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Twelve Years Later...

Jon walked up the garden path to his house. The simple, boxy structure sat on a hill over-looking the small human colony, of which he was president. The house, with its big windows and efficient, logical design was nearly twelve years old - built shortly after Enterprise had destroyed the delphic spheres and averted the Xindi Attack on Earth.

After that, Jon had decided the crew could not risk corrupting the timeline further by returning to Earth. With T'Pol's help, he had instead found an M-class planet with no humanoids and a temperate climate where they settled and built a community. Schools, farms, businesses had begun to flourish. When it wasn't on trade missions, Enterprise orbited above and protected the colony.

The settlement remained largely human, but a few local aliens had settled there as well, some of them pairing off with humans. There had been problems now and again. Labor disputes. Arguments over trade. But for the most part, the colony thrived.

But it was work keeping it all together. He could not have done it without all his former senior officers, especially Trip and T'Pol. Trip was in charge of all the colony's engineering, from the building of roads and schools, to power systems. T'Pol, meanwhile, used her exceptional organizational skills to see to it the colony was well-organized and efficient. She designed the school system, planned the colony's layout with room for growth and even developed resource strategies.

T'Pol managed to do all that while balancing the demands of motherhood. It hadn't been easy for her, carrying five healthy, pointed-eared children to term; it would have been impossible without medical intervention from Phlox and Liz Cutler. There had been a few disappointments along the way, but overall, things had gone better than Jon and his little family had dared to hope.

The four oldest had come from eggs retrieved from T'Pol's first pon farr. They hadn't planned to have any children after her second cycle, but Phlox said that the technology had improved and they should consider it. So, they had been blessed with Charlotte, only just five, who was practically a replica of her mother—so much so, neither Jon nor Trip knew for sure who her biological father was. When Jon had inquired, Phlox had merely smiled enigmatically and asked why it mattered.

The doctor had been right. It didn't matter. Both Charlotte's fathers loved her and all the children equally, raising them as their own.

Henry and Elizabeth greeted him at the door, hugging him and chattering about their day, especially imminent their school trip to Enterprise. At seven and eight respectively, their enthusiasm was infectious. Out of the corner of his eye, Jon noticed five bags lined up at the door. T'Pol had insisted regular trips into space be part of of the school's curriculum, so the colony's children would grow up accustomed to space travel. The harsh reality was that Enterprise would need replacement personnel eventually. The ship's remaining compliment was already stretched thin; so it was agreed that the colony's children would begin training on ship's systems as teenagers. The idea of compulsory service had not yet been ruled out, though Jon wished they could find another way.

"Lorian gets to do his first zero g training," said Henry, his voice hinting at jealousy as his hazel eyes glanced at his older brother. The boy had a sense of adventure that was going to be trouble, once he got a little older. He already wanted nothing more than to go live on Enterprise someday, serving under his uncle, Captain Reed. Jon was never sure if he was more proud or terrified by the idea, wanting to keep his children out of harm's way for the rest of their lives.

"He'll be able to tell you all about it so that you'll be ready for next year," replied Jon, affectionately rearranging the boy's brown hair as he smiled over at Lorian, who had hung back. Aside from the Vulcan posture and pointed ears, their oldest was the spitting image of Trip. It was hard to believe he'd just had his tenth birthday. He had definitely inherited his mother's eye for detail and organization. He was popular with the settlement's other children, and Jon imagined he would one day be the colony's future leader.

Lorian greeted his "Daddy Jon" with a nod. "I'll be sure to do that," he replied. "I'm also planning on sending you, Trip and Mother regular updates about all our endeavors on the ship."

Jon smiled as he noticed Elizabeth's slight eyeroll, "We'll appreciate that. Any special plans, Lizzie?"

Elizabeth instantly beamed. "Dr. Cutler said I could help her paint a mural in sickbay!" Jon noticed she sported two blond braids that were too neat and orderly to be the work of her other father. She was the artist of the family, always drawing and painting. T'Pol had ambitions that the girl would become an architect, but both Jon and Trip thought she might just be the colony's first fine artist. Regardless, those blue eyes of hers already had Jon anticipating that boys would be trouble in a few short years.

