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Unknown Command Post

In a dark throne room, there sat a blue humanoid figure on a seat fit for a king. Wearing the traditional crown and robes, the figure was contemplating on the war that was waging between his people and those pathetic beings called humans. It was their fault to have come into their sector without permission and the one thing his people won't stand for, is others showing aggression when his people have shown none. The humans disrespected his people's sovereignty and thus, war was the only logical step. Yet, it seems as if he had underestimated these humans and their intelligence. Thanks to two of their most brilliant minds, his foes had created weaponry and technology powerful enough to stem the early momentum his people had gained and now, the humans were pushing back and winning the war. It would not be long before they get to the home planet and ask for surrender, which the king would never agree to. They must destroy the one brilliant mind that started all of this, they must go back. As the king was looking over the details of the covert mission, his most brilliant scientist rushed into the throne room.

"MY LORD!" Dr. Hodges exclaimed as he bowed before the king, "We have done it my lord! Due to months of research and development, we have finally succeeded in creating the T-1000 unit."

"Excellent Dr. Hodges," the king said, "Are the protocols set and ready for the unit to travel back to the year 2010?"

"Yes my liege. Furthermore, the unit has already morphed into someone the target will trust without question. T-1000, come in here for inspection!" ordered Dr. Hodges.

As the order was given out, a woman with short hair wearing a sundress stepped into the throne room. Her facial features and body look very human, but deep within its core was nothing but heartless machinery. As the king compared her to the picture of the woman the unit was mimicking, he smiled with approval.

"Excellent, she is perfect. What about vocal software?" the king inquired.

"T-1000 unit, speak!" ordered the scientist.

"I am here to serve you, my lord," the unit said as she bowed down to her lord and master.

"It's an exact replica on the voice. You have outdone yourself Dr. Hodges. Now T-1000, travel back 500 years on board the S.S. Tipton and make sure to eliminate the one who has made the Spartanian Race into the laughing stock of the entire universe!"

The termination unit nodded as it accessed it's time traveling program and filled the room with electricity as it disappeared from the room, hurtling itself throughout time and space.

"Soon, the timeline will shift and the human race will be reduced to nothing, but slaves to their Spartanian masters. Then, we will torture every single one of them, starting with the non-existent scientist's closest kin and allies!" declared the Spartanian Warlord as he belted out a menacing laughter that rang throughout the command post.

Earth Main HQ

Washington DC

"COMMANDER! COME TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!" a science officer said as the commander of Earth's forces walks over to the officer's screen and looked at the readouts.

"This can't be!" the commander exclaimed as she double checked the readings. "According to the scanners, it shows that the Spartanians have sent an android back 500 years in time."

"Why would they want to send a unit back so far in time?" questioned the scientist.

"I'm afraid I know the answer to that, but I need to confirm my suspicions. Officer, pinpoint the exact location and time the unit is being sent back to."

"Yes ma'am!" said the officer as he began to compute the figures. It didn't take more than five minutes before he finished his calculations and gave the hologram statistics to the CO. As the commander looked at the results, she had absolutely no doubt who the target was and what the Spartanians were doing.

"Officer, please contact Agent B immediately and have her come into my office. I have a mission for her," The Commander said as she walked back to her office.

"Yes ma'am!"

Commander M's Office

A young woman in her late twenties wearing a white blouse and black vest with a dress skirt and 2 in heels walked into the commander's office. She was about 5'3 with a slim, but tone body that allowed her clothes to hug her curves, but look professional at the same time. Her light brown hair was long and straight, with the ends reaching to the small of her back. This diminutive woman may look meek and innocent, but her enemies have learned to never judge this book by its covers. She was Agent B, one of the most feared agent the Earth's FBI ever had. She has even surpassed one of her ancestors, a known legend within the FBI, but the agent was too modest to ever admit it. As she stood in front of the commander's desk, announcing her arrival, the commander swung her chair around, putting down an old picture of 4 friends together, and met the agent eye to eye.

"Computer, please lock the door and make sure no one either hears or disturbs us," Commander M stated.

"Yes commander," the computerized voice said as it began to make the room very private.

"You wanted to see me ma'am?" the agent asked as she stood alert.

"At ease Agent PM. Yes, it appears that the Spartanians have discovered the critical figure in turning the tides of this war," the commander said as she handed the readouts to her subordinate.

As she read through the report, the agent was in complete shock with the findings. "THIS CAN'T BE! How did they trace the bloodline?"

"The family bloodline is well known in Earth's history, even some of its more infamous moments. You of all people should know that better than anybody."

"I understand, but all of this seems unreal. What are we going to do?"

"We are not going to do anything. You, however, must travel back in time to prevent the terminator unit from completing its objective and changing the timeline. If it succeeds, the world as we know it will cease to exist."

"Yes ma'am. Do we know what unit was sent out?"

"Yes, their new T-1000 unit. Its body is constructed of liquid metal alloy that allows it to shape shift into any person it has seen before either in person or pictures. The unit has already downloaded the images and voices of the target's closest friends and family, allowing itself to infiltrate the target's circle. The good news is that with this device," the commander said as she handed the agent a pair of glasses, "you can see through the shape shifter's disguise. There was an oddity in the programming. Supposedly, the unit's only objective is to kill the target, while making sure the others survive. You will see in the file who the unit has decided to mimic."

As the agent turned to the picture of a woman whom she had seen dozen of times before in old pictures nodded her head, "I see. At least I know the actual person will not be on the ship."

"Yes, that is the fortunate part, but be forewarn agent, this will probably be the hardest mission you will ever face."

"I understand ma'am. May I ask a question though?"

"What is it?"

"While there, may I at least make sure a certain someone never is able to produce descendants?"

"AGENT B! You may not do any thing to disturb the timeline!"

"BUT COMMANDER!" the agent whined, which was very unbecoming of a federal agent for Earth, "His stupid idiot of a descendant was the reason why we are even in this war in the first place. Granted casualties have been at a minimum, but at least this way we can ensure this war never happens."

"Making sure that he will not be able to reproduce may not prevent the war from happening," the commander answered wisely, "You're smart enough to know one small change of events may cause unforeseen consequences. That is why Earth's military leaders never considered that an option. We are only doing this now because we are being forced by the Spartanians."

"I know," the agent said as she hung her head, "I just wanted to take a whack at him for helping to produce such an idiot."

The commander smiled, "Trust me dear, you weren't the only one in history that has ever wanted to do bodily harm to him. His descendant is sadly, just too much like himself when he was at that age."

"I just hope like his elder, the little brat grows out of it. If there is nothing else commander, I will be leaving now."

"No, just be careful. I want to see you back here safe and sound with the timeline intact."

"Yes ma'am. I'll see you soon. I love you grams," the agent said as she input the data into her time watch, which opened a worm hole into the past for her to step through. As the agent disappeared into the worm hole, the commander began to have tears in her eyes.

"I love you too baby girl," as the commander picks up a picture of four friends on a cruise ship, two guys and two girls, with the two girls in the middle and their boyfriends on the side, all hugging each other and smiling.

"She'll be there to protect you all, I know it," the commander said as tears began to fall onto the glass of the frame.

Who is the help from the future? Will she be able to prevent the termination? Who is the target? Find out next time.