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Dawn and the others stood in front of an oak door. "I'm not knocking." She said. Axel looked away, fingering his lighter. "Look, just someone knock before I bust down the door!" Larxene said. No one really even cared. It was a Saturday, an almost sacred day to Dawn and Axel. They always, in order: wake up, shower, eat, watch TV, take a nap, eat, play video games, eat, watch more TV, sleep. And no one could really do any of that better than them. Doing this ruined everything they worked so hard at perfecting.

"Fine, I'll knock. Just so we don't get hit with a lawsuit." Dawn said. She walked up to the door and, litterally, pounded on it. The girl opened the door, with some minor cuts and brusies on her. Demyx glared daggers at her. "Oh, did you come to say sorry to me?" She kindly asked. Demyx walked up to her, gently pushed Dawn away from the door, and said, "We aren't going to say sorry! You know just as well as us that Dawn didn't tell us to attack you! We did because we felt like it! You fed pure bull crap to the principal and to your parents! At least our guardians know who we really are and always trust us! Well, except for Axel." He said.

"Hey!" The pyro said. "Well, you know it's true." Dawn said. Axel shrugged and nodded. "You leave us alone!" Demyx finally finished. He turned away and grabbed Zexion and Dawn's arms. "Dude! If I'm suspended from school because of this, the last thing you will EVER see is Zexion's pained and saddened face!" Dawn threatened. "Sorry, but she doesn't deserve an apology." Demyx said. "Well then, mind letting us go?" Zexion asked. Demyx smiled and let go of their arms.

"Sorry about the threat, man." Dawn said. Demyx petted her head. She giggled and joyfully pounced ontop of her brother. "Dawn Tigress Wolfeon, I thought you'd never act like a cub again." Someone said above the duo. Dawn looked up and saw her cousin. "Hello, Talon Hawk Midnight." Dawn said, standing up and staring at Talon. "Well, I honestly never thought I'd see you like that. Again." Talon said, his arms crossed over his chest. He put a finger to the scar on Dawn's right arm she had gotten from a hunt she had gone on by herself.

She slapped Talon's finger away from her. "What do you want?" She asked. Talon chuckled. His blue eyes bore into Dawn's green ones. "I just want to spend time with my favorite cousin." He said. Dawn slapped him. "I hate you." She said. Talon rubbed the red spot on his face. "So, you still haven't gotten over the fact that I'm better than you, huh?" He asked. Dawn growled deeply. "You are not better then me!" She yelled.

"I am stronger, faster, and bigger than you." Talon smirked. Dawn growled again, her eyes changing to red. "No, you are not." She said. "Yes I am! Everyone knows it!" Talon laughed. Dawn turned into her lioness form and attacked Talon, who retalliated by turning into his lion form, as well. Dawn pinned Talon to the ground. "Do you remember where, or should I rather say who, you got this scar from?" She asked him, dragging a claw down the scar over his right eye. "I gave it to you. I was stronger and faster then you that day. I am still better than you, Talon. Nothing will ever make me think overwise." She said.

Talon chuckled. "I'd never want you to think otherwise, anyway." He said. Dawn growled and bit him on his arm. "I'll give you that as a reminder, you piece of crap!" She roared. She got off him, returned to her normal form, and ran off to her homeworld using Ventus Superfices. "Well, I didn't think you were into the kind of stuff, Talon." Axel said. Talon stood up and shook some of the dirt off his pelt. "No, I just love to annoy my cousin." He said.

Dawn quietly sat by herself on a grassy hill on Wolftigra. She sighed and looked up at the sky. 'Why can't he just admit that he isn't better than me?' She asked herself. Dawn lightly sniffed. Tears had quietly welled up in her eyes. "Why can't he accept that fact?" Dawn asked out loud. No one heard her. She brought her knees up to her chest and put her head on them, and cried silently. She just let the tears flow without whimpering or even sniffing.