T'Mir stepped forward. "Anna Hess is going to allow me to assist her in Engineering," said the girl. "Daddy Trip said he thinks I can be of great help." Their second oldest at nine, T'Mir's green eyes sparkled with a passion that betrayed a penchant for warp theory that would have made her grandfather Henry Archer proud. Jon suppressed a laugh. In contrast to Elizabeth, her brown braids were definitely the work of her other father. Not that he could've done any better himself; braids that wouldn't come undone were T'Pol's domain.

"All good," replied Jon, "Just make sure you all complete your lessons as well."

"I'll see to it," replied Lorian, and Elizabeth returned to looking annoyed.

"You'll especially have to keep an eye on Charlotte, since it's her first time away." Jon looked around. "Where is Charlotte?"

"She forgot her teddy bear," replied Elizabeth. "She's looking for it."

At that, Trip appeared in the doorway carrying Charlotte, plush brown bear clutched to her chest. "Henry? Any idea how Teddy ended up in one of my work benches?"

Henry's eyes widened, and he blushed. "I put it there for safe keeping."

Moving toward Jon, Trip shot their son a dubious but amused look. "Uh-huh. Isn't that what you said about your socks last week? And Lizzie's doll the week before?"

Jon suppressed a chuckle at Henry's sheepish look. The boy knew he'd been beaten. He turned his attention to Trip, who gave Charlotte a squeeze. "Alright, darlin'. Give daddy some sugar." Charlotte obliged with a peck on the cheek, which Trip returned with a raspberry, sending the child into squeals of laughter as he passed her to Jon.

"How's my girl?" asked Jon, "Excited to be going into space by yourself?"

Charlotte nodded furiously, just as her mother appeared from the kitchen. T'Pol had taken to dressing more Vulcan, letting her hair grow long and braiding it, but this night her hair flowed freely and she had chosen to wear the purple human style dress from years ago. She was stunning, but certain nuances that would only be visible to him and Trip clouded her features; Charlotte may have been excited, but T'Pol most certainly was not. She had expressed reservations about Charlotte going on the school trip, given her young age and her deep attachment to all three of her parents.

"You're going to do just fine. Your brothers are going to look out for you, right? And Uncle Malcolm and Uncle Matt will also be there, in case you—or Teddy—need anything." Jon said the words to Charlotte, but he was really speaking to T'Pol.

T'Pol sighed. Charlotte desperately wanted to join her siblings, and Reed and Hayes had jumped at the chance to take care of her. They were considering adopting a child to raise as their own, and they had decided taking care of Charlotte would make a great practice run. Charlotte would be staying with them, while the older children would be staying with their classmates in specially set up dorms.

"It's about time for the transport," said Trip, "Everybody grab your bag."

The kids all scrambled to retrieve their duffels, including Charlotte, whose bag was a bit smaller than the others' so she could easily carry it.

"Have fun, guys," said Trip. He was all smiles, but Jon knew Trip was a little sad to see them go. He felt the same way.

"Have a gratifying journey," said T'Pol, who nodded to each of them, still looking worried when her eyes fell on Charlotte.

"Don't hesitate to communicate, if need be," said Jon. After that, it was all goodbyes before Trip contacted Hess and each child transported in turn. Jon marveled at how unafraid they all were. But then again, they had all been transporting since before they were born. It was a normal, if not common, part of their lives.

T'Pol was staring at the space where her children had been.

"They'll be fine," Jon assured her, "including Charlotte."

Trip approached T'Pol and gave her an affectionate squeeze. "And we have the house to ourselves for three whole days," he said, shooting a devilish look at Jon.

Jon smiled, but he also realized how tired he was.

"You should rest," said T'Pol, who clearly sensed his exhaustion.

"Maybe he needs food," said Trip. "We've got dinner going. One that doesn't appeal to kids."

