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Dawn's Prolouge To the Story

About a year ago I met Organization XIII. I worked with them, until I found their plans to take Kingdom Hearts for themselves. I stopped working with them after at least a month and went off on my own. I met Riku and DiZ, who I told about the Organization's plans. They told me they already knew that, and I offered all my information on the Organization's members, which they accepted. Then, I waited at High-Tech mansion, a place in my world that has a ton of tech. I saw Axel's sacrifice and, using my natural powers and High-Tech's energy, I revived him and gave him a heart. It's confusing, I know. I didn't understand it either.

As each of the Organization's members were defeated, I revived them. I soon brought back everyone who died during the Castle Oblivion mission. No, none of them were zombies. I would've crapped myself and ran if they were. Truth. After Xemnas's defeat, I revived him to the form I remember from first meeting him. I told them all they were indebted to me for giving them hearts. They agreed to do what I wanted them to. I told them I wanted to live on Destiny Islands. We built a house together. When Sora, Riku, and Kairi discovered our worksite, I told them about everything. Using some of the energy I absorbed in High-Tech, I pulled Sora and Kairi's Nobodies from them. I gave them hearts, as well. Although I think Namine already had one, and Roxas. Eh.

Well, me and the former Nobodies lived together after that. Sora and Kairi come over every now and then to visit their "twins". I had to tell and show Riku that they all changed. Soon, me, Axel, Roxas, Namine, Demyx, Zexion, Vexen, and Marluxia went to school. We became popular in about twenty minutes of stepping into the school. Yay. That's how it's been. And everyday we, as in the family I have with the former Nobodies, go through insane challanges and feats. But we always make it to the next day with every thing still together. Oh, and did I mention that some of them are gay? No? Well, it's Demyx with Zexion, Marluxia with Vexen, Luxord with Xaldin, Xemnas with Saix, and Xigbar with Lexaeus. Last one not what anyone would see.

But me, Roxas, Namine, Axel, Larxene, Sora, Riku, and Kairi are all single. But, all of us go to clubs at night once in a while. Oh, and my cousin Talon usually stays with us. As do my parents and grandparents. But, my entire life is pretty much insane to a degree that says we all need to be in a mental hospital. Never gonna happen, though. Anyway, my family, both my birth family and the one I made, care very much for my well being. And keep trying to get me and Riku to date. Eh. Our lives equal insane in others' eyes. In our eyes, our lives are completely normal.

The Story, Third-Person

"Wake up, everyone!" Xemnas's voice called thoughout the many halls of the home he shared with the other former Nobodies, and Dawn. Doors could be heared creaking, and soon the sound of feet heading to the same place rang out in the halls. "I'm first!" Vexen yelled closing the door. His family members groaned. All of them wanted first dibs on the shower, but now they had to form a line near the door. After Vexen Roxas went, then Demyx, then Dawn, Axel, Larxene, Marluxia, Namine, Xigbar, Saix, Zexion, Xaldin, Luxord,and finally Lexaeus.

"So, what's for breaky, Xem?" Dawn asked as she sat in her chair at the table. "Bacon, sausage, eggs, grits, and pancakes. Oh, and waffles." He asnwered. "Do you like waffles?" Demyx sang. "Yeah we like waffles!" Dawn sang back. When Axel decided to sit at the table, he sang along with his brother and sister. "Do you like pancakes?" Axel sang. "Yeah we like pancakes!" Demyx and Dawn sang. "Do you french toast?" Dawn sang. "Yeah we like french toast!" Her brothers sang back. "Doot do do doot can't wait to get a mouthful! Waffles! Waffles! Waffles! Doot do do doot can't wait to get a mouthful!" The three sang. Then they repeated what they sang before.

"Do you three really have to sing that song everytime Xemnas says we're having waffles for breakfeast?" Saix asked calmly sitting down. "Yep!" They answered. "Man, what're we gonna do in school today?" Dawn asked. Axel shrugged, while Demyx did the same. "Dunno, but who cares?" Axel said, leaning back in his chair. "How about you're guardians, Axe?" Dawn said pointing to Xemnas and Saix. "Right." He sadly said. He plopped his head onto the table. "Hey, Dem, where's Zex?" Roxas asked when he took his place next to Dawn.

"Um, I think he said something about getting his things ready for school or something." The blonde answered. Roxas nodded, and waited for the breakfeat his stomach so badly wanted. "Ya know, we have one messed up family." Dawn said with a small laugh. "We sure do, sis." Axel said. "His head is on the table why?" Roxas asked. "Rox, you should know better than to ask why Axe does the things he does." Demyx said with a grin.

