"What is that?" Tawni asked to the air, only to be accompanied by a sea of people pushing past her. The cast started to become a little disoriented, but Sonny, being Sonny, decided to make the best of it.

"Hi, I'm Sonny," she said to a few people passing by her, only to be ignored. But she never let it get her down.

"Public school? This is where we're going to spend the rest of our teen lives?" Nico asked Sonny obnoxiously.

"What?" Sonny started in a high voice, "Guys, relax. This is obviously just the studio trying to teach us a lesson. I give Marshall like half a day with Dakota and he's going to be begging Mr. Condor to bring us back. We could think of this as a…as a field trip!" she told them enthusiastically. They all simply rolled their eyes.

"Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't do field trips," he chimed in from the door, which he had entered only a few seconds after they had. Of course, who could forget that Chad would be accompanying them to public school?

"Chad, not now," Sonny told him with a hand in the air to signal for him to stop talking. She didn't even bother to turn towards him when she spoke. But her curiosity got the better of her. "Actually," she started when she turned her head slightly, but not looking at him all the way, "what are you even doing here with us?" Chad elevated his left eyebrow; there was just a hint of a smirk on one side of his mouth.

"Well, since you had to go cry to Mr. Condor, I somehow got pulled into this. Something about me telling you to do it?" he questioned, feigning forgetful thoughts about the event. He waved his hand in the air, as if to collect the events of what had really happened.

"Uh, yeah I actually remember you and Sonny going on about if So Random could get the perks that Mackenzie Falls does. So I change my mind. Sonny, I don't blame you. I blame Chad and you for getting us sent to public school," Zora chimed in from between Tawni and Grady. Sonny rolled her eyes and observed Chad in her peripheral vision. He looked down, almost chortling to himself, and kicked one foot behind him to clean up a few scuff marks on the worn out school floor.

"Yes, yes you're right. It's me, Tawni Hart," she started saying to a few people passing by, obviously ignoring Sonny and Chad, "on a field trip to your sad little world," she ended quietly as she found one girl finding interest in them. A bad kind of interest. She stepped down from the pedestal she was on in her mind and shrank back to feel Sonny's left arm brush against her back.

"Hey, I know you guys, I've seen you on TV," the girl told them with a smile. She had jet black hair with a thick turquoise stripe which was pulled back into a low ponytail. Her pale face contrasted with her dark makeup and hair and she wore a black leather jacket along with dark pants, a gray shirt, black boots, and plenty of accessories. All six of them smiled at someone recognizing them for what they do best, but Sonny had to go and ruin it all.

"Well, we're not on TV any more so you can just treat us like you would any other new kids," Sonny said with laughter at the end. The strange girl still smiled at all of them, so none of them saw what would become of the situation. But Chad stepped right in.

"Except for me. I'm sure you know me and all, Chad Dylan Cooper. I should always be treated like the star I really am," he told her, stepping closer towards Sonny and her friends. They all rolled their eyes (Sonny's may have been a little forced) and the cliché high school student simply nodded her head.

"Okey dokey," she replied, her head turned towards Tawni, Sonny and Chad. Tawni let out a cheerful giggle, happy that maybe this day wouldn't be so terrible. She was Tawni Hart, and she was capable of anything. "Maybe I'll start with Little Lord Fauntleroy here," she said, turning her attention towards Grady. She pulled one of his suspenders and snapped it so it hit his chest sharply. He immediately reacted with an "Ow!" and held his leather tied pile of books closer to his body. What was he even doing wearing that costume? Sonny thought to herself. "What are you gonna do about it?" the scary girl replied to Grady after he let out an exasperated breath.

"Meet my lawyer, Sally Jensen," Grady told her, trying to be intimidating, shoving Zora in front of him and pointing to her above her head. The stranger simply looked down at the younger girl, perching her eyebrows. "She fights for me!" Grady finished off saying, patting himself on the chest. Zora looked up, afraid, and smiled awkwardly as if to say I think this is just one big misunderstanding.

