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Pairing: Cissnei x Tseng / Slight Cissnei x Reno

Warning: Slightly AU. Mild Language. A mixture of fluff & angst at times.

Summary: Cissnei decides to pay more attention to nature, and at her side stands a faithful and loyal friend, Tseng.



Puffy white clouds shattered through the sky, the sun hung and shined through the clouds gracefully. A warm wind blew effortlessly through the area, swaying the green grass ever so gently. The day seemed beautiful, the entire week had been warm and so inviting — not a rain cloud in sight for the entire week. One could tell that it was spring, beautiful and carefree spring. Not a monster in sight, just smiling people and laughter of children. Everything seemed so beautiful, and it was — especially to the young turk that stood on the bridge, over looking the beauty of the day.

The turk smiled as she leaned against the railing, her head tilting backwards to stare upward. The colors of her irises focused on the puffy clouds. Her eyelids slid over her eyes, a relaxed sigh escaping her as the sweet fresh air blew past her. Her auburn wavy locks blew gently in the breeze, her tongue wetting her lips a bit. This was the perfect day for a day off, too bad that it was only a few days off but she seem to fair better then most. Most wouldn't have a day off like this in years of serving the Shinra company, and if they did it was normally during the heated summer — not the gentle and warm springtime.

Foot steps would bring her out of her thoughts, her eyes slowly opening and head lowering. She listened as the foot steps stopped next to her, the figure at her side oddly silent as they soon rested their arms on the railing. She already knew who it was, the uniform gave it away, not to mention the only being with enough bravery to just walk up to her. She couldn't help but crack a small smile, her arms resting on the railing as well. It was almost sweet that the other turk had taken the time to check on her, she figured that he would have traveled else where. "Tseng."

A light noise of recognition soon followed her greeting, she couldn't help but let a smile slip. He was so different then what others saw him like, she had practically grown up with the other turk. He was the closest thing to a friend that she had, he reminded her of spring at times. The beginning, the innocent beginning of something that would soon turn so harsh — the hot summer heat. She often found that women came to adore the stoic turk, but she found herself so different from those girls, she adored him in a different manner. A best friend, a companion that never left her side. Yet she worried about him, he was the company's obedient dog. He deserved freedom, she deserved freedom.

"What are you doing here, Tseng?" She turned her gaze to the turk standing next to her. She noticed that his eyes seemed to be staring oddly at the sky, almost like he was lost in the beauty of things. She smiled softly and shook her head, a light laugh escaping her. "Tseng?" His eyes slowly moved over to her. "What are you doing here?"

"It's my day off."

The answer was simple but it didn't seem to make sense to the auburn haired turk, though she knew better then to press the subject. Even if it was his day off, why did he come here? This didn't seem like a place that Tseng would come to, then again, she didn't really know much about Tseng's likes — besides his job and a few of his favorite things. She mentally took the questions from her head, turning her gaze back to the sky. She even felt that Tseng's gaze turned from her, probably moving to the sky as well.

"So, Tseng," Cissnei spoke softly. "How much time do you have off?"

Tseng inhaled lightly as his body shifted a bit. "A week is what the President gave me, but I am returning tomorrow." His tone was low, almost like he was unsure of himself. He probably was, for he knew what Cissnei was probably thinking at this point; what the hell, Tseng. She was thinking that, as she turned her gaze to him. He must have sensed it because he frowned. "Nothing good ever comes out of my vacations."

She arched a brow, "Why is that?"

"Because the rest of our family doesn't know how to handle themselves without me." There was a hint of amusement in his voice, which made the younger turk smile softly. "As soon as there's no one in change, things get… out of control."

She smiled, "You should really relax more then just for one mere day."

"I cannot," Tseng commented quietly. "How many days to you have left?"

She shrugged a bit, "A few days."

Tseng turned his gaze to her, offering a light smile at the younger turk. He then turned his gaze upward while his smile fading ever so slightly. "You should take the rest of my days. I'm sure I can arrange it with the President."

She blinked a few times. "What? Why?"

"You'll use the time." He gave a small shrug before tensing a bit, "You like this time of the year. You always have, I've seen it in your eyes. Just take it, I'm not going to use it. The President will not be pleased that I'm not using it, but I'm sure he'll be at least slightly pleased that one of his favorite turks is."

The girl stared for a moment at her young leader, a man that was wise beyond his years. He always found a way to make her speechless, speaking in such a manner that often made young girls blush. Yet this would be the first time that heat had ever risen to her cheeks, her head whipping around and hair hiding the pink color of her cheeks. She was confused on why she would be blushing, it made no sense. So what if he noticed something that no one else did, even if it was something that not even she noticed.


"Hm," She moved her gaze to the other turk. He stood there with his brows knitted, his uniform as straight as ever — he still looked like the strong boss she knew and adored. "What is it?"

"Well, what do you say?"

She watched as he turned completely, resting his back against the railing. The warm sunshine seemed to accent his pale face, making the young turk seem rather… attractive. Cissnei's head shook slightly, removing such thoughts of her boss from her head. She turned her gaze back to the sky, a small smile twitching at her lips softly. "Sure, but we have to go on a mission together soon. Kind of like a thank you, I'll watch your back."

"Sounds like a deal." Her Wutai friend nodded his head, a light smile playing across his lips. "Use it wisely."

With that the two turks fell into a silent, though it was nothing close to being awkward. It was sweet and peaceful, almost innocent and gentle. The silence was much like the two turks — but were they really that innocent? In a sense they were, neither tasted more then just duty and serving a higher power. Two soldiers in a war against the world, was that all they were? No, they were more then that, Cissnei knew that for sure. She knew that both of them were so much more then what everyone thought — they were like the spring, innocent and beginning.

"Tseng?" She whispered as she turned her gaze to the other turk, "What are you going to do for the rest of your day off?"

The other turk stiffly rolled his shoulders, "I thought about staying out here until night, then move into the room I rented at the inn. Yourself?"

"I thought about walking around, maybe do some shopping." She replied with a smile, "Summer is coming up, they might give us a day or two off then, so I'm going to need some summer attire." She almost giggled as the elder raised a brow, tilting his head like a curious puppy. "What?"


The answer was simple, straight to the point. Neither spoke afterwards, sliding into a comfortable silence — not that either of them minded. The comfort of just having Tseng around was enough for the young female, and just having the young turk in a normal environment pleased the slightly older turk. Still something gnawed at both of their minds; they were becoming too comfortable around the each other, something that Tseng never thought would happen.

In the end, neither would leave that spot for quite sometime. They would stay in the bliss of each others company until parting ways for their rented rooms. Tseng would leave in the morning, Cissnei staying the rest of the week after a call from Tseng, saying that the President had agreed with him. Though her mind was spent more on thinking about the older turk then actually relaxing — the spring reminded her of him still.

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