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Normal POV


"Kaho-chan OHAYOU!" Mio greeted as she walked towards Kahoko

"Ah! Mio you surprised me..Ohayou"

"What's the matter Kaho-chan you're spacing out awhile ago."

*smile*"I was just thinking about what happened yesterday, it just made me happy"

"Oh! That's right, yesterday you met up with him after 3 years…What did you two do?"

"We only met at the park and chat, but he really changed, he became quite eye catching"

*grin*"Heh…? Are you falling for him?"

"HA!What are you saying? "

"Is that a no?"

Kahoko turned around to show that it is a 'no' and she saw Nao's face close to her face.

"Heh?...So Kaho is falling for my cousin?"

Kaho was shocked "GYAH!" she shouted...

"But Nao-chan, it is possible because they are childhood friends. They know each other ever since the two of them were little" Mio said to Nao, then they noticedKahoko wasn't there anymore…"K-Kaho-chan?"

"She ran away..and fast."

"But I only said that it might be true and? why are you looking at me like that?"

*sigh* "Its because you brought that topic up"

"Heh? I'm just telling the truth.."

"Lets just go to class already…Say sorry to her later"

Mio looked down and nodded.

Meanwhile…Kahoko is at the back of the school, tired from running.."Why? Why did I run?" *sigh* "What's wrong with me?"

"What's wrong with who?"

Kahoko gasped in shock and turned around then she saw Tsuchiura Ryotaro, the guy who frequently helps her as her fellow Gen-Ed student concour participant…"Ah…Tsuchiura-kun."

"? What's the matter, Hino?"

"N-No nothing really"

"It doesn't look like nothing, come on tell me."

Kahoko turned wanting to escape "Ah…Tsuchiura-kun look at the time I better go to class"

"Running away, huh?"

"W-W-Why would I run away? I'm just going to class that's all. Then I'll see you later" Just about when she was leaving… "Hino! You remember right? That you can tell me anything"Kahoko stopped and faced Tsuchiura "Of Course! See you later" After that Kahoko left with a smile on her face…

Kahoko's POV

I've got to hurry…I'm almost late, I woke up early today and still why do I have to run? Well I guess its my fault for running away a while ago from Nao and Mio… *sigh* FULL SPEED!

Several Seconds Later….

*huff huffhuff huff* "HA.. Made it"

"Kaho-chan?" Mio said

"Relax, Kaho its only homeroom.." said Nao

"Eh? Wait… What day is it today?" I asked

"Monday? Why? Could it be you forgot?" Mio said with an amused tone


NOT AGAIN! I got it wrong again! All my effort was a waste… Huh? Why is everyone gossiping?

"Hey did you hear? There's a new transfer student coming..."

"eh? really?"

"And I saw a picture of him in the faculty, HE'S SO A BISHOUNEN!"

"EH? what does he look like?"

"He has Black Hair and golden eyes and he looks really really cool with his glasses on, except he's a music student."

"Too bad for us Gen-Ed students"

"AH! I'm sorry about this morning Kaho-chan!"Mio startled me

"It's okay it's not a big deal. Mio, who is this new student?"

Mio excitedly answered me "AH! That's right! They said that there is a new student in the music department. They saw a picture of him in the faculty. Too bad he's in music department. They also said that he's a handsome guy"

"Is that so?"

Then I noticed Nao so quiet, I wonder…why?

After several minutes the homeroom teacher arrived.. Good thing I'm already finished talking to Mio…

Normal POV

This happened while Kahoko is having her homeroom


"Class this is Aikawa-kun he went back to Japan from America, Aikawa-kun please introduce yourself to the class" the teacher said to the class

"Aikawa Natsume yoroshiku onegai shimasu"

"Aikawa-kun? Can I ask a question? What are the things you like and hate?" asked the girl at the front with a flirt tone

"I don't have any particular thing I like but I have some particular things I hate" answered Natsu with a grin

"Eh? What is it?" asked the other girl beside the first girl


The Charming prince that everyone thought vanished in thin air and replaced by a huge dark aura.