Jon smiled at that, unconsciously spinning his wedding ring around with his thumb. Its presence had become a part of him, but he liked to remind himself it was there from time to time. Trip and T'Pol each had one identical to his, simple platinum bands they began wearing very shortly after her first pon farr. There had been no ceremony—with the presence of the bond, each of the partners had agreed that they couldn't possibly be any more married than they already were. Only a note in the ship's log and the appearance of the rings commemorated their change in marital status.

He was looking forward to some alone time with his husband and wife, though he missed the brood already. Even after all these years, he was still amazed at how well their unusual family had worked out. From time to time, Phlox reminded him just how beneficial to the colony's gene pool it was the T'Pol had children by more than one father. That may not have been the reason they came together, but it was certainly a benefit. Beyond that, the three of them - and the rest of the colony - had come to see their triad marriages as normal as Andorians or Denobulans saw their marriages. Given the necessity of gene diversification and the fact that men outnumbered the women, group marriages simply became a part of the colony's culture.

"You sit down," said Trip, bring Jon back to the present, "I'll get you something to drink while we finish dinner."

Jon sighed. He wanted to offer to help, but he'd been in an all day labor dispute meeting and he was wiped out. He just didn't have the energy he once did, though T'Pol saw to it he took care of himself. Must be getting old, he thought wryly, noting that these days there were more and more streaks of white in his hair. It wasn't fair that Trip was only getting a little at the temples. Regardless, if he was going to make the most of their evening, he need to rest. He let Trip and T'Pol finish the meal, which the three of them then enjoyed at a very leisurely pace. They finished an entire bottle of wine as well, as Trip and Jon found their way to the big, living room couch. Their eyes asked their unspoken question when she didn't follow them.

"I'll return shortly with another bottle," she explained.

Jon moved to get up, but Trip held him back.

"You heard the lady," said Trip as he ran a finger down the back of Jon's neck, "She wants us relax."

Trip pressed harder, and Jon gasped. After all these years, Vulcan neuropressue still hit the spot.

As his body relaxed, Jon leaned in and covered Trip's mouth with his own, enjoying the taste of the wine as their tongues entwined. Trip pulled Jon into his strong embrace, and Jon melted against him. Jon's hands ran down Trip's back and grabbed his ass, clutching it tightly.

After a long while, Jon opened his eyes to see T'Pol standing behind the couch, bottle in hand, watching. He continued to kiss Trip, knowing just how much their wife enjoyed the sight.

She finally approached, placing the bottle on the coffee table and sitting down behind Jon, so that Trip and T'Pol faced each other with Jon in the middle. Although very conscious of her presence, Jon continued to kiss Trip. T'Pol lazily began running her fingers up and down Jon's back, and then almost suddenly, Trip shifted and pushed Jon back into T'Pol's arms. Trip broke their kiss and gently moved Jon's head so T'Pol could give him a slow open mouthed kiss.

Jon sighed contentedly at T'Pol's warmth against his back as he leisurely explored the contours of her mouth. Trip shifted to straddle him, and now Jon was pressed between their bodies. He moaned, breaking the kiss with T'Pol as his aching erection felt Trip's own arousal pushing into it.

Almost simultaneously, Trip leaned forward and T'Pol reached up so their mouths met in a deep kiss.

Jon's chest tightened as Trip began to rub against him. The soft sighs and moans were almost enough to make him come as Trip and T'Pol kissed over his shoulder. Jon was determined to make it last, however; tonight wasn't about getting each other off quickly and quietly without waking the children. Tonight was about the three of them.

Before Jon could think any further, Trip's mouth was again on his...then T'Pol's, and they exchanged a slow, leisurely kiss, three tongues twisting and caressing, building the pressure in each other's bodies.

T'Pol's warm hands found their way between the two men, and she rubbed Jon's erection through his pants before undoing the clasp. Trip and T'Pol broke their kiss, both looking down. Trip moved back slightly and helped her pull out Jon's dick.

