It never failed to amaze Dean as to how well Lisa reacted to situations like these. Almost like deep inside she had always known there was more to reality than what met the eye, supernatural existed.

So when he pulled in front of her...their house, he wasn't nervous...much. He carefully carried a soundly asleep Sammy out of the car, when Lisa appeared at the door.

She intently eyed the sleeping kid in his arms, still half wondering if Dean was trying to pull some sort of a prank on her. It helped that Sammy's features hadn't changed much over the years, if anyone looked really close it wasn't hard to see Sam in the little Sammy in his arms, Dean thought.

"It's really him Lisa."

"Wow! you weren't kidding." if anything Lisa now looked more excited than surprised.

Both of them leaned forward for a small kiss, "Nope, even I couldn't have dreamt of this."

"But how did it happen?" She asked.

"Will tell you all about it." they both made their way into the house.

Dean gently deposited Sam on the living room couch and covered him with a throw, while he and Lisa talked softly in the kitchen. Ben was out on a baseball practice.

Dean filled her in on all the details, about Cas's lack of eloquence and how thankfully the situation was temporary.

Dean almost choked on his coffee at Lisa's response, "This is fantastic! I could give my left arm to relive some days with a four year old Ben."

"What? No no you don't understand how dangerous this can be."

"What do you mean?"

"He's so small and vulnerable. Anything bad could happen." Dean reasoned.

Lisa signed, "I understand both of you have been through a lot, but bad things can happen otherwise too Dean, don't destroy this moment by fearing the worst."

For a second Dean wanted to retort but couldn't, now that he thought about it, it made sense...

"Besides, he's just soo adorable." Lisa said compassionately looking over at Sam from where they were sitting.

"Makes me wanna...i don't know...make more babies..." She purred softly looking at Dean suggestively. It was the second time Dean choked on his coffee in less than an 10 minutes.

They heard some rustling, Sam was waking up.

Lisa excitedly jumped from her stool making her way to the couch, "He's up." ...oh women and their estrogen...Dean thought shaking his heard, he smiled and followed Lisa to the living room.

Sam was now sitting up, looking around a little disoriented, probably surprised that he slept through being moved out of the car and into the house.

Lisa crouched in front of him," Hey are you feeling sweetie...I'm Lisa...and guess what, I have some candy for you." Lisa was now holding out her hands to pick Sam up in her arms.

Oh damn he'd forgotten to tell her that Sam was still his adult self...Sam drew back with an expression that was partly horror and party confusion..Dean busted out laughing.

"Oh and Lisa, Sam's still mentally 28 year old even inside."

Lisa's face fell with disappointment, quickly replaced by embarrassment.

"Ohh ...Oh God, I'm sorry...I could never have imagined."

Dean was still busy laughing when Sam replied, "Its alright, wow atleast you believe its true."

"Are you kidding, living with Dean, soon nothing would surprise me at all." Lisa said.

"How you feeling kiddo?" Dean asked, putting a palm to Sam's forehead.

"Fine." Sam replied, unconsciously scratching himself again.

"The itching must be bothering you, how about I run an oatmeal bath for you. It had helped Ben." Lisa was already moving to grab all that she needed for it.

"No no its alright, I'm don't have to bother." Sammy quickly said, looking uncomfortable at the thought.

Again it looked like Lisa's expression fell.

"I think its a good idea, you should give it a try atleast Sammy." Dean said, taking a seat next to Sam on the couch.

"And its really no trouble at all. It'll just take a few minutes." Lisa poured a glass of milk and brought it with a jar of cookies and kept it on the table in front of them.

"Help yourself to this till then, you must be hungry."

Dean immediately reached for the cookie jar, "Thanks honey." Lisa slapped his hand away, "I meant Sam."

Sam again looked like he was shying away and uncomfortable, "Um...still 28 year old inside remember."

"But your body is four, so stop complaining already!" Dean added.

Sam huffed and mumbled, "wasn't complaining..." but took the glass of milk Dean was now holding out for him.

After a few minutes Lisa came back to announce that the bath was ready.

"Thanks Lisa...Sammy's fever is back...should take him to see a doctor, his body is so young I don't want to take any chances...God knows when Cas is gonna be back." Dean said in a worried voice.

"Oh for God's sake Dean, stop fussing...I feel fine, I don't need another hospital visit." Sam said now exasperated of being treated like a child.

"There's no harm in being sure Sammy."

"Sure, I'll call for an appointment, Ben's pediatrician is a friend, and more over her child was among the kids you guys rescued along with Ben that she knows about both of me she'd be more than willing to help and repay the favor in someway." Lisa said.

"You think we should tell her the truth, that the kid's actually a shrunken adult?" Dean asked.

"Eh...maybe not...we'll just say he's your nephew and is staying with you because his parents haven't had chicken pox...we can say the same thing to Ben...that reminds me...I have to go pick Ben up from practice...Sam you really should start with the bath before the water runs cold."

"Thanks Lisa." Sam said.

"I'll be back in half an hour and then we can go to the clinic." Lisa said while putting on a jacket.

"Oh you don't have to come, I can take Sam...just give me the address."

"You sure?"


"Okay...see you guys in a bit...and Sam please help yourself to anything you need."

"Thanks Lisa..again." Sam replied, a little overwhelmed.

And she was out the door.

"Okay buddy lets hit the bathtub." Dean said.

"I don't like this Dean...I don't like taking favors...Lisa shouldn't have to bother so much." Sam told Dean.

"Sam, Lisa doesn't look at it as trouble...for some weird reason she seems to be enjoying it...I know her so I can quit worrying...and stop scratching!"

Sam made his way into the bathroom...Dean followed him...

"What are you doing?"

"Making sure you don't drown." Dean replied matter of factly.

"Dean!" Sam tried to sound it like a threat but to see a 4 year old try that only made Dean grin harder.

"Oh com'n Sammy enough with the modesty...who do you think gave you your baths when you were four the first time around." Dean was already crouching in front of Sam, unbuttoning his shirt.

"I can do it." Sam said it with a whine.

Dean hadn't heard Sam whine like that in a while...He almost relented, but it had to be done...he tried a more gentle approach," Please Sammy...let your big brother help you huh? How else would I become the most awesome big brother..."

"Oh man!" Sam sighed but stopped struggling against Dean.

What do you know...he was slowly starting to enjoy taking care of his little little brother...Lisa was might indeed be a gift...

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