I'm back......

I wiped away the tears that had managed to escape during the memory before carefully putting the necklace back.

I stared into the god forbidden peach ceiling until night had finally fallen.

It was a usual routine of mine after the first night I slept at the orphanage and had horrifying nightmares.

I gazed up at the beautiful stars that scattered beautifully across the black sky in awe as I looked through my window.

It was truly mystifying beyond belief.

I sighed before closing my eyes and doing my usual wishing.....

My wishing of a brave knight with a kind heart who would take away my pain and would forever be my friend.

As idiotic as it sounds, I can't help but wish it every night, hoping it would come true....

I gaze once more at the stars before endless darkness consumes me and I fall into a deep slumber.


I wake up as my beauty rest is interrupted by the ugly old rusty bus's honking.

I groan as I pick my painful body off the window pane and into the bathroom to take a hot bath.

I would need it to cool off since I would be spending almost half of my life with these bumbling fools.

Unfortunately I was right.

The room was surrounded with them.

I pinched my temple at the sight before me, fighting the urge to walk out of here and go lie down.

Some picking their noses, some with dorky glasses and some just plain stupid.

"Hey there.."

I turned around at the voice and was met with a brunette boy with the most captivating and vibrant eyes I had ever seen.

They were big pools of warm brown milky chocolate that anyone could get lost in...especially me.

"My name's Takuya Kanbara...what's yours?"

I was snapped out of my trance immediately and cleared my throat discreetly before answering.

"My name is Kouji Minamoto, it's nice to meet you"

He shined me a cheeky grin before clamping his arm on my shoulders like we were 'buddies'.

I didn't register the situation for I was too busy blushing at the close range our faces were...our lips were....


I pushed Takuya to the ground and ran off at top speed trying to stop my racing heart and get my thoughts together.

I was so preoccupied to get through the door and to my room that I didn't see Takuya's sad face as he lied there on the ground.

To be continued....

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