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Pairing: Cissnei x Tseng

Warning: Slightly AU. Mild Language. A mixture of fluff & angst at times.

Summary: Cissnei decides to pay more attention to nature, and at her side stands a faithful and loyal friend, Tseng.



The icy wind blew without mercy, the grey skies seemed to threaten anyone outside — or anyone who dared try to step foot outside. The blue skies and warm weather long go for so long. Most people had taken the threat seriously and stayed in doors, to keep from getting ill due to the climate. However still some departed from their homes and took to the streets. Dressed in layers, at least the smart ones, people raced about the world below, probably finishing up shopping for Christmas and what not.

A pair of light eyes watched this, the owner's naked form tangled with the body of another. Her head rested on a well toned chest, her fingertip absently tracing over one of the old scar on the figure's stomach. She didn't know what the scar was from, or any of them, but she found herself attracted to the scars that littered his frame. Though something within her deemed that the scar she now traced was from the mission that happened during the summer, from that creature that wounded him. Still, she felt protected near him, even from the cold wind that now beat against the window — the same wind that didn't send a shiver down her spine due to the feeling.

However, the faint clatter caused the figure beside her to stir. His form slightly twitched under the blanket that covered both his and her bodies. His usually neat hair was now laid out on the pillow that his head calmly rested on, his arms locked gently around her waist. There was a sense of comfort on his expression, as it twisted from the stir that the clattered echoed during. "Hmm…"

"Morning, Tseng." Cissnei's voice automatically echoed when she noticed Tseng's dark eyes sliding open. A sense of calm took over her as his gaze moved down to her, blinking a few times — probably to get the sleep out of them. "Sleep well?"

He didn't sit up, nor did he answer right away. His arm tightened around her middle, keeping her body as close to him as possible. His gaze lazily locked with hers before his sleepy yet empty look melted, a look that he hardly used took over. His fingers on his right hand gently brushed along the small of her back, almost like the older Turk was making sure that this moment was real. Once he seemed to verify that the image before him was real, he shifted into a comfortable position but kept his arms around her. "Cissnei."

She smiled, "Yes?"

"You stayed…"

Cissnei almost laughed. It seemed that Tseng was still rather surprised when she always remained after their nightly adventures. She didn't blame him for it, but she still found it humorous, or at least his reaction. However it sometimes made her wonder about his previous relations with women; had they always left him before he would awaken. Or perhaps he thought like she did sometimes, that this whole situation was too good to be true. That he too found it shocking that there was someone who actually, and completely, cared about his — or in her situation, her — well being.

"Of course," She offered quietly. "I always do."

"I know."

Nothing more was said as both relaxed into their places. Cissnei's head still rested against Tseng's chest, her eyes turned to the window and finger tracing over the scar that she had been before. His lips rested within her wavy auburn hair and his dark eyes turned to the window with such grace. She had noticed that he didn't loosen his grip, almost as if he would do so, she would disappear from his grasp. She didn't mind that he didn't release her, she felt oddly safer within his strong yet gentle grasp. She felt wanted, and due to her not pushing away, as did he.

However, it was sweet to the auburn haired girl. Yet she almost found the whole situation funny. Just by looking at the man that she now called her lover, one would never guess he was like this. No one would guess that he could be so passionate about something other then his job, one would never guess that he could be placed within this certain weakness. Yes, his weaken was her abandonment, but she would never cause this fear to come true. She adored him far more then she probably should, far too much to just leave him. It would be completely wrong, and she honestly didn't have the heart to ever leave his side.

It was odd. She had told herself when she was young, if she was going to find herself a lover, she wanted someone like Sephiroth. She wanted someone to protect her, to demand respect from all. She wanted someone that was a mystery, that could strike the fear of God into any living thing. Even when she had grown up a bit and began to become who she was today, she had always wanted a lover with such qualities. Now that thought was just laughable to the young Turk.

She almost did laugh as she thought about it. Sephiroth was truthfully every girl's dream in some sense; strong and handsome, it pulled the strings of any girl's heart. However Tseng was not much different from Sephiroth, she knew that women found Tseng rather attractive. He was strong, maybe not as strong as Sephiroth himself, but he was still strong enough to become one of the top Turks. There was no doubt or argument that Tseng was dependable and truthful man, not to mention, that he was obviously rather handsome.

Unlike Sephiroth, though, Tseng actually was the object of Cissnei's affection. It may not have been extremely obvious to many Shinra employees, but many of the Turks had figured it out before even Cissnei herself did. However, it hadn't been until that kiss in Wutai that Cissnei took notice to her feelings. The same feelings that had always been there, but she was too blind to have noticed her longing for her dear friend. She had found it amusing when Reno grinned, after having caught them sharing a glance in the hallway after returning from that trip to Wutai.