"Yeah well meet my fists. They fight for me," the stranger replied, bending down to Zora's height. The younger one of them all gulped and searched for something to say.

"No objection, you're witness!" Zora finally told her while turning and pushing Grady right into the stranger's arms, allowing her to drag him off.

"Whoa, wait hey!" Grady managed to say as he was getting taken away. "I object! I object!" Grady tried, thinking it would free himself from the grip of the girl his size.

"Grady!" Tawni said, without moving her feet. "Be careful with him!" She called once more, pointing to where he was being taken. Sonny looked to Chad, who she saw was staring off into the distance, not even paying attention to what had just happened. She followed his gaze to a group of cheerleaders huddled around a girl not wearing their uniform. Sonny swallowed, quickly looking away, trying to erase the thought from her mind.

"Don't worry, don't worry," Sonny told them shakily, still eyeing Chad every now and then, "every school has a bully. We just need to talk to the principal!" she tried saying happily, as if to be the resolution.

"Yeah, he won't last that long," Nico cut in, turning back to the doorway where Grady was pulled off into. "Grady, just give her your tuna sandwich!" Just then, a sandwich went flying into the air and hit the ground. This broke Chad's gaze and he turned to the Randoms, a puzzled look on his face.

"Oh, look, a sammich!" he told them while walking over to where the sandwich had fallen. Sonny put her hands on her hips. She then noticed the man standing by the sandwich. He was wearing a suit and looked to be the head authority of the school.

"Don't worry guys, the principal will take care of this!" she told them as if the man in the suit would part his shirt to reveal the superman symbol. They all looked at him, waiting for something to happen. Chad bent down to pick up the sandwich when the principal got their before he did, picking up the tuna sandwich, taking a bite, eyeing students in the hall, and took a few steps to walk away and turn the corner, completely out of sight from the now five Condor Studios' teens.

"Well he took care of the sammich," Tawni commented, copying Chad while glaring at Sonny. Chad walked back to Sonny's side and crossed his arms. Obviously defeated.

"Man, school is brutal," Nico said, feeling fed-up. Grady then walked back from where he had been held captive, underwear pulled over his head.

"Brutal. Really?" Grady asked, slightly hunched over because of the placement of his underwear. "You guys just watched that happen. I lived it!" he told them as if to say he had survived Pearl Harbor. Nico shrank back, feeling guilty. Chad chuckled.

"See that would never happen to CDC" Chad whispered to Sonny. She turned her head to listen a little more closely and to shoot back an insult but Grady started ranting.

"Did you know that there are 36 types of wedgies? Martha calls this," he gestured to the underwear on top of his head, snapping it slightly, "the hoodie," he finished while Nico gave him a shocked look. Sonny tried stepping in, wanting to lighten the mood. Chad saw what she was doing and rolled his eyes.

"Ooh, Martha," she sang, sauntering her way over to Grady. She picked up his ridiculous tie and waved it in front of his face. "Sounds like somebody likes you," she told him laughing. He picked up his tie and his expression immediately changed.

"Really?" he asked in a frazzled way while finally removing the underwear from his head. It awkwardly hung from the rim of his pants.

"Are you really gonna listen to her about this?" Nico stepped in, not believing what he was hearing. Grady gasped and turned his attention to his friend.

"Jealous?" Grady asked matter-of-fact-ly. Sonny was still smiling but afraid how this would turn out. Chad ogled the boys, wondering if this was how they really acted. Nico quickly acted and began struggling with Grady, pulling the underpants back above his head, and completely covering his face. Chad chuckled because the two best friends were now doing what Chad had wanted to do to them to each other. Sonny soon stepped in, ruining the perfect moment, and broke the boys apart.

"Why are you giving him false hope?" Nico accused.

"She's Sonny, she lives on false hope," Tawni and Chad said at the same time. They both eyed each other awkwardly, wondering if they had really just thought and said the same thing. Tawni pushed Zora in front of her so she wasn't standing next to the drama star anymore. Chad rolled his eyes.

"You know, I went to a high school just like this back in Wisconsin," Sonny started.

