Little by little, she reaches the cocoa powder.



Her fingertips brush against the container, and she tumbles down from the counter, on to the chair she had been using to climb to the countertop.

Any other child's parents would have noticed by now, but hers weren't home,and probably wouldn't have cared. Normally, a mother would have come rushing in to see if the child was hurt, comfort, and scold them later for being so foolish. Her mother would have just scolded.

For a moment, she's another child craving a mother's touch.

She sighs, then sets about getting the cocoa.

If anyone passed by her at this moment, they would have seen a very excited little girl.

In her excitement, however, she stumbles over a rock and falls. If anyone had passed, they wouldn't have seen a girl with an advanced mind. They would have just seen a little girl who had just scraped her knee.

Just like Matilda's vision of the perfect mother, Miss Honey comes to her side and examines the scrape.

After they've reached Miss Honey's real home, and her knee had been bandaged, they begin their daily conversation.

Matilda smiles contentedly, her wish finally granted.

This was a request. Hopefully it turned out okay.