They laughed at his joke, the only ones seeming to know what it meant. "We have such good times." Roxas said. The others nodded their heads. "Sorry, I wanted to get something from my room." Zexion said sitting down next ot his boyfriend. Demyx placed a small kiss on Zexion's cheek. "Good to see you actually made it downstairs for breakfeast." Dawn joked. "Shut up or you don't get your book back." Zexion threatened. Dawn shut her mouth with an audible click of her teeth. Zexion slid the old looking book over to her, and she hugged it tight to her chest.

"Man, I swear you two are really related by blood." Axel said. Both threw their spoons at him. "This book holds the ancient language of my people, Axel. Also, we're all related by name since you all took my surname." Dawn said, a smug look on her face at her last comment. Axel rolled his eyes at her, to which Dawn stuck her tounge out at him. "Oh, that's real mature." He said. "Hey! No fighting at the table!" Saix barked at them. The two quickly shut their mouths and stayed quiet.

"Saix yelled at them again?" Larxene asked when she and Namine walked into the room, sitting next to Axel and Roxas. Larxene poked Axel in the arm, and when he made no move to tell her not to do that, she did it again, over and over. "This is fun." She said, a smile on her face. Dawn shook herself out of her little trace, and looked at Xemnas. Her eyes were asking if their breakfest was ready. Xemnas sighed and said "It'll be ready in a few minutes, Dawn." Her green feline eyes lit up.

"I love bacon!" Dawn happily and loudly said. Everyone shook their heads in amusment. It was true that Dawn loved bacon. She also loved any type of meat the wasn't on some one's body. She was slightly jumping up and down in her seat. "And I love sausage with maple syrup!" She said. "Why?" Namine asked her. Dawn shrugged, then said "I don't wanna go to school!" Axel, Demyx, Roxas, Larxene, Namine, Zexion, Vexen and Marluxia nodded in agreement. "Wait, when did you two get in here?" Roxas asked Vexen and Marluxia. "A few minutes ago." Vexen answered.

There was a knock at the door, and Dawn stood up to get it. "Who is it?" She asked the people on the other side. "Try, your friends, Dawn." Riku's voice answered. Dawn opened the door and happily led her friends into the dining room. "Mmmm, smells good." Sora said. Dawn quickly retook her place next to Roxas, putting her head on the table as well. "Why?" Kairi asked. "We're hungry." They answered. "Be happy that breakfeast is done, then." Xemnas said. Dawn's head quickly shot up.

"It is?" Dawn asked, her eyes big. Xemnas nodded. Dawn's tounge fell out of her mouth and she panted like a dog. "How do you do that?" Soraasked. "I'm a lion/ human/ wolf hybrid, Sora. The wolf in me allows me to do the tounge thing." Dawn said. "Hey, remember our first day of school?" Riku asked. "Yeah." They answered.

//Flashback, First Day of High School//

Riku walked up to Sora and Kairi, who were talking to themselves. "Hey guys." He greeted them. "Hi Riku!" They replied back. "So what were you talking about?" Riku asked his friends. "Oh, about everything that's happened to us." Sora said. Riku nodded his head and payed no more attention to the talk. He looked up to the sky. 'I wonder what those idiots are doing.' He though to himself. Dawn had worked with the former Nobodies to built their house, and she had told him they were going to go to school.

"Hey! Remember us?" Dawn yelled to the small group. Her, Axel, Demyx, Roxas, Namine, Larxene, Zexion, Marluxia, and Vexen ran up to them, skidding to a halt. "What's up, guys?" Axel asked. "Oh, just talking about what's happened to us, and for Riku, he was thinking about Dawn." Sora said. Riku hit him in the head in pure anger. "Aww, how cute, Riku!" Dawn said. Demyx grabbed Zexion's hand, and looked at him with a smile. The Cloaked Schemer had been afraid to go to school, and Demyx pretty much had to drag him along. Vexen was reluctant to go, too. That is, until Dawn told him that they had chemistry classes, and that she would be in those classes if she needed to.

"Hey, are you two gay?" Some one asked from behind the small group. They turned around, and saw a girl in some what revealing clothes. "Who? Us?" Demyx and Zexion asked her. She nodded. "Yeah, we're gay." Zexion said. Him and Demyx weren't afraid to hide it from anyone, and they weren't afraid to make love to each other back home. "You two do know that being gay is a sin, right?" The girl asked them. Bfore they had time to answer, Dawn walked up to the girl and grabbed her by her shirt.

