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Hayley knew that she should stop looking at him. Any minute now someone was going to notice that she was staring at him with a kind of mesmerized look on her face, completely not paying attention to what was really going on. And any second, he himself could turn and realize that she was watching him, which would bring about question after question as to why.

She knew all of this, but she still didn't stop.

Her eyes were too dedicated to analyzing and memorizing everything about the fascinating and sometimes adorable human being that was Jake Collins.

Like how his curly hair looked blonder than it did brown in certain lights, and how his brown eyes always managed to look happy, giving him a nearly carefree look all the time. Or how truly muscular he'd become from several months of being in the Troop. The way that he managed to look so cute when he was confused or trying to solve a problem had also caught Hayley's attention.

Hayley was not only aware of the fact that she should have looked away a long time ago but also of the little detail that it wasn't smart to be feeding into her recently developed feelings for Jake. Not because she was worried about her reputation in school, though. What she was worried about was the disaster that could occur if say they did date. If they broke up, that could pose a threat to the stability of the Troop that kept the Lakewood area safe from all monsters. It was too risky.

But eventually, Hayley would have to stop staring at Jake and come back to reality. In just a few more seconds she'd look away, was the promise she'd made herself – two minutes ago.

Abruptly, an object obstructed her view of Jake, forcing her analyzing to come to a halt. But before this fact could even register, said object smacked into her forehead, leaving a stinging sensation that would most likely stay for another thirty minutes or so.

Several groans could be heard around Hayley as the object that had hit her – which was in actuality, a volleyball – rebounded off her forehead and into the net, right before it bounced twice gently on the Gym floor. There went her team's good serving streak against the opposing team. They'd gotten in eleven great serves, most of which the other team hadn't even been able to get back over the net. But when they did this one time, it had gone to Hayley, hit her, and destroyed their good streak.

The six students standing on the side of the net opposite from Hayley all exchanged congratulations and high-fives amongst themselves – all but one.

"You okay over there, Hayley?" Jake asked, stifling a snicker at how shocked her expression was.

She blinked several times and shook her head a little. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine. I just… zoned out for a few seconds," Hayley excused, rubbing her stinging forehead a little.

Hayley was gently nudged to the right as her team rotated and one of her other team mates rolled the volleyball under the net to the other team.

And this time she would focus on this game until P.E. was over. She would not analyze. She would not stare. She would concentrate on the ball and on trying to help her team.

Hayley tried to focus her attention on the person on the other side of the net getting ready to serve the ball.

But then Jake laughed a little at something that his friend, Cuddy, had said to him and Hayley's eyes automatically flitted back to Jake.

Smack as the volleyball was served over the net.

Her concentration on everything else was lost. All she could possibly look at or pay attention to was Jake. Jake Collins. Jake Collins, wonderful person that he was.

Smack. Someone on Hayley's team returned the ball over the net.

Jake Collins. The name really suited him, Hayley thought.

Smack – another return over the net.

Her obsession – if you could call it that, since Hayley didn't personally think she was obsessed – was probably unhealthy. Okay, very unhealthy.

But as with everything else, she knew what she had to do, she knew what she could not do, and she knew what she should not be doing. Hayley knew it.

But just because she knew it didn't mean that she always followed it through.



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