AN: Well guys, this is the end of this story. I hope you all enjoy it. I may do a sequel where I go into the lives of the four after the birth of Bailey Pickett-Martin II. Let me know if you guys want that.

June 2011

Sky Deck

The day had finally come and for some, it was a day that few expected them to reach. It was Graduation Day and the proud parents of every graduate in the Seven Seas High program was there. The most notable for the four friends were their parents and loved ones. For Zack and Cody, not only was Kurt and Carey there, but some of their close friends from Boston as well. Friends such as Bob, Barbara, Max, Tapeworm, and Mark, friends that they had to leave behind when they started their journey out into seas, friends that they will always remember when they return home. For Bailey, the entire Pickett clan made sure to be attending the graduation of quite possibly the smartest one in their family. From her two parents, nine sisters, and various brother-in-laws, nieces and nephew, Bailey was happy that in such a big family, this day was focus on her. As for London, not only was Mr. Tipton in attendance for his only daughter's graduation, but he was there alone, no security, no new wives, just himself, for he knew that all of his attention should be given towards London on such a significant occasion. Yet, London had others there to support her as well, including Maddie and to some extent, Carey, Moseby, and Tutweiller, who all had a hand in raising the young heiress. As the four finished getting their diplomas, they all met together for one group hug.

"I can't believe it! I actually made it!" Zack said as he beamed proudly, much to delight of his three close friends.

"As much as I give you grief about it Zack, I'm proud of you man," Cody said as he gave his twin a proud look, which was something Zack had always wanted from his little brother.

"Thanks bro," Zack hugged Cody before letting go and put an arm around London, "And I'm proud of you babe. You graduated from high school AND you're going to college."

"Yeah and not because of her father's money either. See London, you do have the potential to be smart as long as you focus," Bailey said as she smiled at her roommate of 3 years.

"Thanks to the support you and Cody gave, how could I not graduate?" London said as she gave Zack a kiss on the cheek for his kind words earlier.

As the four friends continued to chat, they were soon called to attention by Carey, who felt they had enough time to themselves.

"Hey! I know you four have gotten a lot closer in these three years, but don't you think you should extend the celebrations with the rest of us?" Carey asked with a smile on her face, proud of her little men for achieving another milestone in their young lives.

"Sorry mom!" the twins quipped together, causing everyone else to laugh.

"Alright, let's get the four graduates together so that we can get a picture. Marion, would you do the honors?" Ms. Tutweiller asked as she handed the camera to her boyfriend.

"It'll be my pleasure Emma. I'm so proud of all of you, especially Zack and London," Moseby said as he steadied the camera.

"Thanks Moseby!" the two replied as the four gathered together, with Zack on the left, London and Bailey in the middle, and Cody on the right. As the picture was taken, you could see the bright smiles on the faces of four people who had bright, individual futures and one future together as they say good bye to the ship that was their home for the past three years.


It was beautiful spring day in Boston, Massachusetts as a woman was standing in a room, looking at herself in the mirror. Today was the day, it was today that she was about to be a Martin. After so many years with her boyfriend and being in love, they were finally going to be one. As she continued to smile at how she looked, her soon to be mother-in-law and best friend came into the room, seeing if she was ready.

"Honey, are you all set? We're ready to start and your father is outside waiting for you," Carey said as she made the final touches on the bride's veil.

"Yes, I'm still a little nervous, but that's to be expected right?" the nervous bride asked.

"Of course you're allowed to be nervous. Today is a day when you stopped being an individual and start becoming a family with the man you truly love. Things are going to change, but as long as you two love each other, those changes will mean nothing," her maid of honor said as she helped the nervous bride calm down.

"How is he?" the bride asked about her lover.

"He's fine. As nervous as you are right now and fidgeting to no end. Of course, knowing his twin, he's giving him nothing, but grief over it."

The bride begins to laugh at the thought of her soon to be husband and his twin brother, always teasing each other, but always loving one another at the same time.

"He better not go overboard or else in a month, he'll understand what payback really means."

"Please don't remind me about that right now. I'm still getting every little detail completed."

"You'll be fine. I mean the bride was in your position a month ago and look at how today turned out. Plus, it's not like your fiancée isn't helping," Carey commented.

The maid of honor scoffed, "Oh yes, he's been a big help alright. I think sis would agree exactly how I'm feeling right now."

The bride nodded, "Trust me sis, my twin wasn't any better."

"In any case," Carey injected, trying to defend her sons, "We better start now or else my son is going to think you left him standing at the alter and end up soiling himself."

Both the bride and the maid of honor grinned at the thought, "Can we wait just a few more minutes?" both said with a evil smirk.

"You two are horrible," Carey said as she laughed, leading both ladies towards the chapel.

After the ceremony

"Alright! Let's get the wedding party together for a picture!" Kurt shouted as he tried to gather the group together.

"Hey dad!" the groom yelled towards Kurt, "Do you mind getting a picture of just the four of us?"

