Okay, this is the challenge:

I set my mp3 on shuffle,

Using the title of the song as a prompt I write a drabble

I only have the length of the song in question to complete it…

Wish me luck…

Tik Tok – Ke$ha

In two minutes time it would be his and Wilsons three year anniversary. House honestly couldn't believe that it had already been that long since he'd admitted to Wilson that he loved him. Looking down at the sleeping oncologist's peaceful face, the tick-tock of the bedside clock informed him that two minutes had passed and it was now midnight. Pressing a gentle kiss to Wilsons neck, House snuggled against his side.

"Happy Anniversary, Jimmy."

Best Friend - Aqua

As House was leaning on the balcony wall outside his office staring out into the city below him, his gaze turned towards James Wilsons office. He was packing up his briefcase for the day, and would soon be knocking on his door to offer him a ride home. House sighed, smiling as his friend knocked over a pot of pencils in his haste to leave. He'd long since submitted to the fact that he, Dr. House, had a crush on his best friend. Whenever he saw him, something tickled in his stomach. And later on their way to the car park, as Wilson flirted with a nurse from radiology and subtly touched her arm, House wished that he was that girl.

My Heart – Saint Deamon

The heart is the most important organ in your body. Without it, you'd be dead. My heart belongs to James Wilson. In a way, it always has ever since I met him in New Orleans. You'd have to invent a new measurement of distance so I could show you how much I love him.

ABC – Michael Jackson

"What is 'A' for, Greg?" Blythe House asked her 3 year old son, struggling not to laugh when he blew a raspberry at her in response. If this was her husband teaching their son his ABC's, a joke like that wouldn't go down as well.

"No, Greg, a raspberry doesn't start with an 'A'..." Actually, it was her opinion that Greg was to young to start learning the ABC, but as usual, her husband knew best. Blythe held up an apple in front of Greg. "Now, what does 'Apple' start with?" The boy frowned, a look of pure concentration on his face. Then he smiled.


Inside the Fire - Disturbed

The fire had pretty much swallowed everything. The rug that we got in Shanghai, the couch, all of our textbooks, everything. And it was getting closer. I didn't know how much longer we'd be safe in the bedroom, I could practically feel the flames licking at the door. I thought that we'd be alright, huddled together underneath the duvet on the floor. I was holding an unconscious Greg against my chest, though thankfully he appeared to be coming around as his arm was twitching.

I yanked the duvet off of us and took in the fact that smoke was now seeping through the gap underneath the door. Greg moaned into my neck as I lifted us both off of the floor and dragged us towards the window, thankful that we lived on a one-floor apartment. With my right arm occupied with keeping Greg upright and against me, I only had one hand free to fumble with the lock on the window. After several attempts, all the while glancing back at the door, the window was open as wide as it would go. As if on cue, the door was eaten by the flames, letting a mammoth amount of smoke in. Quickly, I kissed Greg on the head, before lowering him out of the window and onto the grass. Taking one last look behind me, I jumped after him.

As soon as my feet touched the ground I scrambled over to Greg, who was looking around. His arms were outstretched towards me as soon as he saw me, and I gathered him up in my arms. Stroking his face, I bowed my head to kiss him gently. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the sirens of the fire engine in the distance. I didn't have a clue where we'd stay after this, but it didn't really matter as long as we were together.

The Fight – Shiloh

When we decided to go out for the evening, I had no idea that it would end like it did. Greg took me to dinner, and then we decided to sit in the park for a while. One thing led to another, and Greg & I were necking like teenagers on one of the benches. Until a bunch of drunken students walked past us and dragged Greg off of me before kicking his thigh and stamping on his chest, shouting homophobic remarks as they did so. I never knew that I could punch so hard that the kid went flying, sending his buddies running. Greg was clutching his chest in agony, tears running down his face. As quickly as I could, I sent for an ambulance, and held Greg in my arms while we waited for it.

We Die In Dreams – Gothminister

I bolted upright, sitting up in bed and trying to get my breath back. That was the scariest, freakiest and downright most horrible dream I've ever had. Looking to my left, I breathed a sigh of relief. Jimmy was here, with me in our bed, alive and well. Not being ripped apart by zombies while I look on in horror. Settling down under the covers, I pulled his arm over me and snuggled into his chest. That's the last time I watch Shaun of the Dead before I go to bed.

Coming Undone – KoRn

To watch him come undone underneath me – now that's something that will stay with me to the grave. His eyes widen as I thrust deeper into him, sending waves of pleasure down his spine and mine. Hearing his words turn into nothing but inane babble as I stroke his prostate. Nope, I definitely wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.