"You listen to me, girl. Being gay is NOT a sin!" She growled into the girl face. "If some one loves some one else, then they should be allowed to love each other! Where I come from, people who hate what I am say that being a half-blood or a hybrid is a sin! It isn't! I will stand up for my brothers and anyone else who is gay!" Dawn finally yelled. She let go of the girl, and glared at her. She turned back to her friends/ family and looked at them with red eyes. "Your eyes are red again." Axel said. Dawn nodded, and calmed down.

"Thanks." Zexion said, hugging Dawn. She hugged back, and let go quickly to jump onto Riku. "So is what you said about people calling you a sin true?" Kairi asked Dawn. She nodded, and then smiled. The bell rung, and people walked inside the school. Before anyone went to their lockers, Dawn stood up on Axel's shoulders and yelled "Hey! Look up here!" When she gained everyone's eyes, she said "Now, my friends/ brothers, Demyx, Vexen, Zexion, and Marluxia, they're gay. Now before ANY of you start calling them a sin, I got one thing to say: I'm their sister, and their family WILL stand up for them. Now if I hear or see any of you acting like that to them, we're gonna have a really big problem." Axel glared daggers at everyone meaning that Dawn meant her words. Dawn climbed off of Axel, and walked to her first class with Demyx.

"Any one wanna mess with them?" Axel said, a lighter in his hand. Everyone shook their heads, and Axel walked off to his class. Soon, the little group was at their class.

//End of Flashback//

"Yeah, and I'll still stand up for them." Dawn proudly said. "Yes, yes. We can all stand up for them after breakfeast." Xemnas said, handing every their food. In less a second of getting their food did Dawn and Axel clear their plates. "New record you two!" Demyxsaid, giving them both high-fives. "Thanks!" Axel said. They ran up to their room to get their things for school. "Hey Axe." Dawn said. Axel looked at her. "Huh?" She gave him an honest smile and said "Pull up your pants. You know how Xemnas and Saix get if they see your boxers."

Axel rolled his eyes and pulled his pants up. "How can I deal with ya, you little ball of energy?" He asked her. "I'm not the ball of energy, Larxene is." Dawn replied. They both laughed and put everything together. Dawn grabbed a pack of cards she and Axel keep hidden from Luxord and that they use when they're bored or waiting for someone. "So, Axel Blaze Wolfeon, are ya ready for school?" Dawn asked the red head. He put a hand on is sister's head and nodded. "You?" He asked. She nodded, and they waited by the door for the others.

"Hey! You guys ready for school?" Demyx asked as he and Zexion walked up to the others. They nodded. "How about you?" Dawn asked them. "Yep!" Demyx said. "Hey, are the rest of you ready yet?" Axel called. A dagger came flying at him. "Shut up!" Larxene yelled. "Make me!" Axel countered. Another dagger. "Okay okay!" He said putting his hands up in defence. "Wow, she's mad at you, huh Axe?" Zexion said. The pyro nodded and sat down, the others following his action. "Hey, do you think if Vex blows the school up again, we don't have to get home schooled?" Dawn asked.

"You'll be home schooled." Saix said walking past them, a smug look on his face. The teens groaned. "I hate school." Axel said. His siblings nodded. "Us, too." They muttered. Vexen walked past on his way to his and Marluxia's room when he saw the sad looks on his siblings' faces. They looked up at him, and went back to looking at nothing but the floor. He shrugged and went upstairs, quickly followed by Marluxia.

"Hey! The janitor said no more making out in his closet!" Dawn yelled up to the couple. An audible "DAMN" could easily be heard. They laughed. It was obviously Marluxia, who always dragged Vexen into the janitor's closet to make out when he had the chance. "Marluxia, no cursing in here!" Saix yelled up the stairs. "At least not this early in the morning." He added. Dawn snickered. Axel shot her a questioning look. Dawn just shook her head.

Riku walked by and sat next to Dawn, who quickly hugged him. "Every chance you get." The silverette muttered. Dawn smiled at him and nodded. "Lovebirds." Axel teased. Dawn looked at him with wide eyes. "But I'm a hybrid, not a bird." She said. They laughed together. "Well, it's true. Do I have any type of bird wings to you?" Dawn asked. "In Riku's eyes." Demyxsaid. "Aw, shut up before you get beat up, Dem." Dawn joked.