Kurt could only smile at his son's request, "You know, the four of you should just start taking all your pictures together. I swear you four are inseparable."

"We had one just like this for graduation on the SS Tipton and we want to make sure there is always a picture of the four of us during the important moments of our lives," the best man explained to his father.

"I know buddy, I know. I'm just teasing you four. Ok now the bride and groom get in the middle while the maid of honor stands beside the bride and the best man beside the groom. Okay, perfect," Kurt instructed as he took the picture.

"Thanks, dad," the bride said to her new father-in-law.

"My pleasure honey," Kurt said as he hugged the bride of his youngest son, "and welcome to the family Bails."



Zack smirked at the threat his sister-in-law was shouting, knowing full well she was letting the pain talk.

"Um Bails, if you want to go through with that threat, you might as well do it now since you're squeezing Cody's hand to death," Zack remarked, earning him a well deserved slap up the head by both his wife and mother.

"You know what she meant!" admonished Carey as she shook her head at her eldest son's propensity to joke.

"Zack! You'll know what this is like in a few months!" Bailey shouted as they all knew that London was currently 6 months pregnant with twins.

"Not to mention you'll have twice the fun," Cody gritted out, trying to do anything to block out the pain of his crushed by via his wife's grip.

The doctor was currently looking into Bailey's covered nether regions, trying to help Bailey along with the birth.

"Okay, now Mrs. Martin, I need you to give me a few more pushes. Your contractions are right on top of one another and the baby is going to come out soon ok?"

"I'll try…" Bailey said as she felt herself drained from hours of labor. Cody planted a kiss on Bailey's forehead and smiled at her.

"Come on sweetie, just a few more pushes and we'll get to see our little bundle of joy," Cody said as he tried to console his laboring wife.

After a few more bouts with the contractions and Bailey pushing with all her might, they finally heard a loud crying sound as the doctor brought out a wiggling and wailing baby.

"Congratulations you two," the doctor said to the couple, "you have a healthy baby girl."

The nurses cleaned the baby up and gave the baby to her parents, who were looking at the baby with adoration. As the doctor and nurses cleared way, letting close family have a little alone time with the new arrival, Zack and London stood next to the bed where Bailey was lying on, smiling proudly as they were now uncle and aunt to the new baby.

"What are you naming the baby?" London asked as she started to make cooing noises to the little one.

Bailey looked up at Cody, both smiling, knowing exactly what to name her.

"I think this little one deserves to be named after the woman who saved her daddy's life almost ten years ago," Cody said as he smiled at the baby. Both London and Zack looked at one another, smiling and knowing exactly what name the couple has chosen.

"So…" Mrs. Pickett wondered as she looked at the new parents, "what is the baby's name?"

"Bailey Pickett-Martin the II, named after the wonderful young woman who came from the future to save her daddy from being killed," Bailey said as she began to rock the little one gently. As the four friends were paying attention to the baby, Carey had brought out a camera for such an occasion and snapped the picture. It showed mother and baby together with the father and loving uncle and auntie, all four of whom will make sure that the baby and others born in this family will always remain safe and secure.


It had been a couple of days since Agent B had returned to her own time and now she was currently in her Gramps' lab as her Grams and others were working tirelessly to restore her Gramps back to his true self. With the body being returned to them, it had only taken a day to rid the entire body of the virus and make sure that nothing else was tampered with. Agent B was currently held by her fiancé, Greg Anderson, as the two along with others in the Martin clan look on, waiting for the return of one of their own. Once everything was completed, her Grams threw the switch, transferring Cody Martin back into the body he had been inhabiting for well over 400 years. As the download was completed, Cody's eyes started to flutter open as he began to sit up, looking around the room.

"Cody? Are you there?' Bailey asked as she approached her husband.

Cody turned towards Bailey and smiled, "It's good to see you again sweetie. It's been too long."

"CODY!" Bailey yelled as she jumped and hugged him tightly, feeling the warm embrace of his arms for the first time in almost three years.

Zack and London walked over to the couple, both smiling.

"Buddy, it's so good to see you up and about again," Zack said as he patted Cody's shoulders lightly.

"You're home Cody, you're finally home," London said as tears began to come out of her eyes.

"It's great to see you two again as well and Zack, great job in making sure the Spartanians knew the truth."

"I've learned bro, I've learned. Some times it's best if violence isn't used."

Cody nodded before he was jumped by a young woman in her late twenties.


Cody could only chuckle at his descendant as he hugged her back, "I'm glad to be home too Little B. Thank you for going back to save me."

Agent B shook her head and laughed, "You and Uncle Zack defeated the T-1000, not me."

"Yes, but not without your help though."

As Agent B continued to hug her Gramps with her Grams, aunt, and uncle standing next by his side, Greg took out a camera and took a picture of the wonderful sight before him. As the holo picture was shown back to Greg afterwards, he smiled.

"As General Zack said many years ago, there has to be a picture of the four of them for each important event in their lives. Yet, in this case, five is more appropriate."