"You know he means well, Dawn." Someone said behind her. She turned around and saw an elderly grey wolf, her grandfahther Leo. "Hi, Grandpa." Dawn whispered. Leo sat next to his granddaughter and pat a paw on her back. "Listen, I know how you feel about what Talon says when he mocks you and your progress." Leo said. "But you know he means well. He's just jealous of you being able to use and fight with the Wolf Soul."

"I know, Grandpa." Dawn whispered, trying and failing to keep her tears back. "But he just gets to me. Like how Aero's father used to." Leo sighed. Aero, Dawn's best friend and first love, was murdered by his father's henchmen, who wanted revenge on Dawn for killing their master. Aero's father was a wolf, and always hated Dawn for who she was, seeing as how she is next in line to be the ruler of Wolftigra.

"Aero's father was a fool." Leo said. "He, too, was jealous. But because he couldn't be next in line when your parents die or retire and that you will succeed them." Dawn manged a small smiled, but her tears kept flowing. "Even I know that, Grandpa." She said. She moved closer to her grandfather and snuggled into his fur, freely letting her tears fall. Leo pulled her to his chest, and embraced her. "It's alright, Dawn, it's alright." He whispered.

After a few minutes, the tears stopped. Dawn looked up at Leo and wiped her eyes clean. "Thanks for the comfort, Grandpa." She happily said. Leo nodded. "Go home to Destiny Islands, Dawn." He said. Dawn nodded, and left the hill.

Dawn arrived on the beach of the main island and stared at the sunset. It looked like it just started, and Dawn couldn't keep her eyes off of it. "It's beautiful, huh?" She heard Riku ask her from behind. She nodded. "Reminds me of the sunsets at Twilight Town, or back home on Wolftigra." She said. Riku walked closer to Dawn until he was standing next to her. "I enjoy watching the sun set." Dawn suddenly said.

"And why's that?" Riku asked. "Because it's like the death of one day, and when the sun rises, it's like the birth of a new one." Dawn answered. Riku nodded. "I think you should go home." Riku said. Dawn shook her head. "Not until the day is fully dead." She said. "Why?" Riku asked. "Watching the sun set is like watching someone respected die in front of you, and on Wolftigra, you stay with that person until they die." Dawn answered.

"You have... strange customs on Wolftigra, don't you?" Riku said. Dawn nodded. "In fact, I watched my first hunting leader, a lion named Celebrus, die in front of me. No one could help him. Our hunting party forgot all about the doe we were trying to kill. He told us to live life as long and full as we can. His dieing words inspired us. In his honor, we killed the doe he personally picked out." She said. "Wow." Riku said.

"Yeah." Dawn said. The sun finally fell into the ocean, it's light disappearing with it. "But, I've always felt that he died with the setting sun. As he drew his last breath, the sun fell behind the moutains, and it's light disappeared." Riku stared at Dawn in the darkness. The moon above was shining down on them, it's light radiating off her form. "That's... amazing and sad." He said. Dawn nodded and started to walk to her house.

"See ya tomorrow, Riku!" She kindly called after him. "Yeah, see ya." He called back. He couldn't help but stare. 'She's so perfect!' He thought. 'Why can't I just TELL HER? What am I so afraid of?' "Hey!" Dawn's voice called him out of his pointless thoughts. "Yeah?" He asked. Dawn shook her head. "Go home, you idiot. I'm planning something fun for tomorrow for all of us. Get some rest." She told him. He nodded and walked on back to his house, still thinking about why he couldn't admit his true feelings to her.

Dawn pawed at the door the next morning in her wolf form, wanting to be let out. "Demyx! Your turn to take the wolf out!" Axel called. "Fine." Demyx called. Dawn happily yipped and barked, waiting for her blond brother to come down the stairs. "Alright, come on Dawn!" Demyx said. He was also pulling Zexion by the arm. "Remember when you taught me how to understand and translate both wolf and lion? I'm here so Demyx can know what you're saying." The slate hair said. Dawn nodded. Demyx out her collar on and the leash, opened the door, and had to run with Dawn pulling at the leash, with Zexion hanging onto the back of his shirt.

