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Orphanage Love

It was a beautiful day at the orphanage.

The birds were chirping up ahead and the sound of children playing or talking were slightly echoed all over the orphanage.

But none of these things concerned me although it annoyed me greatly, only the fact that I was once again alone without someone to talk to in this god forbidden place. I stared blankly down at the field from my position at the window as disgust, sadness and envy curled up inside me at the sight of the bumbling, idiotic children. I moved away quickly and layed down on soft sheets, staring at the peached coloured roof while I reached carefully for my secret box, opening it delicately and twirling the treasure that was bestowed in it. My mother's necklace, a gold chained, blue stone necklace that held memories of the good, the bad and the worst.

It was a Saturday when the most horrifying thing happened that completely changed my whole life forever.

My mom and I were heading off to the grand festival that was in town.

Mom was driving while I was staring excitedly out the window in the backseat.

1 minute later, we're flying through the air and landing on the ground several seconds later with a big crash.

My head was bleeding and blurry images appeared in my eyes as sirens filled my ears and I was picked up gently from out of my positions.

I lost consiousness after that, and awoken to find myself in the hospital, my brother at my bedside sleeping.

I nudged him until he awoke and gasped at the sight of him.

His hair was sticking out in various places and there were huge bags under his eyes which showed from lack of sleep.

He no longer had that shine in his eyes like he used to..

All that was left was an empty black shell full of misery and grief that made me hug my brother close tightly and rub his back in a soothing way.

He hugged back and whispered softly in my ear:

" Mom died last night kouji...they couldn't save her"

I froze at the news as tear drops formed in my eyes and started running down my cheeks in floods.

I couldn't believe it...

I just couldn't....

But soon I had to face the facts...

But I had to face it alone, for my brother, the only family I had left, couldn't deal with the pain and commited suicide by hanging himself late at night when I had fallen asleep..

Since then, my old personality, my old appearance, and my old life had drowned in a puddle of hell and blood along with my heart....

To be continued....

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