Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Diaries or any of it's characters.

Author's Note: So this is my first fanfic in the world of Vampire Diaries. But last night's season finale was just so EPICALLY AWESOME that I had to write down what I thought was going to happen next. I know the first chapter is short, but it's just to set the mood and see what you guys think!

Damon stood in the woods, just a short distance from Elena's house.

He was very confused.

He replayed the last few minutes in his head, and ran his fingers over his mouth. That kiss…

There was something strange about it.

The Elena he knew…no, she would never do that to Stefan. He had wanted to kiss her…but if he really thought about it, would she have kissed him back?

As much as he wanted to believe that she liked him as more than a friend –and he was pretty sure that she did- it came down to the fact that Elena was a good person. With morals. She would never turn her back on Stefan. Not so quickly.

And definitely not for Damon.

It's late. You should probably come inside.

Damon stiffened. Jenna had invited Elena in.

He thought back again, closing his eyes. Elena's lips on his…he had held her face, his fingers brushing her neck. He frowned…her neck. There hadn't been a necklace…

He looked back towards her house. Elena would have never taken off the vervain necklace that Stefan had given her. Especially not tonight, when the vampires had been running around.

And Elena, usually so put together…had looked slightly disheveled. As though she'd just come off a long journey. Her hair had been messy, her face pale…

Damon's hand clenched into a fist of its own accord.


Without a second thought, he super sped back to Elena's house, crashing down her door in the process.