He had later questioned her about the trip, and if they had finally hooked up. She later found out that there was a bet going around the Turks department on whether or not they would. When she questioned Verdot, he had told her that Reno had started it. Reno was later treated in the medical ward for a broken nose, Cissnei had most certainly gotten her revenge on him. However, Tseng had been completely oblivious on the situation and gave Cissnei an odd glance, when she returned to his side beaming.

"Five hours," Cissnei commented absently.

"Five hours?"

"Then it's Christmas," she answered as she lifted her gaze from the window. She locked gazes with Tseng again, offering a small smile. "It's our first Christmas like this."

"Indeed," Tseng agreed as he shifted and loosened his grasp a bit. "What time do you think Reno is going to end up on the doorstep, demanding that he is given the gifts that he believes we've gotten him?"

"In five hours," she laughs quietly before gently placing her lips against his. She felt his smile as he returned the kiss, only for both of them to pull away moments later. She locked gazes with him once more as she began to sit up a bit, "Do you want to exchange our gifts now? That way he doesn't try to steal them."

Tseng smiled. "I don't think the one I got you would look nice on him."

"Tseng," she giggled as he released her completely. She slipped out from under the bed and grabbed one of the shirts, which happened to be Tseng's. She slipped into the shirt, buttoning it up quickly, and flashing the slightly older being a smile. "I'll be right back. I can't wait to see your face."

Tseng watched as she took off out of the room, then bent down and grabbed his pants off the floor. He dig in the pocket for a few moments before pulling out a long but thin box. His slender fingers brushed along the top of the wrapping paper, eying the box with anxious look in his dark eyes. The object inside the box was brought a year ago, when Tseng had finally come to terms with his feelings towards his now lover. However he had never given it to her, out of fear of what she would think. Who knew? Tseng of the Turks was frightened of something — a little girl rejecting the feelings that had been growing inside of him for quite sometime.

However, Tseng's eyes moved from the box as he heard foot steps coming back to the room. A smile barely touched his lips as he watched his lover fumbling with a large box. He shifted in bed and slipped into his pants, sliding from the comfortable bed and moving to his lover's side. He leaned down a bit and offered to help her, she shook her head and clumsily finished entering the room. He shuffled a chuckle as he shook his head, causing her to pretend to pout up at him.

"Don't give me that look, Tseng." She spoke stubbornly, "I've got everything handled."

He nodded, "Of course."

"What's that," She motioned with her head to the box he held in his hand. She had just noticed it, well, she had noticed it as she placed his gift at his feet. "For me?"

"Of course." He stated and held it out to her, "I hope you like it."

"I bet I will." She replied with a smile, taking the gift and booted the gift she brought towards him. "I think you'll like this too. Just be careful with it."

He only nodded as he watched her beginning to unwrap the present he had given her. Though he noted that she tugged the paper carefully and calmly, he knew that she wanted to rip the paper off like a madwoman to see what was inside. He almost applauded her control, but she had already tossed the paper to the stand nearby. He felt his stomach twisting and turning with anxiousness as she popped the box open, peering inside with much curiosity. However his anxious feeling was replaced with glee as her eyes light up, pulling out the sapphire studded bracelet from the box.


"You like?"

"I love." She smiled up at him, "Thank you so much…"

He merely smiled and nodded, turning his attention to his own gift. He could tell that she was trying to place the bracelet on as he began to unwrap the rather large box. He ripped the paper carefully, not really sure why he was, but it seemed like right idea. As the paper fell to the floor, he gently unfolded the flaps of the box and peered within. His eyes scanned through the packaging material, then reached inside and began to move the material around. His fingers met the edge of an object, carefully he grabbed the edge and pulled it out. It seemed to be large and picture like, though when he turned it over, his eyes widened.


"I didn't know exactly what to get you," she commented quietly. "But then I saw your face in Wutai… I liked it. It took a while to find anything even similar to that, but when I returned to Wutai and saw it, I knew you would like it. I mean, you do right?"

"Of course," he responded while staring at the painting. His eyes trailed over each color, the colors of fall and the Wutai scenery. Within moments the painting was leaning against the wall and Cissnei in his arms, his gaze locked with hers. "Thank you, Cissnei."

"Your welcome." She smiled shyly, "I'm glad you like it."



"I love you."

Without even allowing the younger Turk to reply, he placed his lips over hers in passion. She leaned against him and deepened the kiss, her arms wrapping around his neck gently. His grip on her tightened, he could feel her heart pounding against his own, knowing that she could probably feel his. The bliss returned to the two, yet the passion burned — not world stopping, but not completely worthless either. That was how they would stay for some time, Cissnei the first one to pull away. Her eyes locked with his once more, a truthful expression lurking inside of them.

"I love you too, Tseng."

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