"Slow down!" They both called. Dawn finally came to a stop at a tree, and did what all dogs do. "Well, we can safely say this tree now belongs entirely to you, Dawn." Zexion said. Dawn yipped in agreement before nipping at Demyx's pant leg. "Alright, let's keep going!" He said. Dawn jumped up into the air and tried to dance. "That's so cute!" Demyx said, petting her head. Dawn's tounge hung almost uselessly out of her mouth. A quick bark and they continued their walk. They passed by Sora's house along the way.

"Don't do it." Zexion said. Dawn whimpered, but still barked loudly. The sound of something heavy falling onto the floor said that Sora was now awake. "I swear I'm innocent." He said, poking his head out the window. Dawn barked up at him. "What the Hell have you been dreaming about?" Zexion said for Dawn. "Nothing!" Sora quickly said. Dawn giggled under her breath. "Well, I hope you had a good night's sleep. Today's gonna be full of fun!" She told him before walking on.

The next place on their morning route was Riku's house, which Demyx had to drag Dawn away from so she couldn't do something to anger either him, his parents, or both. Dawn loudly whined. "Aw, come on Demyx! I just wanna mess with him! I only wanna wake him up!" Zexion said for her. Demyx playfully glared at the wolf. She produced a loud whine that was high pitched enough to wake the silver haired teen.

"What's going on out there?" He asked. "Dawn whined." Zexion said. Riku nodded and shut his window. "He's so mean sometimes." Dawn said before walking on. After another half hour, they were back at their house. Dawn returned to her normal human form, and quickly took residence on the couch next to Axel. "How's it been, Axe?" She asked. Axel gave her a grin. "Same crappy shows." He said. "But worth watching." Dawn nodded in agreement. That's when Marluxia could be heard screaming at the top of his lungs in anger.

"AXEL!" He cried loudly. "What'd you do this time?" Dawn asked. Axel shrugged. Marluxia pounded down the stairs and everyone could see what was wrong. "Holy Hell, man!" Dawn said. "What happened to your hair? It's black, not pink!" Demyx said. Marluxia was seething with anger. "THAT DAMN PYRO ON THE COUCH DID IT!" He screamed. "What? I'm totally innocent, Marly!" Axel said, his hands high in the air in defence.

"Okay, no bloodshed today." Dawn said. "Today is a very important day for me." Marluxia managed to stop his fist before it hit Axel's face. "And why is it important?" He asked. "Because... you'll find out!" Dawn said. After three hours, and Axel hiding in a corner, Sora, Riku, and Kairi arrived. Dawn bowed in respect at them. "Greetings." She said. They all gave her weird stares. "Is there somthing even worse going on in your head, Dawn?" Sora asked with concern. Dawn shook her head and teleported everyone to Wolftigra.

"Greetings." A small group of tigers and lions greeted them. "Greetings to you, too." Dawn said. "We all hope you enjoy the festival, our princess." One of the tigers said. "And I hope the same for you as well, my friends." Dawn said, bowing her head. The group bowed their heads, as well. "Festival?" Demyx asked. Dawn waved her hand at him in a dissmissing order. "Princess Dawn." They all heard a liger say the to hybrid.

"Yes, Hydro?" Dawn asked him. "I apologize for my interruption, but your parents are looking for you and your friends." Hydro said. "Ah. Thank you for the information, Hydro." Dawn said. Hydro bowed his head in pure respect and ran off. "Since when were you a princess, Dawn?" Sora asked. He had playfully said it, but Dawn took it seriously. "I've been a princess ever since I was born." She answered. Sora, Axel, and Riku's jaws hung open.

"I've known a princess for how long now?" Axel asked. "It's just because of my parents. They are the rulers of Wolftigra, and I'm next in line as ruler. Although, they want me to have a mate before the time comes, however." She said. Riku's face turned a bright shade of red. Thankfully Dawn didn't see it. "Well, come on." She said happily. Riku stood still, face red like a tomato, and mouth opened like a dead fish.

