Hayley smiled slightly at her (and Jake's) nearly-finished model of the Eiffel Tower – completely to scale, of course. All she had to do was glue on the very top part. Squeezing a small dot of glue onto the end of the of stick, she carefully brought it closer to the model so as not to-


Hayley winced at the sound that came from several feet away. Carefully, she tried again to stick it on-


She jumped, and in the process, accidentally dragged the little stick across a part of the top of her Eiffel Tower, smearing a small streak of white glue on it. Her mouth fell in disbelief and she quickly wiped it off with her right index finger before it could do any permanent damage.


Hayley narrowed her eyes as she turned away from the table she was working at so she could look level an annoyed look in Jake's direction. "Jake?"


"Could you maybe get a drink of water or something? I can't concentrate with you-"


"-doing that," Hayley finished. And though the sight of Jake hanging upside down off the side of her bed was slightly amusing, she'd been listening to Jake hiccup for almost ten minutes now, and they had to finish their project. Not that Jake had really been helping even before he got the hiccups, but still.

"What do you think I'm – hiccup – trying to do?" Jake asked rhetorically, looking plenty annoyed as well. "I'm trying to get rid of them but they won't go – hiccup – away!"

Looking slightly more sympathetic, Hayley walked a few steps closer to him with her arms crossed. "Try holding your breath," she suggested.

"I tried that already and it didn't work," Jake said with an exasperated sigh which promptly got cut off by another hiccup.

Hayley thought for a moment before saying, "Okay, come on."

"Where are we – hiccup – going?" he asked, sitting back up on her bed and then getting to his feet next to her.

"To try a trick I've heard works for getting rid of hiccups," she explained.

Down in the kitchen, Jake leaned against one of the counter tops while Hayley went through the cabinet, looking for something.

"What are you looking for?" Jake questioned warily as her hand passed over several spice containers.


"Looking for the… aha! Found the sugar," Hayley said triumphantly, plucking the clear jar off the shelf. She stepped a few paces past Jake to go retrieve a spoon from the silverware drawer.

"Sug – hiccup –ar?"

Nodding, Hayley took a small silver spoon out of the drawer and popped the lid off the jar of sugar. "Well, I heard somewhere that eating a spoonful of plain sugar will actually help get rid of hiccups."

"Really?" he asked doubtfully.

"Yeah, it's supposed to really work." Hayley scooped up a full spoonful of the sugar and held it out in front of Jake's mouth. "Open up."


He eyed the spoon in front of him for a few seconds before he reluctantly opened his mouth and let Hayley give him the sugar.

Hayley watched as Jake lasted for about two seconds with it in his mouth before he opened his mouth and spit out what he could into the nearby sink, coughing.

"It was that bad?" she asked while setting the spoon near the edge of the sink.

"Yeah," Jake told her between coughs, hurrying around her to get to the fridge and take out a water bottle. "Because that was salt."

"Oh," Hayley said understandingly with a wince. "Oops. Sorry. I guess we should've checked the container first." She picked up the offending jar of salt, closed it up, and went to put it away.

With his mouth around the water bottle as he practically chugged it down, Jake made a sound that Hayley interpreted as an indignant "You think?"

"Well, you're not hiccupping, though. Maybe salt works too."

They both paused what they were doing to wait and see if his case of hiccups was truly gone.


Jake and Hayley exchanged a smile. Finally they were-


"Ugh!" Jake exclaimed in frustration, setting the water bottle down hard on the counter. "This is ridiculous!"

"Relax, we'll get rid of them," she reassured him, tapping her fingers lightly against the counter while she tried to think of what they hadn't tried yet.

"How?" he asked in a whiny voice right before hiccupping again.

Hayley looked up at Jake as inspiration struck her. "Close your eyes," she told him.

"What, - hiccup – why?"

"Just close your eyes," Hayley ordered. "I have one more idea."

"Fine," he reluctantly agreed, shutting his eyes. And though he did question what exactly Hayley's last idea was, at this point he was willing to try almost anything just to get rid of these hiccups.

Hayley checked that his eyes were closed before walking around the room a little to fool him. Her approach was to scare/surprise him. Lull him into thinking she was getting something or another for some weird remedy, and then wham! Shock the hiccups right out of him. For effect, Hayley even opened and closed a few drawers in the kitchen.

"What are you – hiccup – doing?" Jake asked her cautiously.

"You'll see," she replied, opening and closing the fridge this time.

Then Hayley walked over to Jake quietly and stood right in front of him.


He sensed her presence directly in front of him and couldn't help but begin to open his eyes. "Why are you –?"

Before Jake had a chance to further question her, Hayley effectively shocked him into silence again by kissing him.

Jake blinked in surprise, his mind reeling as he tried to process and catch up with what had just happened.

Looking pleased with herself, Hayley took a small step back and arched her eyebrows. "Well?"


Jake was still too shocked to bother groaning in frustration along with Hayley this time. All he could think about was the fact that she just kissed him without any warning. It was a wonder it didn't get rid of his hiccups since he certainly was plenty surprised and then some.

"I give up," Hayley said with a defeated shrug.


"Maybe you should just try drinking water or soda or something," she suggested while turning to leave the kitchen.

Coming back to his senses, Jake hurried after her saying, "Or you could just try kissing me again. I think it almost – hiccup – worked."

Hayley turned and got a can of soda out of the fridge next to her, and tossed it to him.

He automatically caught it, still looking at Hayley a few feet away.

She smirked and shut the fridge with her left hand. "Nice try."


A/N: I got the idea for this when I had a super annoying case of the hiccups a while back.
So, yeah, it was just a very random one that I wrote. It was pretty fun to write too. :-)
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