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Chapter 7- Secrets

After what seemed like many hours of running and awkward silence, Ichigo started to slow.

"Maybe we should take a break..." he suggested to his panting friends before falling to the ground and sitting Indian style. His friends hesitantly followed, as the awkwardness of the Visored news still hung over them. That is, it hung over Chad and Ishida; Ichigo barely seemed to notice.

"Uh, I'll go on lookout for any hollows..." Ichigo said awkwardly as he scratched the back of his head. The others simply nodded slowly. However, Chad and Ishida looked at each other worriedly when Ichigo Sonidoed away from them.

As soon as he knew Ishida and Chad couldn't see him, Ichigo headed for the Gillian forest.

"I wanna try out that Resurreccion on some hollows!" he said with joy to Ogichi.

"No." Ichigo stopped in confusion.

"Wait, what? Why?" his hollow rolled its eyes and sighed.

"Do ya think those little ones were the only kinks in this thing? Yer Resurreccion ain't ready for combat yet, moron! Ya try ta do somethin' as simple as a cero, and you'll blow up!"

"Uh, okay... I guess I wont then- I'll just eat up!" Ichigo laughed as he ripped off a piece of the nearest Gillian and ate it. After a few, he abruptly began returning to his friends, now rejuvenated from his meal. Halfway there, he sensed a strong hollow reiatsu coming from where his friends were. He Sonidoed as fast as he could to their location and saw a giant hollow that seemed to be made of sand attacking his friends.

Ishida was summoning up his Quincy bow when something else hit the sand hollow. A large area of sand was now missing from his shoulder, but was regenerating from the red blast. Before he or Chad could even turn around to see its source, Ichigo was up by its head firing another cero at the beast. Ishida could have sworn he saw Ichigo put something in his mouth before he finished off the hollow, but decided not to push the subject until later. As the hollow disintegrated, Ichigo landed next to them with a smirk.

"You're a horrible lookout." Ishida stated as he pushed his glasses to his face. Ichigo chuckled.

"Guess I missed one..." he said as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"Maybe we should get going again..." Chad interrupted, startling the other two who had forgotten his existence and also ending the awkward discussion.

"Uhhh, Yeah! Let's do that!" Ichigo agreed, quickly turning to run. "Last one there's a rotten hollow!" he screamed joyfully, holding back a chuckle when his hollow rolled its eyes. The others hesitated for a moment before following their odd friend, still pondering what was so different, other than the hollow powers, of course.

They had been running for a while longer when the awkwardness of the silence(which Ichigo hadn't noticed in the least bit) had reached its peak. Ishida looked to Ichigo, only to see that Ichigo was practically in his own world- his eyes were completely out of focus and his face was emotionless.

"Ichigo," Ishida said loud enough to knock Ichigo out of his trance. The hybrid shook his head and stared at Ishida in confusion.

"Huh?" he said as his eyes returned to focus. Ishida pushed his glasses against his face and sighed.

"What did you eat when you were defeating that hollow?" he asked accusingly. Ichigo choked on his spit before changing his expression to pure shock.

"W-what are you talking about?"

"When you were fighting the sand-hollow, you put something in your mouth; what was it?" Ishida repeated. Ichigo's face went blank as he searched his mind for an excuse that would work. After a minute, he sighed and turned back to Ishida.

"Well, I-" he was interrupted by a small green haired child tumbling over him and knocking him over, soon to be followed by two medium sized hollows.

"Awww, you guyth caught me! No fair! I bumped into thith-" the heavy lisped girl looked up into Ichigo's curious face. "Who are you guyth?" she asked curiously looking at the three friends.

"That's what I should be asking! Ichigo said in annoyance, but Ishida cut in.

"Perhaps you can help us with something..." Ishida began as they introduced themselves to one another( the hollows' introduction being the most obnoxious, as they all disagreed on their group title)

After a long argument about how bad soul reapers are and how the only reason Ichigo was not evil was because of the part hollow, the little girl Nel and her crew agreed to take them to Las Noches on their pet BawaBawa- a very large caterpillar-like hollow. And thus began the real torture- I Spy.

Okay so incase you wanted to know, when Ichigo ate something, it was part of the hollow, obviously. Also, when he was spacing out, he was actuallly helping his hollow with his Resurrection (Which is extremely difficult to fix, btw- they got rid of like 2 defects in an hour.)

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