"Come ON RIKU!" Dawn yelled at him. Riku snapped out of his trance, and followed his dearest friend. A slim lioness walked up to the group. She looked at Dawn with care and love in her eyes. "Hello, my child." She said. "Hi Mom!" Dawn said. The lioness put a crown like hat on Dawn's hat, smiling. "Today's the day." She said. Dawn smiled lightly. "Yeah." She muttered. Everyone but the lioness and her "cub" were confused as to what she meant.

"Come, you are all important." The lioness said. "Today's very important." Everyone stared at her. "Why is it important?" Sora asked. "Simple. Today is the day we celebrate Dawn's birthday! It's like this every year." The lioness said. "All this? For a birthday?" Axel and Demyx asked. The lioness nodded. "Wow. That makes no sense!" Roxas said. "She is a princess. This is what we do for her. She's never truly cared, but seeing as how she's now fifteen [A/N: I know how I said Dawn's sixteen. She turns sixteen in an upcoming Functionally Dysfunctional.] we want her to pick a mate for herself." The lioness answered.

Riku nearly died at the thought of him and Dawn as a couple. "Hey, Riku. Are you okay?" Sora asked. Riku was very red. Very, very red. "Dude, what's with the blush?" Axel asked. "You're putting my hair to shame." All Riku could do was let his mouth hang open like a dead fish. "Oh! He must be thinking of him and Dawn as a couple!" Demyx said. That made Riku's blush turn five more shades of red. "Who knew it was possible for someone's face to be that red?" Xigbar said.

"Shut up." Riku mumbled out, hanging his head in embarassment. Dawn happily came bounding up to the red faced teen. "Oh Riku." She purred. Sadly, Riku's face burned far hotter than anything possible. "What's wrong?" Dawn continued. Riku turned his head away from her. 'I can't let her see me blushing like an idiot!' He thought to himself. "Hey, Lobster-Boy, look at me. 'Too late.' The silver haired thought sadly.

"Riku, snap out of it." Dawn said, putting her hands on his shoulders, lightly shaking him. "What's wrong?" She asked. She was concerned. Even though she never showed much of it, Dawn was capable of showing real compassion and concern. "Riku, you're scaring me. What's wrong?" Dawn said. Riku continued to look away from her. Dawn's normally green eyes turned brown for a moment. Riku finally turned to look at her.

When he looked into her eyes, Riku nearly had a heart attack. Dawn quickly mewled something to her mother and pulled Riku aside. "Riku, if the reason you aren't answering me is because of what I am..." Dawn started. Riku quickly looked at her. Dawn's brown eyes were dulled in sadness. "I... I just want you to know that I am human. Even if I'm not completely human..." She whispered. Riku grabbed her in a tight embrace.

"I'd never, ever think differently of you, Dawny." Riku said. "I'm just fine with you being a hybrid." He said softly. Dawn smiled faintly at him. Riku slightly lightened his hold the teen. "Thank you, Riku." Dawn said. Riku nodded. "Can we, um, stay like this for a little?" Riku asked shyly. Dawn nodded into his chest. Her arms wrapped themselves around Riku waist. They looked up at each other, slowly leaning in until...

"HEY! GUYS! GET BACK! YOUR MOM WANTS YOU, DAWN!" Sora yelled at them. The two quickly pulled away from one another, large blushes on their faces. "Fine." Dawn deeply growled. She smiled at Riku before running off to see what her mother wanted. Riku followed shortly after, a small smile on his lips. "What's with the grin?" Sora asked him. "I came so, so close to making out with Dawn." He said dreamily.

"You sounded like a girl." Axel said. Riku promptly punched him in the gut. "Ow." Axel said bluntly. A surprised yelp caught everyone's attention. They all rushed to the source and found Dawn laying on her back, pups and cubs crawling, jumping, and pouncing onto her. "Help!" Dawn giggled out. "I'm under attack by infants!" A wolf pup jumped on her head and said, "We're not infants! We're toddlers!" Dawn laughed loudly. "Yes, but you guys are starting to tickle me!" She managed out. The pups and cubs stopped for a minute, climbed off and away from Dawn, and then launched themselves back on to her.

