Author's Notes: Hey everybody! I, hispanicinuyashalover, have great news for you. The news is that ElementalHanyou and I have teamed up to write a story and that story will be the lion king with a twist of Inuyasha. All the lions will be Inu demons; however, characters like Rafiki, Timon, Pumbaa and others will remain the same animal with demon blood in them. I hope that you, readers, will love it.

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Mufasa: Inutaisho

Sarabi: Izayoi

Rafiki: Totosai

Scar: Naraku

Sarafina: Sango

Nala: Kagome

Miroku is just Miroku since he's added on.

Chapter One
A Prince is Born

Everyone in the Western Lands was gathering around the place of the great Inu king and queen, King Inutaisho and Lady Izayoi. It was demons from all over the lands; there were Inu demons, neko demons, ookami demons, and others. Inutaisho was looking everywhere but he didn't see a certain someone.

"I don't see Naraku Izayoi." Inutaisho said looking around. "He's suppose to be here to name the boy."

Inutaisho wore his ceremonial robe that was a white kimono with the house symbol of a crescent moon on the back, vines and sakura flowers were on his kimono as well. His silver hair tied back in high pony tail, his eyes were golden, his skin was a milky color, a purple streak across each cheek, and his ears look like an elf shape, sharp and deadly claws; however, they were gently when they needed to be.

"I'm sure that he will show up sooner or later my king." Izayoi said. Izayoi was also wearing her ceremonial robes. Her kimono was completely white and it had red rose petals all over with the house symbol over her left breast. Her hair was jet black, brown and yellow pupa, her ears were two black triangles on her head, skin was as white as snow, her fangs and claws were sharp and deadly; however, they were gentle when it came to the bundle of joy in her hands. The baby wrapped in around fine blue silk and all you can see was his face and his golden eyes. A baboon demon was walking towards the new parents with the support of his staff that had hanging crystal containers that contained powder in them and he bowed. The baboon demon had big eyes that were purple with black pupils, his nose was red, and he had blue lines going across from his nose to the bottom of his eyes. He was basically an ordinary baboon with demonic powers.

"Are you ready to present the young prince, King Inutaisho?" The baboon demon asked.

"Naraku, the prince's uncle, has not arrived yet." Inutaisho answered. "I can't continue without my brother Totosai."

"I don't mean to sound rude your majesty but these people have been waiting for a while." Totosai said. "It's not fair for them to wait like this."

"You're right, Totosai." Inutaisho said. "Miroku and Sango, can you please come here."

Miroku and Sango went to King Inutaisho and they bowed. Miroku was a handsome Inu demon and Inutaisho's best friend. Inutaisho actually considered Miroku more a brother than his blood relative, Naraku. Miroku had jet black hair, his ears were triangular, creamy colored skin, piercing purple eyes, muscular body, fangs and claws, and he wore the attire of a priest. His wife, Sango, her eyes were sapphire with hints of red surrounding the pupil area, her skin was kind of a pasty color, claws and fangs, her ears were like Inutaisho's ears, she was a toned and slender Inu demon but she had a large baby bump. Yes she was pregnant and it was going to be a girl.

"Yes King Inutaisho." Miroku said.

"I would like for you to name our son." Inutaisho said. Miroku was in surprised to hear this and a tear fell down his cheek.

"It will be an honor King Inutaisho." Miroku said. "I know he's name should be Prince Inuyasha."

Izayoi gasped for she was thinking of a name like that; however, this name was perfect for him.

"I love it Milord." Izayoi said.

"Then he shall be called Inuyasha." Inutaisho said. Totosai opened one of the crystal containers and he put a little powder on his hand.

"This powder shall be for the sprits of the past kings to guide Prince Inuyasha in hardship from the future." Totosai said. "It will also be a shield of protectiveness from evil spirits."

Totosai blew the powder on Inuyasha and he sneezed. Izayoi gave the baby to Totosai and he went to the balcony where he over looked everyone in the Western Lands. Totosai unwrapped Inuyasha from the silk that protected him from the cold because he was bare and Totosai put the blanket on his shoulder. Totosai put his hands underneath Inuyasha's underarms and he showed him to the public. The public began to roar in happiness for they have met the new prince of the lands and the rays of the sun were hitting Inuyasha. Inuyasha had silver hair like his father but the ears of his mother. His facial marking were not there but not every demon had them. His eyes were golden as his fathers and his crescent moon was red and above his pelvis.

"LET'S WELCOME PRINCE INUYASHA!" Totosai yelled from the top of his lungs. The crowd began to roar even more and they began to chant 'Welcome Prince Inuyasha'.

"Welcome Prince Inuyasha!" The crowed hollered. Totosai covered Inuyasha with his silky blanket and he went to his parents. Everyone that was outside went to where they came from and they were rejoicing of the new life.

"He's going to be a very handsome demon when he grows up." Sango said as she rubbed her belly.

"Yes he is and I'm sure he will have a more beautiful wife." Inutaisho said.

"What do you mean, King Inutaisho?" Miroku asked confused.

"I have picked my son's future wife." Inutaisho said. "I'm sure that my dear mate will agree."

"Already Milord, don't you want to think about this?" Totosai asked.

"I've thought about it for years." Inutaisho answered. "Sango and Miroku, your daughter will marry my son."

Sango began to cry so she hugged Miroku. Miroku comforted Sango and this was only out of joy.

"Milord, it will an honor for our daughter to marry your son." Miroku said.

"We must celebrate." Inutaisho said. "Please come and join us."

"I don't think we should." Miroku said.

"Oh please come with your wife, Miroku." Izayoi said. "You mean to my husband more than just a friend and to me as well. You're like our family."

"Thank you, my lady." Sango said as she cleaned her tears. "We will be pleased to join you."

"That's more like it." Inutaisho said. "Totosai please let the cooks know we're having a feast."

"Yes King Inutaisho." Totosai said as he bowed. Totosai left and he went to do what his king said. Sango got close to Inuyasha and he began to touch Sango's belly.

"He's very curious." Izayoi said. The little girl inside Sango's belly kicked so Sango laughed. Inuyasha smiled and he giggled as if the baby told him something.

"That's the first time Kagome has ever kicked." Sango said. "I think they're having a conversation without us knowing."

"It's a match made in heaven." Inutaisho said.

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To Be Continued…