Your Name: thomas b. collins.

What word comes to mind when you see these names?

Mark Cohen: bathtub?

Roger Davis: glory.

Mimi Marquez: hair.

Angel Shunard: love.

Maureen Johnston: utensils.

Joanne Jefferson: legal.

Benjamin Coffin III: range rover.

Be honest, what do you hate most about these people?

Marken: his door is heavy.

Roger Davis: needs more room on this couch.

Mimi Marquez: didn't die.

Angel Shunard: loves me too much!

Maureen Johnston: is fairly strange.

Joanne Jefferson: too legal.

Benjamin Coffin III: I hate everything. Absolutely everything.

Where do you see these people in 10 years?

Mark Cohen: probs in scarsdale. With some girl.

Roger Davis: Playing guitar in a band.

Mimi Marquez: making out.

Angel Shunard: with me.

Maureen Johnston: pushing benny into that festering pool of death.

Joanne Jefferson: with mo.

Benjamin Coffin III: dying in a pool of death. With muffy- er, allison.

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