READ THIS BEFORE YOU START THIS STORY: This is the first version of the story and it won't be completed. The last chapter is not the end. I have a improved version that I'm working on on my profile. Read if you want, but this story is not complete and will not be completed here.

For all those humans that want to hear my story,I want to warn you... The world of Pokemon is not the place that you think it is. Yes there are trainers. Some are good, mature people. They build relationships with their Pokemon on a personal level and help them reach their true potential. Don't get me wrong, I still don't like humans, but some have good stories. Some of them don't grow to be terrible abusers and most of them see Pokemon as equal partners, or at least I hope they do.

But, sometimes they are the exact opposite. Many trainers are young, and by young I mean around 12 years old. Usually when there are kids that age they can be large asses. I've seen some of the things that humans can do to other Pokemon and most of it is not pretty.

But that's enough about humans, they bore me most of the time.

I sat in the shade of a large tree, reclined on it. As I stretch out I couldn't imagine life getting much better. Since you are humans and constantly want to learn more (For some odd reason) you're probably wondering two things. One of these things is what kind of Pokemon I am, fortunately for you, I don't mind telling.

I am an Umbreon, arguably the single coolest Pokemon ever. I mean, really, can you think of any Pokemon that can stand up to me? My slick black fur ran from head to toe (or paw). On some parts of my body there were these rings of yellow that glowed.

Another thing that you knowledge hungry juggernauts also might want to know is where I was at that moment. Once again I'll tell you. You ever heard of the town of Pallet? Yeah I thought you would. Well I was situated right outside the small town.

I know what you're thinking. Oh, this Umbreon's a weakling and a coward for living in an area with young trainers. Well guess what, I don't fight much. I never did and I hoped never to. Pokemon that live in the other areas around here; those guys are strong, some very strong. Do you know how hard it is to find a small piece of territory? And if you're fortunate enough to get an area you have to fight to keep it and I'm not into that. Here my only competition are roving bands of Rattata, Pidgey and Weedle.

Now I will selfishly bring you back to my chronicle. For those of you who don't know, Umbreons love the shade. Heck, I could spend my whole life in the shade. Darkness is apart of us and we embrace it. The dark conceals you and it protects you in a way that nothing else can. When your in the dark you could be a part of something bigger than you, better than you. There is nothing else like that in the whole world.

For one moment I let my guard down, I felt to comfortable and my rings started to glow very bright.

"No way!" exclaimed a male human voice.

I opened my eyes and felt a cold chill go through my body, a male trainer stood less than 5 meters from me with an excited look on his face. The boy wore a black jacket that was tucked into his gray jeans. On his hands were red and black gloves and on his wrists were matching band. His black hair was slicked back, almost like mine, with small spikes at the back. If this kid was going for the goth look he was about half way there.

The human reached down to his belt and snapped off a poke-ball. He kissed it once, apparently he had some weird Pokemon love going on. He then threw it in the air and shouted "Spark, show this Umbreon what your made of!"

I yawned once and groaned, 'Just another trainer I thought.

I quietly swore when I saw what kind of Pokemon this 'Spark' was. Before me stood a pikachu with an idiotic scarf around his neck. What would be the point of that, Pallet was relatively temperate and fur was more that enough to keep you warm. The scarf was just unneeded, totally unneeded.

The smile on his friendly face told me that this Pikachu was either very brave and thought he could beat me, or very stupid and thought that this would be a friendly battle. Either way I was looking forward to sending the goth and his flashy Pikachu running back to Pallet town and help establish a reputation. If I wanted to live on my own I wanted people to know who I was.

"You ready?" he asked, idiot actually thought he could beat me.

I got into my battle stance and smirked "Whenever you say." Like I said before, I didn't enjoy fighting, but I did enjoy winning.

The goth-kid put a serious expression on his face, one that almost made he laugh at how concentrated he was "Spark, start with a quick attack."

Quick attack, as the move implies, is very fast to start with. It's not the most powerful move but its bothersome. Now Pikachu are fast little bastards. They have that now you see them, now you don't thing going. Thanks to his trainers loud command I knew that the attack was coming.

I instinctively ducked hoping he would go for the face. But I was proven dead wrong when a foot slammed into my face. My head went straight up in the air so fast my front legs followed. Before I knew it another blow whacked me in the gut.

I rolled in a full circle and landed on my rear-end looking dazed like an idiot. 'Ow'

The goth kid pumped his fist like he had already won "Good hit Spark"

The Pikachu turned to his trainer and gave a salute 'What a douche' I thought

'I can't lose to these dolts' (Yeah I made up a word, or at least I thought I did) I thought as my vision re-focused. I started to focus my energy, something that few Pokemon can do. As I sat there a small, but very concentrated ball of dark energy started the form before me. I smiled as my glance switch to Spark "Go get 'im"

The Pikachu suddenly realized what had happened, but was too late. The dark ball crashed into the Pikachu with a dark explosive sound and he screamed in pain as his fur was singed by the ball of pure power.

Sure that I had just won this fight in one move. I happily trotted over to the Pikachu and looked down on him. He was breathing hard and looking at me with an angry look of his face.

I cocked my head and said "Your lucky I didn't make that ball larger."

Now if you wanted to stop here you could say that I kicked those two idiots straight back to Pallet and returned to my shady spot. I could say that I won, but then I would be lying.

I got way to cocky and placed my front paws on the Pikachu's chest and was about to say something when the trainer gave the command that sealed my fate

'Spark, use Thunder-wave."

The Pikachu's red cheeks ejected electricity and a wave of that same electricity ran through me. I felt my muscles tighten and my body freeze. My eyes went wide and my mouth was stuck open. My paws were still on Spark, but his expression was now a satisfied smile.

The goth kid expanded a poke-ball said "Poke-ball go!" and lobbed it at me. The metal device hit me right in-between the eyes and opened.

The last thing I saw before I got suck in was Sparks cocky face smiling back at me with his stupid unneeded blue scarf.

Well, there goes chapter one, and I think it was a good start. I'll get the next one up soon.