"Here we go. More talk about Wisconsin!" Tawni interjected. Sonny pretended she didn't hear her.

"And let me tell you, it wasn't that different than the studio."

"Oh, contra," Grady told Sonny, "here, I got a girlfriend," he finished saying and then snapped his fingers and pointed to her, the way Chad did when he would leave a room.

Sonny continued on explaining how this situation couldn't be all that bad. I'm stuck here with Randoms, of course it's bad, Chad thought to himself. He watched the over pepped Random try to cheer the other five teens up. She stood next to Tawni and gestured to the same group of girls that Chad had been eyeing before as the blond one flipped her hair with her right hand, the same time Tawni had. Tawni clapped her hands and smiled as Sonny moved on to show the others people who seemed to mirror their abilities. It is a public school; it won't be that hard, Chad kept thinking. Sonny finally got to Chad. She searched the crowd, trying to find someone who he could connect to.

"Sonny, I'm the one and only Chad Dylan Cooper. You're not going to be able to find anyone like me," Chad told her, putting his arm around her. She looked at the hand placed on her shoulder and then to his face with her brow perched in a perfect upside down 'U.'

"You're right. There's only enough room for so much arrogance in the world, and it's all taken up by you," she told him, brushing his arm off of her. He simply scowled at her remark but instantly brushed it off his shoulder. Sonny then started going on about some 'apple initiative' or something when another strange sound filled the halls.


They all started panicking as more and more people pushed past them, running like they had somewhere to go.

"You guys, it's the school bell, it means it's time to go to class," Sonny informed them.

"Class!" the other five interjected in sync. Tawni and Chad looked back at each other because they had said something together again.

A few hours later, the five So Random cast members were sitting down at a cafeteria lunch table eating some sad excuse for a lunch. They all started talking about how terrible their day was going until Martha came over to interrupt their complaints. Grady straightened his tie and checked his reflection in a silver spoon. Martha started talking to Sonny about the vending machines when Grady started thirsting for attention from his pretend girlfriend.

"Uh, Martha, I'm right here," Grady said nonchalantly, trying to be impressive. Martha looked down on him and then a light bulb went off in her head.

"Oh right. I think it's time to introduce you to wedgie number two," she told him as she started dragging him away from the table. He clung to the sides as long as he could, muttering a few last words.

"If I'm not back by fourth period, tell everyone!" he told them victoriously. Tawni and Nico started to get up and leave. Sonny looked around the cafeteria, thinking she was missing something. Then she remembered.

"Guys, where's Chad?" she asked them. Zora turned around and pointed to a table. He was sitting with a few cheerleaders and jocks. Sonny rolled her eyes. Of course, she thought. When she turned back around, Tawni and Nico were on the ground and Tawni was struggling to get up, a few words escaping her mouth. Wait, was she singing!

"I've never ever been to public school," she sang, walking backwards to a few other students. Sonny quickly got up and ran to talk to Chad.

"Chad! Do something!" Sonny whisper screamed to him. He simply turned around, started laughing at Tawni and then shooed Sonny with a wave of his hand. Big mistake.

Sonny turned back around to see Martha eyeing Tawni strangely. She asked for her to give her a boost onto the table before she joined in with everyone else.

"I know you think that this is probably my fault!" Sonny started singing. Chad practically choked on the apple juice he was drinking for lunch.

"We do!" Tawni commented, Sonny ignored it and continued.

"The catty comments and the constant assault!" Sonny sang melodiously again. Chad was too afraid to turn around. Afraid it would be her who was singing so amazingly. He knew he had heard that voice somewhere before…

"It's cool," Grady joined in after readjusting his underwear.

"I was here once, and I'm still alive," Sonny continued, "so listen if you wanna survive," she sang before jumping down from the table. Chad still wouldn't turn around.

"Inside this," Sonny started before they all joined in, "high school miserable."

"I never thought I'd be invisible," Tawni sang. Chad hadn't recognized the voice but knew it still wasn't her.

"High school miserable," they sang together again. Then it was back to just Sonny, "You gotta keep being indivisible."

