I always wonder what people think about others, where they see them in 10 years and such. I thought how interesting it would be to ask the characters of RENT to fill out a survey describing their friends. I change the font so it'll look like handwriting. In each chapter a different character will fill out a survey. This is Roger's. So, enjoy and R&R!

PS: This takes place before Angel dies.

Your Name: Roger Davis

What word comes to mind when you see these names?

Mark Cohen: Scarf-boy

Tom Collins: MIT

Mimi Marquez: Candles

Angel Shunard: Wigs

Maureen Johnston: Sneaky Hot.

Joanne Jefferson: Boring.

Benjamin Coffin III: Am I allowed to use profanity?

Be honest, what do you hate most about these people?

Mark Cohen: Insists on wearing that stupid scarf!

Tom Collins: He's taller than me and I don't freakin' like that!

Mimi Marquez: Can't afford her OWN matches.

Angel Shunard: Stands on my table.

Maureen Johnston: Won't stop with the darn moo-ing!

Joanne Jefferson: Won't effing shut up

Benjamin Coffin III: Umm, EVERYTHING!

Where do you see these people in 10 years?

Mark Cohen: Married to some chick, living in Scarsdale.

Tom Collins: Uh… teaching?

Mimi Marquez: "Dancing"

Angel Shunard: On tour.

Maureen Johnston: Married to some chick, living in Scarsdale.

Joanne Jefferson: That chick.

Benjamin Coffin III: Being evil.

Thank you for filling out our survey.

That's 10 minutes of my life wasted.

Thanks for reading! I'll have the next one up this evening or tomorrow! Please review!