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Face Up – Rush

"You want to what?" House whispered. He and Wilson were lying on the bed, both of them clad in their boxers. Wilson raised a hand up to rub his thumb across his lovers jaw before repeating his question.

"Instead of seeing the back of your head when I bang you, can you face me?" It wasn't exactly how he said it the first time, but Wilson was getting impatient. House swallowed, before nodding. As Wilson crawled up his body, a nervous laugh escaped his lips before they were claimed by the younger man.

Hot Hot Hot – Bina Mistry (from Bend It Like Beckham)

The heating was broken. Just Houses luck for it to happen on what seemed to be the hottest day of the year. Both he and Wilson had resorted to wearing their boxers around the flat, and had agreed that if it was still sweltering by the time they went to bed they'd sleep in the nude. Normally, the fact that he was close to melting wouldn't piss the older man off – but he was incredibly horny. When House informed Wilson of this fact, he didn't get the exact response he was after.

"You've got to be kidding. I'm sweating my ass off just standing here! Anything like that and I fear we'd both drown!"

"What if we do it in front of the fridge?"

Here Comes The Boom – P.O.D.

Staring right into the eyes of the man in front of us, I was absolutely terrified. Greg on the other hand was more interested in the gun he was pointing at us. I didn't want to die, not now – not when Greg & I had only just started our relationship. We had so much to do together; it seemed unfair that this was happening. The man wanted us to hand over all of our money – we'd only gone to the bank to open a joint account, it would be just our luck that a crazed gunman chose to come there too. When I saw the man disable the safety on the gun, I grabbed hold of Greg's hand. And just before he pulled the trigger I yanked him to safety behind me and felt the bullet sink into my chest.

I Can't Dance – Genesis

With his head resting on my shoulder and my arms wrapped gently around his waist, I felt quite content. But that was irrelevant – what mattered was how Greg was feeling. I knew that he was angry, upset, confused and lost; and it pains me to see him hurting. He lifted his head, and I physically felt my heart ache when I saw the salty tear tracks on his cheeks. Softly, I kissed both of his cheeks before he lowered his head back onto my shoulder. Keeping one arm around his waist I let my free hand travel upwards to cradle the back of his head, running my fingers through the short strands of hair. Slowly, I began to sway us from side to side in an attempt to slow dance. Gregs' arms came up to clutch at my shirt and he let out a shaky breath before shuffling his feet along with my sways, moving with me.

"I thought you couldn't dance, or did you just say that because we were at my parents' anniversary party at the time?" I whispered, and let out a breath I hadn't realised I was holding when Greg smiled against my neck.

Happiness is a Weakness – The Hot Melts

If my life has taught me anything, it's that happiness doesn't last. Showing that you're happy was a weakness I couldn't afford to let show around my father when I was growing up - which is why now, curled up against Wilson in his bed, I'm afraid to smile. This is what I've wanted for a long time and now that it's finally happened I don't know how to react. The man must be psychic, however, as he looked at me and said, "You can't hide it from me, Greg - I can tell that you're happy. Come on; let me see that smile!" I did just that.

Starstukk – 30H!3 & Katy Perry

"So, you like what you see?" It was a dumb question, and he knew that – he just didn't know what else to say in the silence. Greg had taken us to the park, dragged me over to the lake and laid us both on the grass. The sight staring down at me was breathtaking; hundreds – no, thousands – of stars shone brightly in the sky, without a cloud in sight. Turning to my right so I could face him, I smiled.

"It's perfect." I whispered, before running the backs of my fingers across his cheek.

Just The Way You Are – Matt Cardle (X Factor)

"It's hard to believe that Wilson puts up with you when you're such an ass!" Taubs' earlier words kept repeating themselves inside Houses' head. The older man couldn't stop thinking about them as he drove home, and as a result he almost knocked the trash can as he pulled his car into the drive. When he walked into the living room, a photograph on the table caught his eye. Picking it up, he smiled when he saw it was of Wilson, who had his arms around House. Something inside of him told him to turn it over, so he did. On the back, Wilson – House recognised his doctors scrawl anywhere – had written 'You're amazing, just the way you are'. A smile played upon his lips as he read it. Wilson, who was watching from the kitchen, approached his lover and embraced him from behind. House covered Wilsons' hands with his own, and erased Taubs' words from his memory.