Sora and Kairi walked over to the group sitting next to the door. "Lovebirds." Sora said, pointing at Riku and Dawn. "But I'm not a bird! I'm a hybrid!" Dawn said. They laughed again. Dawn hugged Riku tighter. "Let go of me." He said. Dawn shook her head. "Why not?" Riku asked. "I don't wanna lose you again." She said. "Aww." Axel, Sora, and Demyx teased. "That's so cute, you two." Kairi said. "I'm not kidding. I lost Riku when I left for Hi-Tech, and I don't wanna be alone like that again." Dawn said. She snunggled her head into his side.

"Don't worry. You won't." Riku said. Sora made a kissyface at him and pointed to Dawn. "Knock it off, Sora Hikari, before you lose whatever pride you have left." Dawn growled. Sora put his hands up in defence. "Hey, why isn't Roxas's last name the same as mine?" Sora randomly asked. "He took my surname." Dawn said. Roxas soon flew past them heading upstairs yelling "I forgot!" The group by the door looked at each other before laughing. "I don't wanna know." Dawn laughed out.

"WHERE IS IT?" Roxas yelled from the top of the stairs. "WHAT, ROX?" Dawn yelled up to him. "MY HOMEWORK YOU IDOIT!" Roxas yelled back. "YOU GAVE IT TO ME YOU IDOIT!" Dawn screamed. Roxas slapped himself in the head before running down the stairs. His twin laughed at him before a shoe hit him in the head. "Roxas, no shoe-throwing." Saix calmly said. The blone nodded. Sora tossed Roxas's shoe back at him, which he caught. "The same goes for you, Sora." Saix said.

"You're all still in your pajamas ." Larxene said. Everyone minus Riku, Sora, and Kairi looked down. They still did. They all ran upstairs to change. "We are stupid!" They yelled. "Yes, yes you are." Larxene said. Dawn came running back downstairs in her uniform, a white button up shirt and blue jeans. "Again, why don't you and Larxene wear the girl's school uniform?" Sora asked. "We don't like dresses." They replied. Soon, everyone else had come back (well, Vexen and Marluxia were completely ready, they were just making out).

"So, are you ready for school?" Saix asked. "Yep!" The teens said, running out the door. Dawn kept running in circles around the group. "Would you stop once in a while?" Axel asked. Dawn skidded to a stop and panted like a dog. "Stupid wolf genes." Demyx muttered. Dawn smiled and returned to running in circles. Riku finally grabbed her by the arm and dragged her the rest of the way to the school. "I hate you." Dawn said. Riku smirked but said nothing.

"Oh, look! It's Axel!" Someone said. A few girls came running up to the pyro. "As usual." His friends said. Dawn broke free of Riku's hold, forcing him, Sora, Roxas, and Demyx to chase her down. "Hyper!" She screamed. "I don't give a damn if your hyper! Get over here!" The boys yelled at her. Dawn skidded to a stop, having her friends crash into her. "That was fun!" She said. Sora and Roxas muttered something about her needed to go to a mental hospital, while Riku and Demyx dragged her back over to their friends.

"Axel, will you go out with me?" One girl asked the pyro. Axel was going to say yes, but suddenly remembered Larxene, his "secret" girlfriend. "Sorry, but I really need to spend time with my family." He lied. "Yeah, he promised us he would!" Dawn said. "Yes, he really needs to spend family time with us instead of heading out every night with someone." Zexion said. Dawn suddenly jumped onto Axel. "Big brother needs to be with family!" Dawn whined. "I give up." Riku said, walking into the school. The others soon followed, with Dawn still on Axel's back.

"Mind GETTING THE HELL OFF NOW?" He screamed. Dawn pouted, but got off her brother's back. "Come on, time for class." Vexen said with a smirk. Dawn followed the Chilly Academic to class. Thankfully Dawn was there to make sure Vexen didn't blow up the school like he did his sub-basement lab (He can still remember how hard Dawn hit him with his own shield). When they got to their table, Dawn plopped her head on the top. "Off your high?" Vexen teased. Dawn attempted to smack him, but failed, and let her arm fall limp beside her.

"Heh, crazy family." Dawn said. Simltaniously, where ever they were, the Wolfeon family each said the exact same words at the exact same time: "Welcome to our functionally dysfunctional family."

Yeah, really wanted to try a normal story for once with them all. Oh, and Dawn's Keyblade is exclusive to the ToD only! In these stories, she wields an ancient sword called the Wolf Soul, said to be made from the wolf soul of a hybrid, with the other 2 swords still yet to be found. Please review!