I wonder if they will care if I'm gone. Or better yet even know that I even left. Oh well, let's see what happens. A car honks out in the distance.

"Come on, Kumakichi. Let's go." I reached out for my suitcase, grabbed my bear, and left my home and family behind.

Later that night,

"Alfred. Go get Matthieu for dinner." Francis told his son.

"Oh, fine." Alfred muttered. He went to the staircase and yelled "MATTIEEE! IT'S TIME TO EAT!"

Arthur yelled at Alfred "My god, Alfred. Don't yell. Go upstairs and get him."

Alfred pouted. "Fine." He went upstairs and barged into Matthew's room, yelling "MATTTTIIIIIEEEE, DINNERTIME!" He looked into the room. "Mattie?"

The room was bare with only furniture left. There was no trace someone actually lived here, except for an envelope left on the desk. Alfred's eyes widened.

"FATHER, DAD!" He screamed.

"Alfred, I told you to stop yelling." Arthur grumbled as he and Francis went up the stairs.

"What is it, Alfred? What's wrong?" Francis asked.

"He's....He's GONE!" Alfred stuttered.

"What do you mean? Who is?" Francis asked with a questioning brow.

"Mattie.. He's not here!" He yelled.

Francis acted with shock but Arthur couldn't remember.

"Who is that?"asked Arthur.

"Mattie, Matthew, your guys' son!" Alfred yelled angrily at Arthur.

"Arthur, remember Matthieu, our adorable son with the bear." Francis tried to make Arthur remember.

"Bear... bear... oh yeah I sort of remember." Arthur said remembering a floating bear.

"We have to go find him!" Alfred stood and started running down the stairs. The Frenchman stopped him.

"Alfred, where would you look for him? How will you find him?" Francis looked straight in his eyes.

"I.. I don't know." Alfred said sadly.

"Well, if you two are done, maybe we could look through the room to find a clue." The Brit interrupted.

They stormed into the room and they looked around. Arthur immediatly found the letter.

"Ah ha! Hey you two, I found a note."

They all huddled around the letter.

To who ever finds this,

Congratulations. You have found the letter of the youngest son of the family Kirkland-Bonnefoy. My name is Matthew. I have run away to a place no one would find me. If this is my family, I'm sorry. I am just tired of not being important or getting some attention. So I am going somewhere where I do feel important. Do not call the cops. I will be fine. You may never see me again. But if you ever do see me again, please tell me how long it took you guys to find this letter. I love you guys and I wish you have a good life. Also in about 5 minutes, you may forget ever reading this and resume your lives. And maybe the event of you remembering me and this event may happen again. Who knows.

Signed, Matthew.

P.S Do not look for me.