Natsu walked at the door attempting to leave

"Aikawa, where do you think you're going? Just because you're a new student doesn't mean you can skip class at you first day" the teacher scolded

"I'm going to the principal…"

"What business you have with him"

*smirk* "That…has got nothing to do with you, isn't it? -Then I'll be taking my leave"

Natsu's POV

Alone at last. How annoying… greeting me with their KYAAHHHs. I wish I can meet Kaho immediately… I'm already predicting of what will happen later… I bet she'll be happy about my surprise for her… Oh..I'm here

"Old man, I'm here… Eh? No one's here… I bet he forgot AGAIN, that we'll be meeting. *sigh* Should I go back to class? No, I better not, it'll be too annoying. I guess I'll be skipping. I wish it's already dismissal…Guess have to wait, huh? I'll be patient for Kahoko"

Normal POV

While Natsume is sleeping at the school's highest place, Kahoko have to listen to the teacher's lecture…She's getting bored and thought Why do I even have to play dumb all the time? I always have to put my exams under average on purpose, so that people won't know who I really am…'The daughter of the wealthy president who ran away from home and have to live with a fake name'. I also have to cut my hair only for that reason. In the past I'm always the top student of the school…A genius, well except for musical instruments. Well, I have to say I'm thankful to Lily, for opening a path for music for me…

While Kahoko is in her own world, she didn't know that the teacher was calling her. "Hino-san…Hino-san! HINO KAHOKO-SAN!" After a shout from her teacher she went back to the real world and everyone is laughing at her.

She smiled forcefully and said "Ah..Gomenasai…Sensei" But in her thoughts Damn… I feel like another punishment from her…

Well as for Natsume, he's sleeping peacefully like Shimizu Keichii…

After an hour, the bell rang for breaktime…

Nao's POV

As expected I hear a lot of rumors about him. I have to find him, fast. Good thing I escaped from Mio awhile ago… Now, where to find that idiot….What the hell, it should be a place that is high, right?

I went to the rooftop, but he wasn't there…Wait. High places…? OF COURSE! I searched at the rooftop if there were much higher places… I finally found it. The school's most highest tree. THAT BASTARD, I HOPE HE FALLS AND HIT HIS HEAD AND DIE…

I ran faster and faster until I was out of breath…finally I reached the place.

"Natsu no BAKAA!Are you there?"

I turned my head up and I saw HIM, waking up from his sleep and asked me

"Who are you?" he asked… I'll kill him for not remembering

"It's me Nao, Kobayashi Nao."


"You Bastard, how can you forget your relatives! Come down here, and I'll be beating you up into pieces!"

How can he forget his relatives, the one he just doesn't forget is Kaho.

After that he jumped off from the branch, landing on the ground. He can really jump from high places, I mean when we were 10 years old, he jumped out of the 5th floor of the building. I just hope when he lands he dies…

"Calm down. I was just joking, uhmmm?"

"Nao! Kobayashi Nao!"

"Ha? Nao?"

"Yes! Nao! Kobayashi Nao, I'm your cousin from your father's side! Your father's sister is my mother!"

"I don't believe it… what happened to you, you look like a Bender?"

"ARRRRGHHHH! That has got nothing to do with you! And don't call me Gender Bender!"

". And? What do you need from me?"

"I'm just curious… why didn't you enroll at the same class as Kaho?"

"Cause that damn old principal doesn't want to."

"Damn old principal?"

"Yes. And I plan on surprising Kahoko at dismissal… Oh. That reminds me what class is she?"

"Kaho? She's the same class as me, Class 2-…1"*grin*

Oh, I'm so getting revenge on you. Her real class is in Class 2-2…

"Is that so? I'll pick her up later and invite her on a DATE. HEY! Don't tell her"

"haihai, wakatta" (Yes yes, I understand)

After our conversation the bell rang and I haven't eaten yet! And it's all thanks to this idiot.

"I'm going back to class. And you?"

"SKIP with all my might, good night"

"I hope you fall and die"

"It's alright, your hopes never come true anyway"

OH! I PROMISE I'LL GET ReVENGE! ..…*smirk*And I have a great plan, you can sleep all you want, AikawaNatsume…

Normal POV

Time passes like a wind, it's already time for everyone to go home…

"Hey, Kaho. Did you heard?" Nao said


"While I was walking at lunch time, I heard that the new student skipped class all day long on his first day of class."

