Watcher. It was not even his decision who was placed where, which had upset him greatly.

The only thing that he liked about his group was the fact that Willow was in it. Initially, he had placed the red head in his group because he wanted to keep an eye on her. He knew she was a little power hungry when it came to her magicks. It was a small consolation that he would be able to continue to do so.

Then, to add insult to injury, Faith's group had the new, council approved Watcher: Post, Gwendolyn added to their roster. He had wanted to observe the woman and run a full background check, but had been overruled on that matter also.

Buffy backhanded her opponent while Xander performed a back flip and hit his vampire in the chin with one of his boots.

Willow sent a fire spell at her vampire while Oz struggled with his opponent.

Giles, not one to sit on the sidelines any longer, shot a few stragglers with his crossbow and lunged at another with his sword.

Buffy staked her vampire and looked around to realize that her friends, and Watcher, were fighting the creatures along side her. She frowned sternly.

Xander elbowed his vampire in the face then a fisted uppercut sent the creature back to the ground a yard away from him.

Oz had finally staked his vampire after a huge struggle and sat on the ground, winded.

Xander wondered how the second group was doing as he continued to toy with the vampire he was fighting.