"In this high school miserable, don't understand what is happening to me. In this high school miserable," by this time they were all jumping on tables and continued singing together, "someone get me back on TV!"

"I thought the girls here would go crazy for me." Chad started laughing. This was definitely Nico singing now. "I flubbed the test I'm clearly getting a D."

"Got that right!" Chad shouted into the air.

"I never knew how high my undies could go," Grady started singing, jumping from the table. Was he trying to dance? "There's tons of wedgies I didn't know! Like the hoodie the Hourglass (ow!) The 360 spin! (That hurt) The fig leg, The bat the bowling pin (strike) The donkey, the monkey, man am I sore!" Grady finished his solo.

"I can't believe there's twenty-eight more! Neat!" Zora sang, high fiving Martha. Then they all cut back into song, standing in the middle of the room. It was getting harder and harder for Chad not to turn around. So when he finally did, Sonny came over and sat down next to him. Please don't sing, please don't sing, Chad was silently praying. Thanks for answering me God.

"The funny fact that I should have probably known," Sonny started singing. Chad simply gave an un-amused look, hoping she wouldn't see through it, "is that you're no different with everything you have shown."

"The funny fact is that you're not amusing," Chad sang back. He couldn't believe what he was doing. "It's no wonder you're here, but come on, really, me?" Chad sang/asked to the people sitting around him. They all gave him sympathetic looks and Sonny rolled her eyes, taking Chad by the hand and pulling him to the center of the cafeteria with the rest of them. Chad rolled his eyes, but reluctantly started singing and dancing with them.

"Someone get us back on TV! Away from this high school miserable. Someone get us back on TV!" they ended in unison, Sonny and Chad standing on top of the table.

Suddenly everyone started booing, throwing papers and who knows what at them. Chad simply yelled back at a few of them before Sonny put her hand on his arm, signaling him to just give up, she already was. He gave her a sympathetic look and then got down from the table, then helping her down too by grabbing her waist and lifting her slightly, placing her feet on the solid ground carefully. His hands lingered for a little bit longer than they needed on her waist, then they broke apart, leaving Sonny with a red face and Chad finding extreme interest with the ceiling fans. Sonny turned to him first.

"You were really good," she said. She then closed her eyes, silently cursing herself for saying something so vague. "I mean, like your voice and everything," she finished awkwardly. Chad gave her a smile when she turned away.

"You were a'ight," he replied, smiling. Sonny turned to him to slightly insult him, but the smile on his face stopped her.

"Thanks," she replied cautiously.

"But I swear, I've heard you sing before," Chad commented, trying to remember where he had heard her voice. It was some unusual day. A day when he hadn't gone to So Random to see Sonny once. A day he went for a different reason…OH!

"Well, I sang once on So Random, but I doubt you heard that," Sonny started. She turned to see Chad's expression on his face just scream Light bulb!

"Hah…funny little story," Chad started hesitantly. "I actually did hear that. And see it. And yeah…" Chad commented. Sonny gave him a confused look, encouraging him to continue. "Well you see, after that Trey guy not only insulted me, but also stole my ba-bangs and fa-fangs, I wanted to go and mess up his show. But when I got there you were on the stage and I may have stayed to watch or something like that. Who knows!" he ended, feigning laughter. Sonny smiled and she swayed slightly. Her hand knocked into his at their side and she looked down. When she looked back up Chad was still smiling at her.

"No singing in high school!" a treacherous voice filled the room. Sonny and Chad looked beside them to the principal scolding the others for breaking out into song and dance. When Sonny looked back, Chad rolled his eyes and fixed the collar of his brown leather jacket.

"Oh, you're back now," Sonny quietly commented. Not quiet enough apparently.

"Huh?" Chad asked her, bringing his attention back to her.

"I…I thought we were having a moment but, whatever," Sonny told him. Chad raised his eyebrows, remembering the conversation they had at Gilroy's. The one no one knew about. He opened his mouth to say something back, but Sonny just turned and walked away. Chad, for the first time in what seemed like forever, lost his confidence and pushed the thought to the back of his mind.

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