Jon moaned at the sensation of cool air against skin, and, with a mischievous grin, Trip wiggled downward.

"Trip, I don't know if I ca...oh, god..." It took every shred of control Jon had left to not come the moment Trip's mouth closed around him. In self-defense, he distracted himself by sliding his hand back and under the hem of T'Pol's dress.

He slipped his fingers under her panties, finding her hot and wet. She moaned in his ear and clutched him tightly. While Trip's cool mouth continued to devour him, Jon craned his neck so he could kiss T'Pol as he caressed her.

The dual pleasure of giving and taking kept Jon from going over the edge, at least for a while. But when Trip was getting too close, Jon gestured for him to stop. Trip got the message, crawling up Jon's body to join in kissing T'Pol.

Jon's world was the sensation of bodies pressed into his and the chorus of panting and soft moans in his ears. Lips and teeth nibbled ravenously at his mouth. Amidst the chaos of it all he felt Trip's finger slip in beside his. Jon opened one eye just long enough to exchange a look with Trip, and a pact was made.

Before long, T'Pol was sighing raggedly, raking her hands through each of her husbands' hair as they worked her in tandem. Each had a finger inside her, fluttering and sliding against her most sensitive places. Jon's body ached to come every time his finger brushed against Trip's.

But Jon kept control of himself as he concentrated on pushing T'Pol over the edge. He soon recognized the contractions around his finger, and she moaned and spasmed beneath them. By now, the two men knew exactly how long they could continue to extend her pleasure before gently removing their fingers. T'Pol sighed deeply, eyes closed, and Jon reached up and put his finger in her mouth.

As she obediently sucked his finger clean, Trip placed his finger in Jon's mouth, and he did the same. Jon's eyes met Trip's, who grinned mischievously. They both knew they weren't remotely done with T'Pol. They had just begun.

"You wanna move this party into the bedroom?" asked Trip.

"You read my mind," laughed Jon.

T'Pol breathed in and out, feeling exhilarated. Jon had laid her gently down on the bed, and now she saw her two husbands standing over her in silhouette. She knew their keen human eyes could see her better in the low light than she could see them, and she inhaled deeply in anticipation of their attentions.

T'Pol closed her eyes, sinking further into the mattress. Her body quivered as one pair of hands teased her nipples through the silk of her dress, another pair feathering its way up her thighs under the hem. Instinctively she drew her legs up, inviting those hands higher still. A mouth descended upon hers in a smoldering kiss—Trip, she knew from his taste.

His cool tongue explored her mouth, and Jonathan's hands began slowly pulling down her panties, moving the delicate silk over her legs before tossing them aside. She returned Trip's kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and clutching at his hair as Jonathan peppered kisses up her legs.

Trip broke the kiss and reached around to undo the clasp of her dress. Jonathan grabbed the hem and pushed the skirt above her waist before kissing the inside of her thigh. Trip then pulled the dress up over her head, so she was naked. Trip looked her over, smiling slightly as Jonathan pressed his tongue between her legs.

T'Pol cried out at the jolt of pleasure surging through her veins, her body tightening from the momentary sensation of free-fall. Trip showed her no mercy, cupping her breasts and drawing first one nipple, then the other into his cool mouth.

Jonathan continued licking her, exerting just the right amount of pressure. Her thighs quivered and she placed her feet on his back. Trip rained kisses up her collarbone and neck, and finally her ear. He blew in it gently, causing her to shiver. "That's it, baby, I want to see your face when you come for Jon."

T'Pol's fingers clawed into the duvet. She was fighting the inevitable, trying to make it last beyond reason. She felt Trip's hand caress her cheek, gently pushing her head toward him as he kissed her tenderly on swollen lips. "Open your eyes. Look at me, baby."

Jonathan penetrated her with one finger, then two, pushing harder with his tongue and pulling with his lips. T'Pol obeyed to see Trip's smiling eyes, dark with passion and desire as he watched her screaming and writhing in climax.