"Want some help?" Demyx playfully asked. Dawn nodded. "Guys, go over to them." She said, pointing at her group. "They wanna play, too." The pups and cubs all become excited and attacked the group, toppling Roxas, Kairi, Sora, Namine, Demyx, Zexion, and Riku to the ground. "Ow." Axel said. "You guys are tough." Sora said. The pups on him barked loudly. Demyx was laughing, the cubs and pups on him licking, biting, and tickling him without mercy. "Guys! It tickles!" The dirty blonde said. He writhed on the ground in convulsions as the pups and cubs continued to assult him.

"Well, at least we know Dem gets along with kids." Dawn said. She lightly growled something and the pups and cubs ran off, possibly back to their houses. "Sorry about that, guys." Dawn said, rubbing the back of her neck. "I'm fine!" Demyx said, lightly giggling. He grabbed Zexion and pulled him over, hugging him. "Aww, that's so cute." A male voiced said. A half-breed with wolf ears and tail jumped out of the shadows and stood near Dawn.

"Hi Daddy!" She happily said. "Hello, my pup." He said. "I'm not a pup!" Dawn loudly protested. "Yes you are!" A small orangeish pup said before running off to his parents. Dawn deeply growled before yowling, "I AM NOT A PUP!" Serval voices replied, "Yes you are." Dawn promptly hit her head against a tree. Very, very hard. "Cut that out before you get brain damage." Rain said. Dawn muttered something.

"Come on, kiddo!" Rain said. He got down on all fours and lightly head butted his daughter's leg. Dawn smiled and did the same. They both playfully barked and yipped at each other. Rain pounced on top of Dawn. That was when her mother returned. "Oh, hi Mom." Dawn said, looking up. Panthera shook her head and pulled Dawn out from under her father. "Must you two behave like this?" She asked them.

"Now we don't want our little pup to lose her edge, now do we?" Rain asked his wife. "I am not a pup!" Dawn said. "Yes you are," Her grandfather said. "It'd be nice to NOT get called a pup for one day. Or a cub." She said sulkily. "How 'bout you cheer 'er up some, Riku?" Leo said teasingly. The two quickly remembered their almost-kiss. Dawn deeply blushed. Again, Riku's face was painted in an unbelievable shade of red. "Don't you dare." Dawn growled at the silverette.

"Wasn't planning on it." Riku said. There was an akward silence between the two. Axel pulled out a pocket knife and sliced a square in the air. "Cool! I cut a square of akward lover's silence!" He said happily. Two rocks hit him below the waist. One to the thigh, the other, well, guess. "Sonuvadusk!" Axel yelled, doubling over. "I have got good aim!" Dawn said, a smug look on her face. It nearly mirriored smug looks Saix gave.

"You evil hybrid." Axel whined. "At least I'm not whining." Dawn said matter-of-factly. Axel muttered something, but it was just jumble. "See why we need to keep her up to check?" Rain asked his wife. "Yes, Rainy." Panthera said teasingly. Dawn quickly turned away from her parents. "I refuse to watch!" She said, holding her hands above her face. "Sorry." Her parents said. Dawn still cowered behind her hands.

"That's so gross you two!" She said quickly. A slight blush was apparent on her face. "Haha!" Axel said, pointing at the hybrid. "Looks who's blushin'!" Xigbar teased. Dawn's blush grew deeper. She darkly muttered something along the lines of, "When and if I get the chance, neither of you two will be considered men anymore!" Rain, who wasn't very surprised by his daughter's threat (or promise. However you look at it) smiled. "Let's start your birthday, Dawn!" He cheerfullly said. Dawn smiled brightly at him. Her blush was gone, and her tounge was hanging out her mouth.

"Well, let's get started then!" She said, running off to her house, the others in pursuit.

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