"HA? Did he have a good reason?"

"His classmates said that, he used an excuse of meeting the principal, and never came back to class."

"Wow. Using the principal as an excuse… Well, whoever this new student is he has no right…"

"Does that make you feel you want to use violence at him?"

"Yes I do, but I can't… And you know the reason"

"Of course I do"

"Then, I'll be leaving first… Natsu said he has a surprise for me… I wonder what it is. Well I guess I'd be going now. See you… Nao, Mio…"

After that the red haired girl left with a run…Excited… for Kahoko and also for Nao…

At that time Nao is smiling, evilly. Mio is very worried about her friend…

"Uhm… Nao-chan? Are you alright?"

*nod*" Better that ever"

"You're plotting something aren't you, about that new student…"

"You know Mio, the new student is actually Natsume…"

"EH? Then that surprise is…"


"Then your plot is… that?"

" Yup."

"…He said something to you didn't he? What did he call you this time?"

"Gender Bender…"


"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Mio laughed loudly

"It's not funny" Nao protested


…. Well it's a long laugh for Mio… As for Natsu, he is at Class 2-1

"Excuse me…Where is Kahoko?"

And the person he asked was AmouNami, the press club member who often gets the "Juiciest" articles.


"Hino Kahoko"

"Ah… You're on the wrong class, AikawaNatsume-san"


"She's on class 2-2"

Damn that gender bender…Natsume thought

"Thanks" Natsume left with a sigh…

Well as for Amou, she went to her bag and gets her camera and notebook…Plotting to stalk the new student…

"Hey! Nao! I think you don't know where your class is. As expected from you."

"That was my revenge…"

As the two met up, the classroom is filled with a dark aura coming from the two of them…

"You two never change…" Mio commented

"So… where is Kaho?"

"I said that she should leave early today cause worthless things will happen later on" Nao answered as she smirked…

"I'll deal with you later" Natsume said coldly

*grin* "I'll be waiting…" well if you ever will survive…Nao whispered to herself

Kahoko's POV

I was at the entrance door of the school… I excitedly leaving and cannot wait to see Natsu…

But suddenly behind me a greet came,

"Kaho-chan… your going home?"

"ah. Hihara-senpai, Yunoki-senpai and Shimizu-kun"

"Konnichiwa, Kaho-senpai…" greeted Shimizu-kun, he is the same as ever… I don't know what I will do if Shimizu-kun turned into Hihara-senpai character…

"Aren't you going to practice for today Hino-san" asked Yunoki-senpai politely… well also with his sparkling background…

"No, I'm going to meet somebody…but I practiced during breaktime so I'll rest for today"

"Who?" asked Hihara-senpai curiously looking at me

"My childhood friend, he is quite good-looking but very nice…" I think, he used to bully Nao when we were kids…

"HEY, Tsukimori. Wait!"

A follow-up came, Tsuchiura-kun and Tsukimori-kun… they never get along, as always.

"What's wrong Tsukimori-kun" I asked as soon as he is walking and getting closer.

Tsukimori-kun stopped and so as Tsuchiura-kun. Tsukimori-kun turned to Tsuchiura-kun and said…

"I don't want to do a duet with you at the concert"

"Who wants to pair up with you!"

"Then why did you accepted?"

"I accepted it as a compensate for breaking the window."

"Then why did you purposely broke the window?"

"That's why I told you I did not do it on purpose…I just kicked the ball too hard"

The two fought and fought (not physically violence)… And then suddenly I heard running footsteps…What is it this time…

The person stopped in front of us… And called my name familiarly.

"Kahoko!" as he said to me almost running out of breath… MATTE!


Before he spoke again he took a deep breath and came closer.

Everyone was silent as he was walking.

He smiled at me and said "Surprise!"

I was really happy… that Natsu will be studying at the same school as me.

I didn't hold back. I quickly wraped my arms around him and….


Did you liked it? Well I hoped you did…It's quite long, but bear with it