Jonathan gave her no time to recover. He removed his fingers and crawled up her body, spreading her legs even wider. He positioned himself just right as he filled her body with his erection. T'Pol gasped and Jonathan's gaze met hers.

For a long time, he didn't move. He just smiled at her as he enjoyed the feeling of being inside her - a feeling he shared with her. She glanced over at Trip who was watching them but making no move to join them.

T'Pol, on the other hand, needed to feel Trip. She reached over and unbuttoned his shirt with as much calculated Vulcan efficiency her post-climatic haze would allow. Tossing it over the edge of the bed, Trip leaned down to kiss T'Pol as Jonathan began to move inside of her.

T'Pol reveled in the feel of Trip's bare chest covering her as they kissed, Jonathan continuing to build blissful tension within her with his every move.

Her flesh buckled with sudden cold as Trip sat up. Her momentary disappointment was abated as she watched Trip pull Jonathan into a deep kiss, working to free him of his shirt as well.

Jonathan moved faster and faster as Trip managed to remove Jonathan's shirt, flinging it aside. Trip then got on his knees and began caressing Jon's back. T'Pol pulled Jonathan close to her and watched as Trip's hands moved lower and slipped beneath Jon's pants and began kneading his ass.

Jonathan moaned into her ear and caused her to shiver. He arched upward to created space between them and Trip shifted so he could reach between their bodies. Trip's fingers found her clitoris and began to skillfully taunt her. She gasped at the spasms of pleasure that rocked through her body, closing her eyes. As she climaxed around Jonathan, he removed himself from her body, leaving her feeling empty.

T'Pol squeezed her eyes shut, a conflict of disappointment and ecstasy playing out within her. She heard rustling, soft grunting, and kissing noises. Before she could open an eye she cried out, full again before the waves of her climax had fully dissipated.

She wrapped her legs and arms around Trip, pulling him close to her. He whispered lovingly into her ear as he began to move inside her. She opened her eyes and saw Jonathan had gotten to his knees and was gently tracing random patterns Trip's back.

T'Pol was drowning in emotion and sensation. No longer able to anchor herself to reality, she let the blissful current of the bond pull her under. She felt at one with both her mates in such a way that transcended logic and emotion.

Trip was engulfed by pleasure, as sure as he had been engulfed by T'Pol's hot body. He and Jon had been taking turns for what seemed like hours, giving T'Pol as much pleasure as they could. Thanks to the bond, he knew she'd reached the state of meditative perfection - where her body, mind and katra were balanced and at peace. She shared these sensations with her mates through the bond, and the joy of it simply washed through his mind.

Jon had been resting at their side, but he got up and began touching Trip's back. His movements mirrored Trip's at first, then Jon began to set the pace, slowing Trip down as his hands moved lower and lower.

A strangled moan of anticipation found its way from Trip's throat. He knew what Jon was about to do. Trip wanted—no, he needed—Jon to join him and T'Pol in the most complete way possible. The three of them had to be joined in body, as they were in mind and katra.

Jon's hands moved lower and lower, feeling cool and pleasant in contrast to T'Pol's hot body as they massaged Trip's ass. Trip's stomach tightened in anticipation, and his eyes locked with T'Pol's. Trip winced as Jon's cold, slick fingers touched him. Trip breathed in and out, carefully relaxing as Jon's fingers worked him open.

Trip stopped moving inside of T'Pol for just a moment. Her eyes shimmered as she waited expectantly, lips parted as her chest heaved. Trip felt Jon's dick press against his opening, slowly, carefully sliding in.

Three cried out as one.

Hours later, T'Pol awoke. Flanked by both her husbands, she felt protected by their cool embrace. The euphoria they had created earlier had dissipated, but the sense of tranquility had not.

It was pleasing to spend time alone with her mates. She missed her children of course, but all of them would one day be grown and out of the house, with lives and mates of their own. But she would have Jonathan and Trip for as long as they lived. The bond between the three of them was forever, and out of it they had created a most beautiful life.