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A week had passed aboard the ship, when the rocking of the ship stopped. Naruto went up to the main deck, and there before him was land. The only other person on deck was Riza. She spotted Naruto leaning over the rail admiring the landscape. She spoke to him, so he could hear her.

"Welcome to Amestris Naruto." He smiled to her, and then continued to gaze at the land. The morning wind swept over a field of flowers, and blew towards the ship. Naruto felt at peace with nature once more. Two hours later, the five of them were on a train headed for Resembool. They had Naruto hide his face under a hood. The ride was bumpy, but in the end they made it. Once they all clambered off of the train, Naruto pulled his hood off.

"Jeez, That thing is hot. Where are we?" Mustang turned towards him. Both Ed, and Al were walking far ahead.

"We're in Resembool. This is Ed, and Al's Hometown. We are actually on our way to one of their childhood friend's home." The three of them, Riza, Mustang, and Naruto started walking. Naruto tapped Mustang on the shoulder.

"So, where did the other two go?" Mustang was silent as was Riza. Naruto shrugged the throught off, and continued to follow the two in front of him. As they approached the door to their destination, it suddendly opened, and out came a woman. Naruto got a good look at her, and came to the conclusion that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her sleek, long blond hair fluttered into the wind, as she ran to Ed and Al who had showed up as they got to the door. Her smile was the most beautiful feature that he noticed so far. Both of the boys hugged her, and smiled. She looked over at Mustang and Riza, and finally noticed Naruto. She was observing him closely, and found herself strangely fascinated with him. She walked over to him and started looking him up and down while at the same time patting him down. She came to his right shoulder and let her hand fly back to her. She had a grim expression on her face. She turned to Ed and the rest of them.

"No. I told you that I wouldnt do that again. I swore to you that I wouldnt." As she made her decision, they all looked over at Naruto. His gaze never let her. He walked towards her, and grasped her hand. She looked stunned, but never pulled her hand back. He lifted her hand, so that he was cupping it with just his one hand. He stared deep into her eyes, and spoke.

"Please. I'll pay, or give you whatever you want. Just please, help me." She was lost in his eyes, so lost that she nodded her head yes. He released her hand, and pulled her into his embrace. Winry felt so calmed. The scent of the forest hung heavily on him. "Thank you." As he released her, she stumbled a bit. She regained her composure, and motioned for everyone to come inside. As they all walked in, the smell of a fresh baked apple pie still hung in the air. Everyone followed Winry into a back room that contained medical equipment. Winry guided Naruto to and examining table.

"Take off your shirt and coat." He did as he was instructed, while she pulled out some medical supplies. She pulled out an electrode sensor. Naruto looked at it with unease. "Don't get nervous." She set the box unit down, and slid a needle sensor out of the side. Winry took ahold of his hand. He looked down and saw her massaging his palm. His mind went blank. She inserted the probing needle into his right shoulder stump. Naruto didn't even flinch. She checked the component box, and was shocked. Winry pulled the probe out, and turned the device off. She looked at Naruto. " I can't help you. The nerves in your shoulder are dead. I can't fit you for automail without live nerves." As she turned away, Naruto grabbed her hand again. Ed stiffened up a bit. Winry heard Ed's automail move. " No Ed. Don't." Their palms connected, and Winry felt like she was destined to meet him. Their Fingers interlocked, and Winry gasped. Memories flooded into her mind. All of them were of a small boy, and then they shifted to him as an older teen. Tears were flowing down her face. The imaged shifter to his and Sasuke's fight. She saw him sacrifice his arm to save a young woman. As he released her hand, she wiped her eyes. " How did you do that?" He spoke in a calming tone.

"When one's will is strong enough, anything can be achieved." With renewed vigor she looked him dead in the eyes.

"You'll do whatever it takes for your arm?"

"Whatever it takes. No matter what the risk is."

"And you'll give me whatever I want? No matter what it is?"


"Take me back with you when you leave then." Everyone started to object to her demand, everyone except Ed and Naruto.

"Deal." Winry moved over to Ed.

"Give it. You don't need to keep it safe anymore." Ed stared at her before he spoke.

"Why?" She put her hands on her hips.

"It will regenerate his nerves, and it's almost out of power anyway." Ed sighed, and pulled out a vial. Inside of it was a red liquid. He Handed it to her.

"Be careful with that. It may not have a soul, but it's still very dangerous." Winry walked back over to Naruto.

"Lay down." She motioned for Ed and Al. They both came over by the table. "Hold him down." Ed clapped his hands together, and touched the table. Metal wrist and ankle shackles formed. They locked him in. Mustang and Riza walked over to help. Mustang and Ed help down Naruto's Arms while Al and Riza held his legs. "This is going to hurt."

"What is that?" Ed started talking before Winry.

"It's a purified philosophers stone. It had Regenerative properties only. Once it runs out, it will vanish into your blood stream." Naruto nodded. She gazed into his eyes with concern.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Naruto looked into her eyes.

"I left everything for this." Winry nodded. She placed a towel wrapped around a bar of rubber inside of his mouth. She took a scapel and made a hairline cut onto his stump. She opened the vial, and turned it over the cut. The liquid stone fell onto the cut, and started moving into his body. As soon as it vanished from the outside area the cut mended itself. Naruto's body violently jerked upward towards the ceiling instantly. His eyes stayed wide open, and tears starrted flowing down his face. No screams escaped his mouth. He held back any form of weakness he would have showed.

~Inside the seal~

He fell into the prison where the kyuubi was once held. The entire structure crumbled, and what was left was an endless pure white landscape. The water remained, and on a pedastal underneath the remaining amount of kyuubi chakra sat the stone. He reached for it when he heard a voice.

"Nar...Naruto..." He looked around.

"Who's there!" The room faded, and was replace with a bright light.

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