Kitty Bennet's Side of the Story

Sometimes my older sisters make me mad. First, Jane marries Mr. Bingley; the second richest guy in town. Then Elizabeth marries Mr. Darcy, the richest guy in town. Uggh. I'm jealous, they not only fell in love, but with sweet, kind, rich men. And lucky for them, the men returned their affection. That's just plain annoying. After they got engaged, I had to listen to six months of "Darcy this" and "Bingley that" Sometimes, I wish I was the oldest. Or second oldest. Then Mamma would brag about me at tea time, or I would get sonnets from an adoring husband, like lucky Elizabeth and Jane. All I have are some annoying village boys, and they aren't even my age. Even my twin, Lydia is married! To a soldier yes, but still happy! Someday, I'm gonna fall in love, then Jane and Elizabeth might just envy me. Ha! I'll show them…hey, who is that man over there? He's new! Hey (waves offstage) wait up! (runs off)