Chapter 5

Eyebrows lowered he reached down and grabbed the pocket watch pulling it up to his face and held it for a few minutes before setting it down on the blackened remains of the table next the chair. Then reaching into his new pants pocket he pulled out a piece of paper. Holding it up to the light revealed a scrawling script made up of letters that were angled and close together. Eyebrows scrunched up his eyes began to move slowly back and forth.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I would like to inform you that I have destroyed all references to your 'abnormality' and to let you know that I was the only one working on you. The nurses were informed that you had an irregular heartbeat, which is true, but nothing else. I personally know what it is like to be the centre of unwanted attention though not to your extent, but I care for your privacy and could tell right away by your reactions that you had seen your fair share of hospitals and unwanted attention and so I thought it was best if nobody was informed. If however you wanted such attention and publicity, I apologize. I hope you never again have the need of medical attention and I wish you the best of luck.


Dr. Carson Beckett

He closed his eyes, opened his mouth and let out a breath of air. He sank further back into his chair and his body went limp. His eyelids began fluttering, his mouth opened, and a moan escaped. His head began moving back and forth and his arms made several unsuccessful grasps of the material beneath his hands.

"Stop. Please stop."

His fingers were burrowing into the material, clenching onto small handfuls of the half-destroyed chair and pulling them up. The air was full of the sound of ripping fabrics.

"I don't want it. Stop it, the pain is too much."

"No. No. no."

Suddenly his grip eased and as his head fell, his arms reached up to grab it. A muffled sound wafted from behind his hands and after a few minutes, the sound stopped. He sat there with his hands covering his face for the longest time until he heard voices coming from outside his house. With a repeated sound, he moved his hands away from his face, stood up, and went over to the charred remains of the window shades while remaining out of the light coming through the shades he peaked out at the mass of people outside.

"Not again"

A bunch of nonsensical words tumbled out along with a few words that the mass outside would have frowned at, he went back to his chair and sat in it.

"How can I escape? How can I escape?" came out of his mouth, though the words only seemed to reach his ears. After a few minutes, his lips drew up his face and his eyes widened. He quickly stood up and pulled out his wand. Waving it around in a complicated pattern a huge pile of greenish brown goo appeared that covered the floor.

He then used his wand again in a different pattern and the goo began to coalesce and rise up building a column in the centre of the room. When all the goo had been consumed in the pillar that now stood 9 feet tall. He waved his wand again at the floor and a new pile was formed around the base. After another wave, it began to harden forming a rough square. More goo was placed around the edges and it began to form small columns that twisted around each other until it formed a solid wall that came together to form a point with the small columns stretching towards the top of the centre column.

Stepping up to the wall, he began to weave his wand and silver and gold threads began to wrap around the structure with different runes appearing around the outer edge of the structure. Stepping up to one of the sides he waved his wand and it began to pull apart forming a diamond opening that continued to expand until it left three feet of the floor exposed. He then walked into the structure.

The inside of the structure was bare as it was just the frame. Waving his wand at the central column more goo appeared and began moving up and then out around the pillar forming a sort of table. After another wave of his wand more golden and silver threads began weaving around the column and suddenly the central column began to glow brighter and brighter until with a giant silver flash the room became pitch black. Then suddenly a small green light began glowing at the base of the column. The light began growing in intensity until it formed a small sphere.

Then thin green lines began spiralling up towards the table and once it reached it the lines began moving out covering the underside of the table like structure. Suddenly the structure began bubbling. The bubbles began to get bigger and higher in some places before they froze.

He walked over to it, looked down at all the buttons and levers all over the surface, and smiled. Waving his wand a chair was created along with a railing running around most of the structure. Waving his wand at one side four racks were created to hold many clothes and on the opposite side and bathroom complete with a shower, Jacuzzi, sink and a loo began to grow out of another pile of goo. Turning to the opposite side of the door and with a wave of his wand a bed began growing along with a dresser.

After several piles of goo were laid out between him and these creations, they began to form walls in the similar manner to the outer walls. Then these rooms began to move away from the centre enlarging the room. With another smile, he walked back outside and then with another wave of his wand, a rainbow of colours began spouting out of his wand and began curling around the structure and more runes began appearing as the outside walls began flickering and the colour and shape began changing. It disappeared then reappeared, turned into a police box and then a small thatch house. It then turned into a sleek object with wings and blue emitters on the back before returning to its original organic look.

