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A downpour of rain that suddenly came from nowhere, A valley that was known to everyone. There a battle was waged between a friend and an enemy. Uzumaki, Naruto was pushed to his limits as he fought his long time friend and rival, Uchiha, Sasuke.

"Stop this!" Yelled a pink haired girl. "Stop Fighting!" Haruno, Sakura, a Kunoichi from Konohagakure was frantically running toward the two fighting boys. Naruto looked over at her from his position.

"I will never stop fighting until he comes back with us!" Naruto charged at Sasuke with the Hirashin. Sasuke side-stepped him and darted over to Sakura.

"I'm cutting all ties with the village that has destroyed my family. You will be the first to die Sakura." His sword came down slashing across her neck, but it was not to happen. Naruto had flashedin front of her. Sasuke's sword came down and cut Naruto's arm completely off. Sakura saw him smile as he toppled over onto the ground.

"NARUTO!" She screamed. She uppercut punched Sasuke and surprisingly knocked him out. She ran over to Naruto's side and started tearing off strips of his shirt to help stanch the bleeding. His pulse was dangerously low, and his eyes were shutting. "Naruto… if you can hear me, stay awake. Don't worry I'll get you some help." Using the summoning technique Tsunade had taught her; Sakura summoned a smaller version of Katsuya. "Bring Naruto and Sasuke to Konoha quickly."

"Yes My Lady." answered the summon. Sakura quickly ran toward the village. She was a mere 5 miles from Konohagakure and was running as fast as she could.

--Fourty-Five Minutes Later--

Sakura entered the village following the slug summon to Konoha hospital. Shizune was walking out of the building when she spotted Sakura running toward her.

"Shizune! Help!" Shizune spotted two figures lying on top of a miniature form of Katsuya. As they got closer to her Sakura couldn't help, but notice that Naruto had lost enough blood to keep him unconscious for a few hours. His Stump where his arm used to be was bleeding through the strips of shirt Sakura had wrapped around it. Shizune saw a severely beaten sasuke lying next to an unconscious form of naruto that was mising an arm. Shizune Gasped at what she saw.

"What happened to his arm!" Sakura was breathing very heavily.

"I'll…..Explain.….. Later! Just help them!"

-A Few hours after Tsunade was called, Naruto was in a hospital bed still unconscious. Sasuke was checked and no discovery was found that he was still dangerous, so he was transported to a maximum security holding facility.

--Five Days Later--

Naruto had woken up and was sitting in front of the window of his hospital room looking at the sun rise. His right arm was missing due to Sasuke's attack. Tears were running down his face as his headband fell from his left hand and clattered to the floor.