Hello, everybody! How are you doing? I'm still a frakking mess thanks to a combo of spoilers and previews. Gawd. I just want to pull the band-aid and get whatever happens over with. Now, for my new multi-chaptered Chair fic… It's AU. Chuck and Blair are in their late twenties, and this chapter is a little vague because it's the setup chapter and more will be revealed as we go. Here we go…

Blair stood in the elevator watching the numbers count up as she headed towards her own personal hell. She was dressed to perfection with not a square inch of skin revealed below her jaw line. It was her own personal suit of armor, and she needed it for what was to come. She needed to show no weakness, even while she might be driven to begging. He'd enjoy that too much.

The doors opened to the top floor that held nothing but his offices. It was late, past ten, and while the main reception was empty, she could still hear people milling about as she walked down the long central corridor towards his personal office. She almost wished some lackey would stop her, come out and tell her she wasn't supposed to be here, but fate just wasn't on her side lately, leaving her with this man as her last resort. Without a pause, she opened his door and walked in, taking a seat in one of the high backed leather chairs that sat before his massive desk. She placed her purse neatly in her lap, her legs crossed at the ankles, folder her hands neatly in front of her, and then she waited.

He sat behind his desk as if he had been waiting for her, and knowing what an ass he was, that's probably exactly what he had been doing. He slouched low in his chair one elbow on the armrest, with his head propped in his has as he contemplated her. He held silent, and so did she, each wanting the other to make the first move. Blair broke first. She had more, if not everything riding on this conversation, whereas he had nothing to lose. Blair hated being in that position because it left her close to zero bargaining power.

"You have to know why I'm here."

He gave a minuscule nod. "You do so command the front page…"

"Then I won't mince words. I've take all legal action, I've exhausted every resource I have, and I can't fine him."

"I told you not to marry him…"

"And I told you, you have no right to tell me what to do. You never wanted it, so you never had it." Blair said coldly.

Chuck leaned forward, his head cocking to the side. "And yet you're here, asking me for help…"

"He took my son."

"So I heard…"

"I want him back, and I'll do anything to make that happen." She paused, looking Chuck dead in the eye. "Anything."

Chuck inhaled deeply and fell back in the chair with an air of satisfaction that made a near snarl curve Blair's lip. "Just spit it out, Bass. What do you want?"



"Perhaps I should be more succinct. I want you in my home, in my bed, with my ring on your finger."

"No…" She said, slightly shaking her head. It was too much. Chuck being Chuck, she had expected that his compliance would involve her performing any number of sexual favours on him, but he couldn't be proposing something as vile as this. "You can't mean…"

"I've never known you to be dense, Waldorf, but I'll spell it out to be clear. I remember a younger version of you telling me how important family was, and at this stage I'm inclined to agree. I wouldn't help an old friend out with something that was so time consuming and at such a financial cost to myself… However, for my wife… I would do whatever it took to bring her son home."

"I don't buy it. What's in this for you?"

"How sad that you believe you've so decreased in value that you as my wife wouldn't be price enough…" He mocked her, his gaze sliding over her. "But… I have to say, given your position in society and sterling reputation, as far as everyone else knows… Having you as my wife would pave the way with a few nervous share holders for me to merge my empire with Bass Industries."

Blair rolled her eyes and scoffed. "So your manwhore ways are holding you up from finally getting your hands on your Daddy's company… How tragic."

"Now, now… Mrs. Bass… You would benefit from that too…"

"I'm not marrying you, Chuck. Too much has happened." She bit out.

"I'm sorry… you seem to have had a memory lapse… I believe you said anything, and my idea of anything is you, as my wife." He looked at her and saw the war inside of her. He could practically see her wheels turning as she tried to come up with any other resource of getting her son back.

With rage in her heart she got up and stormed out of his office, but she didn't go far. She struck the lamp off his secretary's desk, and began to rapidly pace the length of his personal reception area.

He sat there listening to her quick steps pace outside his door. He hadn't been completely honest, but when was he ever completely honest? It would definitely smooth the way of his takeover of Bass Industries, but that was a minor bonus. He also had started putting the search for her son in motion the moment he'd read about his disappearance in the paper. He would have found him for her anyway, but why bother letting her in on that fact? This deal would give him everything he wanted. Blair Waldorf, totally under his power, his control, and on his own terms.

She hated him. She hated her ex-husband. She hated the whole situation that put her in this place where she had no other option than this. These were the thoughts that roared through her head, until one image stopped them all. His face; her little boy's face that she hadn't seen in nearly two weeks. She knew Chuck was her only remaining option, and also the only one that had a hope of being successful.

She marched back into his office, and she was quick to notice his chair was now spun away from her. She imagined that he stared out over the city they both loved, and felt like its and her master tonight. This was driven home to her as she saw the small velvet jewelry box laid purposely out in the centre of the desk.

She barely paused to look at the large, vintage diamond engagement ring, before she shoved it onto her left ring finger and threw the empty box back onto the desk. Not wanting to see his gloating ass of a face, she turned on her heel and headed for the door. His words halted her bare seconds before she could make her escape.

"You'll hear from me soon."

She paused looking over her shoulder to find him now turned to face her. Their eyes met and the weight of their past, and everything they knew and didn't know nearly choked them, but the cat and mouse game was now over. Chuck Bass had well and truly caught Blair Waldorf this time.

TahDAH! Okay this chapter was admittedly short. Some of you who have read my stuff before would probably point out that all my chapters are short, but what are you going to do? That's my style? Also… once again, this is an AU story. Their history is very much the same as the show… probably up to the whole Jack and the Empire deal, but I'll flush that out as we go. After that though I'm taking their life a little differently, and will explain a lot of what has happened between them over the past ten years, when they were together, when they were apart, why she married another man, who this other man is, and more. It's all rambling around the edges of my brain, so we'll see what comes out. Hope you like it!