Harry's mouth widened showing teeth with a light yellowish tint. He waved his wand and after a complicated pattern, tailored trousers, plaid boxers, shirts, jeans, hoodies, trainers, a brown suit with blue pinstripes, a light blue shirt, several different ties, a few trench coats, socks, dressing gowns, blazers, morning coats, breeches, shoes, stockings, cravat, waistcoat, petticoat, and other types of clothing began materializing and then flew into the structure.

He strode forward into the machine, went into the contraption, walked up to the centre console, with another wave of his wand a computer screen appeared and four cables snaked out of the console station and attached themselves to the back of the screen. With another wave of his wand, a keyboard was formed and one more snaked out of the console station and connected with the keyboard.

His mouth widened again and placing his left hand on a button and his right on a lever. His left hand pushed the button down, the right pulled the lever down, and then the whole contraption began shaking. After a large shake, his whole body swayed before toppling to the ground still with his mouth open and for the first time, there was light dancing in his eyes. He made no move to get up shortly after a low whine began sounding and the column in the centre began lighting up. The green lights began turning on starting at the console and rising up the column to the roof. The lights would turn off after a few seconds and the process continued until the whine reached a fever pitch and then with a final groan and shake the machine shut down.

Jumping up he quickly rushed to the doorway and opened it. The area outside was chalked full of people dressed in coats and trousers and moving in and around tents. Music was heard playing as well as an excited voice. Rushing back inside he ran over to the racks and selected several clothes that looked like they would fit the culture and ran outside.

Looking back, he found himself staring at a horse and carriage. Smiling he turned back and walked over to the bunch of tents. There looked to be a man out front speaking to a crowd that had gathered outside.

As he got closer, he began to understand what the man was saying. "Step right up ladies and gentlemen and for a few Pfennigs you can see the wonders of the world. Take a journey into your soul in the hall of mirrors or watch the amazing max dazzle your eyes with magic. As he reached the group and as he looked up at the man, it was plain that the words coming out of his mouth were not coordinated with his lip movement.

With the edges of his lips high on his face he strode up to the man and after a cautious wave of his hands he pulled out a couple of Pfennigs he counted out the right amount and gave it to the man.

"Very good sir though you seem older than my usual crowd and alone too."

"Yeah well I never got a chance to see one in my youth."

"Well than enjoy yourself while you still can. I'm sure that you will find more about yourself than you could ever imagine." As he walked away from the man, he barely heard the man say, "That poor, poor man, such a lonely and painful childhood and such a lonely future but it will all be worth it in the end."

He chuckled as he reached the magician. "He looks so much like Dumbledore complete with his beard and wacky clothing tastes"

One of the girls was telling Max that magic does not exist. Then as if to prove her wrong, Max showed them an empty hat and asked the girl to feel around in the hat and to see if it was indeed a normal bowler hat. When she finally nodded her head, he then pulled out a rose and placed it in the hat and then with a few words and a wave of his hand, he reached in and pulled out a live bunny rabbit and then he showed her the hat, which was indeed empty. The girl was left speechless. Muttering to himself "he must be a wizard as that was totally transfiguration," he left.

The next tent had a sign with House of Mirrors painted on it. The lad at the door looked at him and spoke in a deep voice, while his eyes were full of flickering lights.

"Step right up and see your true self this House of Mirrors will lay everything bare, make you face your fears and enlighten you all at the same time."

Shortly after the lad was done talking, his shoulders lowered and his legs began slowing down as he slowly made his way into the House of Mirrors. Many candles lighted the room yet they seemed to only light the mirrors and the glow from the mirrors on both side of him were enough to outline him but not much else.

He continued to look at both mirrors as he trekked down towards the middle of the tent. As he went, he began to shake more and more and eventually he began to whisper no's. the mirrors continued to only show a man with bright green eyes and a handsome face smooth and free of blemishes. In the middle was a half circle of mirrors and once he reached it he began to really shake and his eyes widened and he shouted out a no before turning around and running out of the tent his eyelids completely retracted and his mouth wide open yet no sound came out.

He tore past the startled lad at the door nearly hitting him, running out to his carriage, and opening the door he climbed inside and shut the door. He slumped to the floor his eyes still wide open and his chest heaving slowly ever so slowly his breathing slowed and his eyelids closed.